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Dock ‘Masters’ can fine tune their skills in service and marina management modules

Mastering any kind of software is always a work in progress. While DockMaster ensures customers are ready to go when first migrating to DockMaster, one philosophy of ours is to ensure DockMasters always get the most out of their software. That only comes with ongoing support and helping them reach the next level. DockMaster Training Classes are formulated to get new users up to speed in quicker fashion and to help more advanced users cover all their bases and ensure key features of the program aren’t being overlooked.

With DockMaster having made some key integrations and implementing new features recently, customers can get full value by investing a couple of hours of their time. With a DockMaster expert instructing you every step of the way, you’ll gain a whole new perspective on how you can keep improving your operations.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for DockMaster customers this month:

Advanced Service

Our next Advanced Service class takes place Tuesday, February 11 from 2-4 PM. Advanced users will get a rundown of where they can make better use of the features available in our Service Module. Additionally, those who need a good understanding of management practices, reporting and basic accounting features of the module will also benefit.

Topics for our Advanced Service class include:

• Reviewing Charges Summary
• Search Fields
• Billing of Work Orders (including progress billing).
• Printing by Invoice
• Reprinting Invoices
• Using Barcode Scanners in your Service Department
• Management reporting
• Choosing Layouts
• Logos
• Using Prospects for Service

If by any chance you are unable to attend on the 11th, there are more dates available for this class throughout the year.

Advanced Marina Management

DockMaster Advanced Marina Management course | marina software

DockMaster’s marina management system is the foundation of running a marina as efficiently as possible. Virtually anyone involved in your marina operation will have their areas addressed in our Advanced Marina Management class on Thursday, February 13th.

Visual Marina topics
• Visual marina set-up and configuration
• Using the Visual Marina map
• Visual reporting
• Boat location information

Reservation Topics:
• Reservation entry/maintenance
• Generating reservation charges
• Checking out a reservation
• Taking Payments for reservations
• Group reservations
• Extending reservations.
• Confirming Reservations
• Reservation Deposits
• Reporting for Reservations

As with all our classes, more classes on advanced marina management practices will be offered throughout 2020.

More Classes To Come

February is a month packed with additional training opportunities for DockMaster customers. Stay tuned to hear more about the classes we’ll be offering. For a full schedule and syllabus of training classes, click here. We look forward to working in depth with you.

DockMaster Software is an industry leading management system for marinas, boatyards, and boat dealerships. DockMaster includes Unit Sales, Prospecting and F&I with fully integrated financial management and numerous integrations with CRM applications, dealer websites and text/messaging services. The Service module includes estimating, labor tracking, and complete parts management with ordering/receiving, subcontractor fulfillment and invoicing. DockMaster Mobile allows technicians to clock on/off jobs from any mobile device. Visual Marina™ management includes storage & billing, occupancy tracking, reservations and dry stack management, including integrations to leading consumer applications for boat rentals, online reservations, concierge/launch scheduling and our new Fuel Integration with FuelCloud. DockMaster also includes Point of Sale, Order Entry with eCommerce and a complete accounting system. Learn more at and follow DockMaster on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn. Or email

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