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DockMaster makes it easier to manage and sell boat opportunities

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Strengthen customer relationships

Build lasting customer relationships with personalized interactions and efficient lead management.

Streamline sales processes

Simplify contract management and trade-in pricing to close deals faster and with confidence.

Enhanced customer engagement

Keep customers engaged and informed through email and text communications.

Online visibility

Showcase your boat sale opportunities on your website to attract and convert potential buyers.

Efficiency and complaince

Ensure that your sales processes are both efficient and compliant with industry standards.

Revenue Generator

Increase your breadth and depth of your customer base.

Single view of all deals & customers

Lead management

  • Capture, organize, and prioritize leads effortlessly  
  • Efficiently nurture leads and convert them into opportunities and satisfied boat owners. 

Trade in pricing

  • Accurately assess trade-in values and provide customers with competitive pricing options for their existing vessels. 
  • Build trust and confidence with transparent and fair trade-in pricing. 

Publish boat inventory on your website

  • Integrate with your website to seamlessly post boat sale opportunities, including listings, pricing, and specifications. 
  • Attract and convert potential buyers with an accurate and up-to-date online presence to extend your audience reach. 
  • Generate more online traffic and boost your Search Engine domain authority
Speak with an expert Contact Sales

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DockMaster is designed to streamline your sales operations, boost customer engagement, and keep your dealership competitive. From managing leads to transparent contract management and online sales opportunities, DockMaster DMS software empowers your boat dealership for sustained success. 

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