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DockMaster Anywhere on Ipad

Equipped to handle the daily management of your marina, boatyard or boat dealership

Key Features

Easy to use reservation functionality

Standard wet and linear slip management, as well as dry storage

Accept reservations online

VisualMarina map

Flexible rate management

Contract management


Digital signature capture

Payment gateway for credit and debit cards

Point of Sale (POS) with integrated payment processing

Mobile DockWalk feature

Integration with QuickBooks Online

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    Service Management and Time Functions in Mobile

    Service Management

    A complete solution for your boating service department.

    DockMaster Service Management can be used to track and manage work orders effectively, all in one place. Templates can be defined to eliminate repetitive entry of the same tasks. The solution allows you to go paperless wherever possible.

    • Track and manage your work orders most effectively
    • Create Estimates that convert to Work Orders.
    • Maintain one work order for all types of work such as retail, warranty, rigging and internal.
    • Get control of your shop consumables
    • Make your service department more profitable.
    Service Writing
    Create work orders from estimates, templates or the previous year’s work order.
    Track all charges related to the specific repair operation.
    Track all charges related to the specific repair operation.
    Service Management
    Schedule your work order operations by technician.
    Track labor productivity and work order profit.
    Bill/track all retail, warranty and internal work on one work order.
    Multiple billing options
    Integration with Accounting
    Automatic journal transaction creation for accurate accounting of cost and revenue.
    Real time accounting to customers accounts receivable.
    Deposit tracking for work orders.

    Mobile App Timekeeping Features

    For expanded functionality, our Mobile Timekeeping App allows for real time labor time recording and detailed tech notes. DockMaster Mobile’s time clock tracks the actual amount of time spent on a job and allows you to:

    • Let techs view the work scheduled by management.
    • Select from a list of open Work Orders
    • Select associated tasks (opcodes)
    • Change the start time for increased accuracy
    • Add notes (type or voice-to-text recognition)
    • The information syncs back to the Workorder in DockMaster
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    Inventory Parts Management & Point of Sale

    A complete solution for your boating service department.