Marina Management: The Benefits Of Your Marina, Boatyard Or Dealership Going Paperless

Technology has played a big factor and has likely impacted more areas of our businesses than anything else. However one change that has been slower, but is starting to happen more, is the reduction or elimination of paper. The paper process is slow, prone to error, information could easily be misplaced and finally, it often… (more)

Introducing DockMaster’s Lineup of Online Classes for May

With more marine businesses set to reopen, DockMaster is here for customers While restrictions are largely varying by state, marine businesses now have a clearer picture of when business can resume and return to some form of normalcy. While businesses should still consult with appropriate jurisdiction in reopening, the DockMaster team remains available to customers…. (more)

DockMaster Offering Discounted Online Training Sessions Throughout April

While times are a little uncertain in the marine industry, DockMaster is committed to supporting customers throughout this time. With our staff set up to work remotely, online training sessions can continue to be offered. Given the ongoing uncertainty in the economy, DockMaster is offering one-on-one training sessions at 20% off, as well as a… (more)

DockMaster Provides Increased Security With Double Posting Feature

When it comes to keeping your marina business on the straight and narrow, DockMaster’s marina and dealer management software takes great strides into making sure all aspects of the operation are honest. To that end, its double posting features take care of all the redundancies of ensuring every account base of a transaction are covered. … (more)

SpeedyDock: Connecting With Your Customers On DockMaster Platform

Customers expect to connect with businesses as easily and seamlessly as they do with their friends and family. They expect marinas to be on the same channels they are, and they want quick and convenient updates. Boating customers, typically regarded as an affluent and well-educated group, probably expect more. We know this at DockMaster and… (more)