Next-Generation Marina Management Software

Introducing the all-new DockMaster Flex Solution!
DockMaster Flex is a Complete Marina Management System, providing all-in-one solutions for Marinas and Boatyards alike.
Currently available in the United States. Not in the US ? Click Here.
Bringing advanced cloud-based management software exclusively for your marina, DockMaster FLEX allows you to streamline operations with a set of richfeatures to run all aspects of your business.

Manage reservations easily with an overview of your marina occupancy and track all current, future, and past requests in one single space. All it takes is one click to depart, send an invoice, swap slips or view customer details.

Our system is designed to help marinas run smoothly and efficiently, leading to increased profitability and customer satisfaction. Make the switch and start seeing an increase in bookings

Visual Marina Map

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of your marina with our VisualMarina map and quickly designate or rearrange assignments. Let customers select slips of their choice with a 360° view of the marina at the click of a button.Transform the way you do business at your marina with our innovative visual marina map, designed to enhance the customer experience and streamline operations.

Contract Management
Design, send and receive contracts through our seamless digital system. This saves customers time while viewing contract details on their mobile or desktop device, prompting them to e-sign instantly. Upgrade to DockMaster Flex today and experience the benefits yourself.
Fuel Management
Eliminate manual, error-prone processes and streamline your fuel dock operations with our fuel management solutions. Track sales and generate reports on fuel usage, helping you accurately manage your operations.
Flexible Rate Management
Maximize your marina’s revenue every day. From fixed seasonal rates based on slip length to special holiday transient rates, you can store an unlimited number of rates and terms for each type of reservation that heads your way. Boost your profits and elevate your business with our powerful solution.
Help interactions go smoothly and limit hassle by communicating with customers through a built-in email service. Connect in real-time while eliminating the need for a costly 3rd party messaging service and allow for the ultimate customer service experience.
DockMaster Payments provides simple credit card processing. You can rest easy knowing that all credit card options are securely stored in DockMaster Flex, allowing you to instantly process payments. Create a frictionless payment experience for your staff and clients today.
Improve productivity with our mobile based Dockwalk app. Track the status of every boat and slip by recording details on-the-spot. All information is securely saved in the cloud, so you can access it any time.

Everything you need, all in one place

Whether a dry stack, wet slip or both, DockMaster Flex is designed to ease and simplify your day-to-day operations. Ensure your marina runs as efficiently and profitably as possible and get in touch today.