DockMaster - Complete Marina and Marine Management System
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DockMaster Software Designed for Boatyards, Marinas and Boat Dealers
Software Designed for Marinas, Boatyards, and Boat Dealers
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DockMaster Integrated Marina Management
Integrated Marina Management Software, Service, Parts, Boat Sales, Point-of-Sale, Financial Management, and many 3rd Party Integrations
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Marina Management Software

The Leading Marina and Marine Software Management System for Marinas, Boatyards, and Boat Dealerships



Visual marina management software with storage & billing, occupancy tracking, reservations and dry stack launch scheduling



Service with mobile task assignment and labor tracking, estimating, parts and subcontractor management

Boat Dealers

Boat Dealers

Unit Sales, Prospecting and F&I with fully integrated financial management and dealer website support

Visual Marina Management

Visual Marina Management
  • Storage and Billing
  • Reservations Management
  • LaunchMaster® dry stack scheduling
  • Integrated EMV (Chip & Pin) credit card processing with the ability to store credit cards
  • Rent Roll Reporting
Best in Class Integrations for:
  • Mobile Launch Scheduling (BoatCloud & SpeedyDock)
  • Fuel Management (FuelCloud)
  • Meter Readings (MarineSync)

Robust Work Order Management

DockMaster Robust Work Order Management
  • Estimate to Work Order in 1-click
  • Work-in-Progress, Profitability and Many More Predefined Reports
  • Ability to Create Custom Reports by Marine Software
  • Flat-Rate and Time Stamp; Materials Billing on Labor and Parts
  • Mobile Time Management
Best-in-Class Integrations for:
  • Pick Lists with PartSmart from ARI
  • EMV Credit Card Processing
  • NEW - Integrated Text Messaging with Kenect

Mobile App for Service Techs

DockMaster Mobile App
  • Mobile Time Clock: Tracks the actual amount of time expended on a job, Select from a list of open Work Orders, Select Associated Tasks (opcodes)
  • Mobile Time Card: Add and edit time cards, Start/Stop time or Total Hours, Add notes (type or voice-to-text recognition)
  • Mobile Scheduler: View/select jobs scheduled in DockMaster, Tap a job to launch the Time Clock or Time Card, Color-code status (complete, in-progress, or not started)

Flexible Boat Sales

DockMaster Flexible Boat Sales
  • Unit Sales (Boats, Motors, Trailers, etc)
  • Prospect and Contract Management
  • PDF Window Stickers and Contracts
  • F&I and Serialized Purchasing
Best in Class Integrations for:
  • Dealer websites (Dealer Spike & L5 Advertising)
  • Salesforce CRM (Kenect & teamMarine)
  • Credit Reporting (Credco)
  • Text Messaging (Kenect)

Parts and Fuel Management

DockMaster Parts and Fuel Management
  • Parts Ordering and Receiving (tied to A/P)
  • Order Entry for warehouse and ecommerce orders
  • Built-in Special Order tracking for Service and POS
Best in Class Integrations for:
  • E-Commerce capabilities so you can sell parts online
  • Part Lookup & Pick Lists with PartSmart
  • NEW - Integrated Fuel Management with FuelCloud
  • NEW - Integrated Text Messaging with Kenect

Point of Sale and Order Entry

DockMaster Point of Sale and Order Entry
  • Touch enabled customizable register
  • Deposit and lost sale tracking
  • Barcode scanning
  • Customizable receipts (email/paper)
Best in Class Integrations for:
  • Mobile concierge service (BoatCloud & SpeedyDock)
  • EMV Credit Card Processing with stored card capability

Financial Management

DockMaster Financial Statement
  • A/R, A/P and G/L
  • Financial Statements
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • PDF statement processing
  • One-click automated payment processing
Best in Class Integrations for:
  • EMV Credit Card Processing with ACH and stored card capability

DockMaster Cloud Access (Hosted)

DockMaster First Hosted Environment
  • Fully accessible via the Internet
  • NO onsite server required
  • Simply requires a Windows desktop/laptop
  • Scalable servers to meet your growing needs
  • Accessible via Web Services for Mobile and Web apps
  • Redundancy and Security (including backups)

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