Effective Marine Marketing Strategies for Boat Dealers

In the highly competitive world of boat dealerships, standing out and driving sales requires a deep understanding of the industry and a well-thought-out marketing plan. This blog explores effective marketing strategies for boat dealers, helping them stand out and connect with customers. By following these strategies, dealers can steer their way to success in a… (more)

Streamlining Sales: How Dealers Benefit from Marine Dealers Software 

In the rapidly evolving world of boat sales, staying ahead of the competition is crucial for success. The boating industry faces various challenges due to customer demands, environmental regulations, and technological advancements. The primary challenge is the need for efficient management and the delivery of exceptional customer experiences. Dealerships are discovering the power of Marine… (more)

5 Tips For Boat Dealers To Overcome High Interest Rates

In the ever-changing world of marine sales, boat dealers face a slew of challenges – one of which is high-interest rates. Why does this require your immediate attention? Well, for starters, these higher rates discourage potential buyers, making it more difficult to close deals and maximize profits. However, with the right strategies in action, boat… (more)

How Technology is Enhancing Customer Experience at Boat Dealerships

What’s the #1 challenge a boat dealership owner faces in today’s competitive business landscape? Figuring out how to provide an exceptional customer experience that differentiates them from their competitors. Customer experience, defined as a customer’s perception and satisfaction with a company, can influence their decision to purchase as well as become a loyal advocate of the… (more)

Ways To Communicate With Your Customers After Boating Season

Communicating effectively year-round sets operators up for success in peak season It certainly has been a unique year in the boating industry. As industries across the country faced their own challenges, the marine industry dealt with shutdowns, then the surge in demand for boats. The industry also saw encouraging trends play out, such as the… (more)

DockMaster Clients Named Among Boating Industry Magazine’s Top 100 Dealers

Boating Industry magazine released their top 100 dealers of 2020 and we’re proud to share our deserving clients who were acknowledged. “In our 16th year of recognizing the Top 100, things are certainly different, but one thing remains the same, the dealers on the Top 100 list just keep getting better,” said Top 100 program… (more)

The Power of Video Marketing for Boat Dealers

Today, a boat dealer needs to find a way to stand out. Easy to use video technology has emerged as a leading way for your marketing efforts and spend. Why? It connects, influences and engages your target audience. While emailing and directly engaging with customers and prospective customers is still here to stay, it’s time… (more)

How a Marine Management Software System can Provide a Higher Return on Investment for Multifaceted Marinas

It’s a given that the more services offered by a marina or marine business, the harder it is to manage. And the higher the taskbar is set to handle a wide range of services, it stands to reason that the need for a more automated system to manage these operations becomes necessary in order to… (more)