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When it comes to running your business, ensuring customer satisfaction is non-negotiable.  

E-commerce is a crowded part of online business with huge competition, so it’s imperative to do all that you can to meet and exceed customer’s expectations in order to create a loyal customer base.  

There are various ways to creatively improve your online experience that will generally increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, and ultimately your profits.  

Improve Website Navigation  

When a customer first comes to your website, the last thing you want is to overwhelm them.  

User experience is everything, and having an easy to navigate website makes it a much more enjoyable experience for customers, encouraging them to spend more time on the site, and even revisiting it later on.  

Some ideas on how to ensure the easiest website navigation would be to include clear call to actions, have a ‘Shop’ page strategically placed so customers are able to search for what they’re looking for, and most importantly, make sure your site is mobile friendly. No one wants to zoom in and out of pages and have to scroll to search for what they’re looking for on their mobile devices.  

Reduce Hassle at Checkout  

Uncomplicated online transactions are greatly appreciated by people in general, so make sure to keep it as simple as possible and minimize the hassle in the checkout process.  

The simpler it is, the more chances customers will come back to repurchase from your website.  

Providing a guest checkout has proven to be better for conversion rates, as well as offering the option to create an account after a first purchase. By offering a “Checkout as guest” option, as well as membership, customers can store their payment and ID details if they so choose, ensuring their next purchase is as smooth and simple as possible. 

As previously mentioned, by making things easier for your customers, you will simultaneously boost customer loyalty which will ultimately lead to higher profits for your business in the future.

Online payment functionality is key 

This is why DockMaster’s DMPay, a secure, online payment portal has proven such success and is a key factor in maintaining customer satisfaction.  

DockMaster’s DMPay online payment portal allows our client’s customers the option to simply click a link to pay invoices, boat sales deposits, work order deposits and storage contracts. They can also view and pay any outstanding invoices via the payment portal – elevating the overall user experience and increasing efficiency.

Personalize Transaction Emails  

Your transaction email is highly important and not something you want to compromise.  

These emails are read by many, especially those who have recently completed a sale, so remember to keep the tone in mind.  

These follow-up emails are sent after each transaction and fulfill the customer communication needs that are necessary to business operations.  

Transaction emails are beneficial as they build customer trust and loyalty through personalization and exceptional communication, but also lessens the load placed on support teams which is a win-win situation for all.  

Provide Great Customer Service  

Just like traditional businesses, ecommerce websites must have outstanding customer support and fast responses to all customer inquiries.  

Good customer support does not solely rely on personal interaction. It is a good idea to offer multiple ways to contact you, allowing customers to find the answers they seek without any form of delay which will only cause negative feedback. 

Self-service customer support is a great alternative that not only benefits customers, but also allows you to save on customer support expenses in the process.  

Consider installing a live chat on your website to answer customer’s questions in real-time and be sure to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact you via email or phone by displaying your details and ensuring they are clearly visible on your website.   

Wrapping Up 

Although maintaining a happy and loyal customer base is not a simple task by any means, it is definitely do-able and should be made a top priority.  

With more places to shop than ever, you need to be able to quickly attract the attention of customers and make their shopping experience as pleasant and easy as possible.  

By following the techniques mentioned above and delivering a valuable overall experience to your ecommerce customers, they will be more than satisfied with their experience and won’t hesitate to come back and use your business in the future.  


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