How can DockMaster transform your marina?

Feature rich integrations and rapidly developing technology allow DockMaster to better serve the boating industry The marina industry has long had a base of passionate boaters and marinas have striven to maintain customer loyalty. While loyalty is still an important foundation, the industry has now begun to see an influx of new boaters with some… (more)

Keys To Keeping Customers Happy with Online Transactions 

When it comes to running your business, ensuring customer satisfaction is non-negotiable.   E-commerce is a crowded part of online business with huge competition, so it’s imperative to do all that you can to meet and exceed customer’s expectations in order to create a loyal customer base.   There are various ways to creatively improve your online… (more)

5 Boxing Day deals for boaters

With all the Yuletide buying sprees that had consumers hitting retail outlets or ordering online since Black Friday, here’s hoping a lot of them still have cash left over once St. Nick has left their humble abodes. They’ll need the funds for Boxing Day, which fortunately will be a bit easier on the wallet, especially when… (more)

10 best destinations to take your boat on the holidays

Tis the season to be trawling for restless mariners on the go Traditionally, most folks stay at home when the Yuletide season looms even closer on the calendar But for some boating enthusiasts, the idea of exercising those land legs on terra firma just won’t do, as they’ll find plenty of spots that celebrate the… (more)

5 last-minute Christmas gift ideas for boaters

Holiday items to satisfy seafaring adventurers year-round Boating enthusiasts are a pretty fickle bunch when it comes to receiving gifts during the holiday season. If any wrapped items under the tree don’t accentuate the experience of cruising on the open water, they’re likely to get regifted when nobody’s looking. With that in mind, here are… (more)

Ways To Communicate With Your Customers After Boating Season

Communicating effectively year-round sets operators up for success in peak season It certainly has been a unique year in the boating industry. As industries across the country faced their own challenges, the marine industry dealt with shutdowns, then the surge in demand for boats. The industry also saw encouraging trends play out, such as the… (more)

Four Benefits of Marine Businesses using a CRM System

Like every industry, the marine business is rapidly changing as more and more technology surfaces with the promise of creating greater efficiencies, streamlining workflows and generally staying on top of all the financial activity going on inside the company. Comprising much of that technology are management software systems that handle all the aforementioned, which has… (more)

DockMaster Wins SoftwareSuggest ’Great User Experience Award’ 2021

We are thrilled to announce that DockMaster, our Leading Marina Management Software System, has won a Great User Experience award for 2021, by SoftwareSuggest.   SoftwareSuggest is a leading software discovery and tech review platform, who award winners based on criteria such as usability, customer support and value for money.   A SoftwareSuggest Award is given to those whom they believe are exceptional in what they offer, and this achievement is a great testament to DockMaster’s continued success… (more)