Importance of Marina Software Integration: Everything You Need To Know

Marina software has revolutionized the way businesses operate in the maritime industry. However, the complexity and diversity of operations in the industry have caused a proliferation of software systems, each designed to handle specific tasks. Manually tracking and managing shipping operations is a time-consuming and error-prone task for marine businesses. This inconvenience has created a… (more)

Importance of Inventory Management For Marine Businesses

Inventory management plays a crucial role in the overall success of various businesses, including marine businesses like marinas and boatyards. The goal of inventory management is to keep track and maintain records of all the inventory and its existing condition, in order to ensure resource safety and efficiency. In current times, marine businesses make use… (more)

Everything You Need To Know About Designing A Marina

The global boating enthusiast community is increasing at a breakneck speed, with the common interest shifting towards bigger and beamier vessels. Consequently, the demand for well-designed marinas that can easily accommodate so many boats has risen to an all-time high. However, designing and constructing a high-quality marina isn’t as easy as it sounds. Whether you’re… (more)

How can DockMaster transform your marina?

Feature rich integrations and rapidly developing technology allow DockMaster to better serve the boating industry The marina industry has long had a base of passionate boaters and marinas have striven to maintain customer loyalty. While loyalty is still an important foundation, the industry has now begun to see an influx of new boaters with some… (more)

Don’t Overlook Software When There Is An Acquisition

In the boating industry, there are often challenges that arise when there is an acquisition. One key thing that often gets lost in the shuffle is the software. When there is an acquisition, there are typically changes that occur even if it is a purchase between an existing DockMaster client and another existing client. There… (more)

DockMaster Mobile Ensures Proper Time Recording For Service Techs

DockMaster’s award winning app simplifies labor scheduling, eliminating paper processing between departments DockMaster has brought the power of mobile to current and new customers. DockMaster Mobile, our time keeping app, allows technicians to enter time on work orders using a mobile time clock or time card, as well as review their scheduled jobs. Best of… (more)