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With all the Yuletide buying sprees that had consumers hitting retail outlets or ordering online since Black Friday, here’s hoping a lot of them still have cash left over once St. Nick has left their humble abodes.

They’ll need the funds for Boxing Day, which fortunately will be a bit easier on the wallet, especially when it comes to finding goodies for boating enthusiasts.

Here’s a look at a handful of options, including a breakdown of the bargains for each item.

Ritchie S-53 Explorer Compass

Ritchie Compass

Available in black as a surface mount, this compass from Oakridge Stores is easy to use, should anyone be intimidated by its state-of-the-art features.

For starters, reading the dial is a snap, especially at night with its internal green light illumination.

Don’t worry about steering off-course, as built-in compensators can be adjusted easily to make up for any deviation. The readouts respond to direction changes via a pivot dial with a moveable sun shield.

And should anything go wrong with this device, it’s totally repairable. ($68.06, was $92.56)

Caframo Heater

Cafarmo Heater

If you’re looking to take a cruise in your own craft during the rest of the holidays, it’s a given that conditions won’t be toasty warm.

Still, that shouldn’t deprive you of any warmth, which is where this 110-volt deluxe two-speed unit, available from Steveston Marine, comes in handy.

It features a built-in adjustable thermostat with five settings from steady to maximum heat.

A stainless steel shell and low-profile design makes for easy portability and storage, plus you can’t go wrong when it automatically turns on when the mercury drops to 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

($99.99, was $129.99) 

New Marine Mini-Paddle

Mini Paddle

It doesn’t matter how powerful your motor is or how maneuverable your boat is; sooner or later, you’re going to need a paddle to get through some of those occasional trouble spots.

This one’s light, since it’s made from aluminum and is small enough to store anywhere onboard. It’s also telescopic for those who need something longer to handle.

It’s also a hot item and it’s best to order soon, as Grandado has run out of them at least twice this year. ($62.79, was $74.79)

Kodiak Magog Winter Boots

Kodiak Winter Boots

Footwear is highly recommended on deck during warmer periods because of slippery decks.

In the winter, though, it goes without saying that your feet’s first priority is warmth.

Enter Kodiak, one of the most popular boot companies around that take your soles to heart with their patented Thinsulate insulation with a tough leather exterior.

Available from Sale in Canada, these boots are waterproof right to the seams and for extra comfort, they come with padded collars and memory foam.

And should the decks get icy, slip-resistant lug rubber takes care of that issue. ($136.99, was $152.12)

Funny Boating Shirts

boxing day deals for boaters

If that boating fan in your life has a sense of humor, your gift options have just become as wide as the open sea.

These shirts from Tee Public come in sizes from small to extra-large and are designed to fit men and women. This gift suggestion comes with a caveat, however, in that the hilarity on some of these shirts can be a little crude. ($14, was $25.63)

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