Importance of Marina Software Integration: Everything You Need To Know

Marina software has revolutionized the way businesses operate in the maritime industry. However, the complexity and diversity of operations in the industry have caused a proliferation of software systems, each designed to handle specific tasks. Manually tracking and managing shipping operations is a time-consuming and error-prone task for marine businesses. This inconvenience has created a… (more)

FTC Safeguards Rule: Commit to Compliance

As boatyard owners of all shapes and sizes come together to create a safer space for sailing enthusiasts to have a secure, hassle-free boating experience, the marina industry continues to evolve and expand globally. But with any tremendous industry growth, there are rules and regulations to ensure everyone plays fair. That’s where the FTC Safeguards… (more)

Boating Market & Industry Trends 2023

The boating market and industry have seen significant growth in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. Innovations in technology and design have led to increased demand for recreational boats, and a growing interest in eco-friendly options has also contributed to the market’s growth. Manufacturers are also creating more energy-efficient boats to… (more)

Workflow Optimization For Marine Businesses

Technological revolutions and advancement have had a great impact on all industries, including the marina industry. Most businesses in the marina industry have been quick to recognize the modern, renewed landscape of the industry and have adopted modern solutions and tools in order to upgrade themselves, and stay efficient and competitive. This blog covers how… (more)

De-icing Your Dock This Winter Season

Winter is approaching — as the temperature falls gradually, conversations about how to protect your dock from icing catastrophes rise. Although docks are the safest and most convenient aspect of any waterfront property, these can become safety hazards if not properly cleaned and de-iced during the winter. Downplaying the need for timely dockyard maintenance during… (more)