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Ensure every transaction is fast, secure, and integrated into your business tools. 

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Seamless features for effortless payments

Rest assured that your transactions and card data are safeguarded with the highest security standards. DockMaster Payments ensures that all data is securely stored and processed, minimizing the risk of fraud, theft, or manual errors.

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Next day funding

Next day funding allows you to receive payments into your bank account either the next day or within 24 hours of a payment batch being processed.

Payment monitoring

Gain a real-time overview of all payment activities, allowing you to stay updated on financial transactions effortlessly. 

Get paid quicker

Utilizing DM Pay, you can send reservation and estimate contracts to customers and empower them to pay directly by credit card or ACH.

Central recognition

Reconcile your payments efficiently with our user-friendly merchant portal, simplifying the financial management process for your business. 

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Empower your property with DockMaster Payments and elevate your guests’ experience with secure, automated, and hassle-free payment solutions. 

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