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A Sophisticated POS and Inventory Control System Kicks Off Customer Relationships to a Good Start

The team at Bay Marine and Sports Center in Horseshoe Bay, TX, are known for their excellent service and knowledge. They help existing and new customers choose the best marine products fit for their purpose, establishing a solid long term relationship right from the moment someone walks through their door.

Their high standard of customer service is a result of ongoing training and the willingness of staff to go that extra mile for their customers. But they also need the right tools at their fingertips to provide the standard of service they’re known for.

The business has three divisions – marine sales, maintenance and service, and storage facilities. Their customers return for parts, service and storage needs well after the initial purchase.

Bay Marine and Sports Center chose DockMaster as their marine management software mainly because they knew it was an all-inclusive platform. DockMaster captures customer details starting from a general inquiry, through to building a customer profile and history so that staff can proactively advise on service and new products in the future.


Where they needed help

Before DockMaster, everything was pretty much paper based using Microsoft Excel as the management tool – still often used to run many marine businesses today. Bay Marine was using an old fashioned trusty little register with a standalone credit card terminal which was not integrated to any of the main stock and inventory systems. Sales from the cash register were manually added to the inventory control system so it was time consuming, arduous and open to human error.

Excellent customer service has always been a foundation of the business since it started over 40 years ago. With the right technology in place, this goal not only became a whole lot easier, it also provided staff the opportunity to be proactive with their advice and recommendations to key clients.

Bay Marine and Sports Center has used DockMaster’s Marine Management Software to automate their business for over twenty years. Over this time the business has evolved and embraced more features to create the seamless and effective customer service model it has today.


The divisions of the business use DockMaster for the following:

Sales division – from the moment a prospect walks in the door to make an inquiry about a marine craft, DockMaster captures the information about that person and their interest. The next salesperson can follow this thread and offer a demo or other next step depending on the prospect’s needs. The customer service process is efficient and seamless and the person who has yet to become a customer feels that the business cares about their decision.

Service division – when the person decides on a marine craft and makes a purchase, this is submitted as a contract into DockMaster. The service center takes over from this point with the client’s history intact.

How is the business running better with DockMaster Marine Management Software?

“It has given me the “gauges on a race car” – before I couldn’t have told you about what’s selling and how it affects us. Now I have all the information I need at my fingertips.”

David Rodgers

General Manager
Bay Marine and Sports Center.

Visibility to business operations and more effective decision making

Every aspect of the business operation is now visible to the management team. With this visibility, which includes historical reports, activities and trends, management are not only able to immediately find problems in their service, they can also foresee impending issues. For example, at specified times of the year, they know they need to have specific spare parts on hand and an adequately but profitably staffed service team to manage more service and maintenance requests.


Automatic inventory re-ordering saves considerable time and increases accuracy

DockMaster’s inventory management module keeps track of sales and automatically re-orders products and parts. This saves significant time and customers are happier because the parts they need are available. Staff attention can be directed to providing better one on one service to their customers instead of managing inventory.

Access information from anywhere at any time

Information about the business’ operations can be accessed from anywhere at any point in time with DockMaster’s cloud based technology platform. Management is able to make faster decisions about business operations based on live and accurate data at their fingertips.

End to end customer service means satisfied long term customers

Bay Marine and Sports prides themselves on excellent customer service through:

  1. Training staff so they have excellent product knowledge
  2. Ensuring the technology accurately captures and manages customer profiles, preferences and transactions from the very beginning when the customer is still a prospect.

“DockMaster is an all-encompassing platform because in the marina industry, there isn’t anything that it can’t handle. If it weren’t for DockMaster, I would have about five different pieces that I’d be trying to integrate. It makes life so much easier.”

David Rodgers
General Manager
Bay Marine and Sports Center.


What’s next for Bay Marine and Sports Center?

The business recently switched over to a hosted platform instead of having an in-house server. The main benefit of this is they no longer have to maintain current versions of DockMaster and perform updates themselves. These are now done by DockMaster directly.

DockMaster’s commitment is to continually evolve features of our Marine Management Software that grow with our customers’ needs. Bay Marine and Sports Center stays current and up to date with technology features, gradually implementing what is required to continue providing great service and post sales care.

“If you try and use a Ferrari like a Ford, you’ll be disappointed. If you use a Ferrari the way it is supposed to be used, you’ll love it. When DockMaster is used the way it’s supposed to be used, it’s beautiful!”

David Rodgers
General Manager
Bay Marine and Sports Center.

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