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Seasonal employees serve as the lifeblood of marine businesses, ensuring operations run smoothly during peak times. However, retaining these valuable contributors can be a challenge due to the dynamic nature of the industry. In this blog post, we will delve into five pragmatic strategies that can empower your marine business to retain and nurture its seasonal workforce effectively.

  1. Seamless Onboarding and Comprehensive Training:
    Due to the temporary nature of their employment, seasonal workers frequently have lower levels of commitment to the organization. Even for returning seasonal workers, provide them the same onboarding experience as permanent employees rather than cutting it short because they’ll only be with you for a few months. In order to give mentorship, direction and a dedicated source to address all of their inquiries, senior staff should be paired with new seasonal employees. Take the necessary steps for effective communication and team-building. Seasonal employees will recall their time with your firm as positive and will be eager to return in the future if you provide a positive psychological safety culture where they feel empowered.
  1. Competitive Compensation and Tailored Benefits:
    In the realm of seasonal employment, compensation matters just as much as it does for full-time positions. Competitive wages not only attract top-tier talent but also convey that their contributions are valued. In addition to this, consider offering performance-based bonuses. Recognition is a potent tool for boosting morale and motivation. By recognizing their efforts, you foster a sense of pride that can significantly impact their commitment.
  1. Cultivate a Supportive Work Environment:
    Positive workplace culture has an undeniable influence on employee retention. Seasonal staff who feel part of a close-knit team are more likely to stay engaged. Off-site social events and outings create opportunities for genuine connections beyond the workplace. If you provide seasonal workers the chance to interact with both temporary and permanent employees, they’ll not only want to work there again in the future but also want to spread the word about it to their friends and family. This may result in more employee referrals. While just 25% of employees hired through job boards stay longer than two years, on average, 45% of individuals referred by other employees do.
  1. Offer Professional Growth Opportunities:
    Seasonal employees, like all staff, seek opportunities for personal and professional advancement. Provide avenues for skill development, whether it’s through workshops, online courses or mentorship programs. Highlight how their time with your marine business contributes to their growth journey, making them more valuable to the industry at large. By fostering their development, you strengthen their commitment as well as contribute to the broader marine community.

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Wrapping Up

Remember that a motivated and dedicated seasonal workforce contributes not only to the success of your business during peak times but also to its overall growth and sustainability. Treat your seasonal employees well and they will likely become a valuable asset year after year.


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