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Service Management

From estimates to work orders and scheduling to invoicing, DockMaster gives you visibility and accuracy for your service management projects

Breakdown silos and build up collaboration

Regardless of your business size or ambitions, DockMaster Service Management modules lets you manage everything from the box of bolts to the champagne to christen the new vessel. Our Enterprise solution offers finite control over work order management, parts management and operations codes while our small business solution DockMaster Flow is designed for marine businesses needing efficiency and transparency on day to day jobs.

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Marine Owners

Maintain a source of truth for your customers, vessels and jobs. Eliminate costly errors due to miscommunications.

Service Writers

Utilize pre-made job and service templates to speed up your quoting and ensure accurate pricing and billable hours.


View your daily job list including estimated hours, descriptions and required parts. Log your hours and upload photos for traceability.


Synchronize customers, estimates and invoices to your Quickbooks account. Send invoices by email or SMS for prompt payment.

Accurate work orders

  • Work orders with multiple embedded jobs
  • Service plans for recurring jobs or billings
  • Assign repeatable task checklists

Flexible quoting options

  • Pre-built rate cards to speed up the quoting process
  • Modify each job with a custom rate and number of hours
  • Apply custom taxes or discounts based on the job or client

Realtime job tracking

  • Proceed without client’s digital approval
  • Send estimates with custom notes for client approval
  • Post updates and comments while the job is active

Effortless customer communicatons

  • Request partial or full payment
  • Capture payment by ACH or credit card
  • Process manual payments

Digital payments for work orders

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Optimize technician scheduling

Optimize your technicians’ workdays, ensuring that they are deployed efficiently and effectively. “Optimize your technicians’ workdays, ensuring that they are scheduled and dispatched efficiently and effectively.

Realtime job tracking

Keep your customers in the loop with real-time work order status reports, allowing them to approve work as it progresses. Enhance customer confidence by providing visibility into the service process. 

Mobile time management

Empower your technicians with mobile time management capabilities. They can log their work hours and progress directly from the field. Eliminate miscommunications and reduce administrative overhead. 

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In the challenging world of marine service management, staying ahead, or afloat requires embracing technology that saves you from repeatable tasks, eliminates errors and enhances the customer experience. DockMaster equips you with the tools to provide accurate estimates, flexible quoting, efficient scheduling, real-time communication, and digital payment options from the convenience of a mobile phone. These capabilities not only improve your operational efficiency but also elevate customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth for your service division. 

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