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When was the last time you contemplated the future of luxury yachting? If you are like many owners, you simply enjoy the sense of luxury and personal freedom that these vessels provide. It is still important to appreciate what exists just over the horizon, as changes are already taking place.

What do the industry experts have to say? What trends can we expect to witness in the coming years? Whether you own a marina or you are a seasoned dealer, these are important questions to address.

Catering to a Younger Generation

Y.CO Co-Owner Charlie Birkett feels that the future of luxury yachting will involve younger owners. This is important for several reasons. For example, these boaters are likely to place a greater emphasis upon personal preference as opposed to brand trends. They are also keen to embrace the latest technology. Dealers will therefore have to embrace cutting-edge work order management solutions if they hope to retain valuable clients.

Hybrid Propulsion Systems

The concept of the multihull has existed since ancient times. However, these systems may soon dominate the yacht construction sector. Multihulls are particularly useful in terms of hybrid propulsion systems. Not only can these methods mitigate rising fuel costs, but they offer an environmentally friendly edge.

Increased Dealer Competition

Luxury yachting has always represented a niche marketplace. However, potential owners are becoming more discriminating than ever before in terms of their service requirements. Dealers will therefore have to adopt the latest CRM solutions. Examples include:

  • Marina management software
  • Streamlined POS systems.
  • A proactive approach to client relations.
  • Real-time task assessment and order tracking.
  • Website and mobile app support.

Thankfully, the team at DockMaster always aims to remain one step ahead of the curve. Feel free to peruse our selection of informative videos to learn more.

More Expansive Journeys

Well-known yachting enthusiasts such as Neville Crichton are certainly no strangers to long journeys. Some feel that this rather exclusive hobby could soon become the norm. To address these demands, the yachts themselves will need to be outfitted with the latest perks and gadgets.

Marinas and service yards must therefore adapt to such changes. Custom-made work order management solutions will become commonplace. This helps to maintain client loyalty while simultaneously increasing brand recognition. If you feel that your firm is lacking such technologies, please contact DockMaster sooner as opposed to later.

A More “Transparent” Yachting Experience

Integrated glass panels have become increasingly popular with modern yachts. This trend is not expected to slow down any time soon. The costs associated with these services is likewise falling, so more clients are likely to opt for glass elements.

Dealers and service yards should prepare for this trend by adopting the latest business management systems. This will help to streamline the overall conversion and installation processes. After all, happy customers are return customers!

Luxury Yachting: Riding the Wave of the Future

Whether you own a marina or you are a dealer, the future of luxury yachting looks bright indeed. It still pays to work smarter, not harder. To learn more about the work order management bundles that DockMaster has to offer, please contact us directly. We will be more than happy to help.

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