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In this digital age, marina management software plays a crucial role in simplifying administrative tasks, enhancing customer interactions and optimizing financial management. Read this blog to learn why DockMaster has garnered immense popularity among its customer base.


Overview of DockMaster:

DockMaster is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for marina management. It provides robust and feature-packed solutions for the daily management of marinas, boatyards and boat dealerships. Here’s what it offers for each of them at a glance:
– Marinas: Visual marina management software with storage & billing, occupancy tracking, reservations and dry stack launch scheduling
– Boatyards: Service with mobile task assignment and labour tracking, estimating, parts and subcontractor management
– Boat dealers: Unit Sales, Prospecting and F&I with fully integrated financial management and dealer website support


Some Key Benefits of DockMaster include:

  • Efficient Inventory Management:DockMaster provides all the necessary tools for efficient inventory tracking, including purchasing, integration to point of sale and integration with the service management (work order) features. Service management refers to managing estimates and converting them into work orders with just a few steps.
  • POS Module:DockMaster’s Point of Sale module is a touch-screen-enabled product designed to be customized at every level. Interfacing with the inventory module, this POS software updates your master inventory assuring that quantities on hand are always correct. Creating special orders for your customers directly from within POS is quick and easy, along with many more available components to assist with day-to-day operations.
  • Effective Fuel Management:
    Fuel management is one of the most important aspects of marina and boat management. FuelCloud – an integrated fuel management solution by DockMaster combines cost-efficient hardware, a cloud-based web portal and a mobile application to give marinas real-time insight into their fuel. This integration enables your team to be much more efficient and reduces slippage to a great extent.
  • Frictionless Payments:
    Last but not least, DockMaster Payments is a single platform built for the marine industry with an integrated terminal to meet all business needs. Its key features include transparent pricing, centralized transactions, modern terminals and extensive in-house support.
    To learn more about DockMaster’s solutions, click here.


Testimonials from Satisfied Customers:

“DockMaster provides a well-rounded marina software system, which through the years has enabled us to conduct all of our business using the system. Their support and training team has always been there for us which is critical when rolling out a system across the entire enterprise.”
– Michele Ayers, F&I Manager – Prince William Marine.

“The number one thing we liked about it was the diversity of what DockMaster could do in terms of billing.”
– Erin Beatty, Office Manager at Bayliss Boats

“We manage inventory independently and plan ahead. We’ll do the reconciliations through DockMaster but once a year we also do a physical count. This is quite an event and we get training and support from DockMaster.”
– Jason Lindstrom, Marine Store Manager at Atlantic Boats

To discuss your business needs and simplify your marina management operations with Dockmaster – get in touch with us here.

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