The Haul Out Checklist Every Boater Needs

If you’re a vessel owner, you know that boat haul-out is an absolute must. It is necessary for regular maintenance and repairs to ensure that your boat stays in good condition. And as the end of the boating season is nearing, it is time to store your vessels for the winter.  Haul out is highly… (more)

What Does the Future of Luxury Yachting Have in Store?

When was the last time you contemplated the future of luxury yachting? If you are like many owners, you simply enjoy the sense of luxury and personal freedom that these vessels provide. It is still important to appreciate what exists just over the horizon, as changes are already taking place. What do the industry experts… (more)

De-icing Your Dock This Winter Season

Winter is approaching — as the temperature falls gradually, conversations about how to protect your dock from icing catastrophes rise. Although docks are the safest and most convenient aspect of any waterfront property, these can become safety hazards if not properly cleaned and de-iced during the winter. Downplaying the need for timely dockyard maintenance during… (more)

How To Winterize Your Boat

How To Winterize Your Boat

Winterizing your boat well in time before the season changes and temperature drops is an absolute must! Doing so, will not only ensure boat safety during winter but also a seamless boating experience for the coming year. In this blog, we cover everything you need to know about winterizing your boat – the importance of… (more)

How can DockMaster transform your marina?

Feature rich integrations and rapidly developing technology allow DockMaster to better serve the boating industry The marina industry has long had a base of passionate boaters and marinas have striven to maintain customer loyalty. While loyalty is still an important foundation, the industry has now begun to see an influx of new boaters with some… (more)

Keys To Keeping Customers Happy with Online Transactions 

When it comes to running your business, ensuring customer satisfaction is non-negotiable.   E-commerce is a crowded part of online business with huge competition, so it’s imperative to do all that you can to meet and exceed customer’s expectations in order to create a loyal customer base.   There are various ways to creatively improve your online… (more)

5 Boxing Day deals for boaters

With all the Yuletide buying sprees that had consumers hitting retail outlets or ordering online since Black Friday, here’s hoping a lot of them still have cash left over once St. Nick has left their humble abodes. They’ll need the funds for Boxing Day, which fortunately will be a bit easier on the wallet, especially when… (more)