Features and improvements in the latest releases of DockMaster
.18 Sep

Features and improvements in the latest releases of DockMaster

The latest version of DockMaster is There have been a number of improvements in the past couple of releases of DockMaster. Here is a list of some of the things we’ve done recently:

  • AP/Sublet Reconciliation – this is one of the most requested features we’ve received in years. Now you can link Sublet POs on a work order to its associated AP Invoices. A single sublet PO can be attached to one or more invoices. Here are the steps in the process:

    • Create a new AP Invoice in Maintain Invoices for the sublet vendor.
    • Locate the Sublet PO field beneath Receiver Id on the form and select a sublet PO typing in the PO number or using F6 to select it.
    • Enter the amount that is being paid against the sublet PO.
    • Accept the vendors default WIP distribution or update it in the GL distribution grid.
    • If there were previous posted invoices applied to the sublet PO click the Receiver/Sublet tab to view them.
    • Save and process the invoice. This feature can help you close your accounting periods sooner.
  • Use the new forecast tab to analyze and track your technician’s performance on each job. The sub-menu items for the opcode’s summary and forecast have been added to the Maintenance Function menu as Operation Summary and Operation Forecast. These items work and display the same as from within the work order.
  • Archive old estimates – Unlike Work Orders, estimates do not “close” or change status when they are converted to a Work Order. The estimate simply stays in the system for historical purposes. Now you can archive old estimates to a file prior to purging them.
  • VisualMarina™ improvements – We have added warnings when the beam, draft and/or weight of a boat exceeds the allowance for a slip.

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