Release Notes for version 8.4.8.x

Important Updates: This section of items is intended to feature some of the key updates to the DockMaster Application

Module Issue/Addition Correction/Change
Non-Specific Bulk Email - Use Outlook to send emails. Corrected an issue where merging to an HTML template did not work. This is part of a larger update that will allow Mail Merge to work with newer versions of Microsoft Word.
Inventory Management Inventory Receiving: add options for printing labels for received goods Enabled the option to select the number of labels to be printed during receiving, allowing users again to print barcode labels.
Marina Management Visual Marina: Add Customer Name/Company Name to hover display in map When hovering over a slip in VisualMarina, the Customer Name will be included in the information that appears for the boat in the slip.
Inventory Management Inventory Receiving: add clerk to receiver Clerk ID will now be listed with receiving records to allow users to view the clerk that processed the inventory as it was received. This will also be reportable in the List Inventory receipts report.

Accounts Payable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 5072 Invoicing: Extend invoice number to be 20 Characters long Increased the length of the AP Invoice field to hold a 20 Characters invoice number, and adjusted the dictionary items and programs in the standard DockMaster build to accommodate this length.
Task 5110 Maintain Invoices: Tax cannot be adjusted when adjusting AP invoices When maintaining and adjusting an AP invoice, a tax grid will now be available to allow users to adjust individual tax amounts.
Bug 5238 Maintain Invoices: Sublet PO amount shows blank when recalled The Sublet PO cost will display for a saved invoice in the upper right corner when maintaining AP Invoices.
Bug 5247 Manual Check Entry: Posting check generates blank APT The system will no longer allow a negative amount to be entered as an OA.
Bug 5298 Maintain Invoices: Vendor invoices can be saved multiple times Corrected an issue when managing vendor invoices whereby an additional amount could be saved a second time, throwing off the vendor balance.
Bug 5344 Check Layouts: DockMaster crashes when saving a custom layout that the column number under stub changes to 0 Column, Row, and Width will no longer be allowed to have a zero valid in the Check Layout form to prevent a system crash.
Bug 5369 Pending Disbursements Report: Blank pages are in the report when the page number > 2 When the Pending Disbursements Report is greater than 2 pages, the system will no longer incorrectly include blank pages in the report output.
Bug 5404 Maintain Recurring Invoices: Due date is not using the parameter's default when the payment term code is deleted When a vendor has had their payment term code removed from their vendor record, a new recurring invoice will now correctly use the terms defined as default in the AP Parameters to determine the due date.
Bug 5423 Invoice Inquiry: Payee Info tab does not display when the vendor invoice amount is negative The payee tab will be active and enabled when viewing an AP Invoice Inquiry on a negative invoice, allowing the user to view the AP invoice payee information.

Accounts Receivable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 4959 Cash Receipts: Card swipe is needed when you reverse cash receipts by a stored card Corrected an issue where the system would prompt for a customer to swipe their credit card when attempting to reverse a cash receipt using stored cards.
Bug 5245 Cash Receipts: Applying adjustment code uses the wrong G/L account In Cash Receipts, when adjusting an invoice, the adjustments report would incorrectly display the credit account number for both entries, rather than the appropriate debit and credit accounts. This has been corrected in the adjustment accounting routine.
Bug 5312 Worldpay: ACR Batch is ignoring the last charge in batch When processing an ACR batch, there were situations that caused the final charge listed in the batch to be ignored for Worldpay customers. This has been corrected and all charges will be appropriately processed.
Bug 5420 Miscellaneous Charges: Pressing ENTER in description field changes the mouse focus to POST button Modified the tab order of the cursor when entering miscellaneous charges. The system will now move the cursor to the "new" button when pressing enter twice, rather than to the "post" button, to prevent erroneous postings of charges.

File Maintenance

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5311 Vendors: duplicated GL account is not allowed for vendors Duplicate GL accounts will again be allowed on Vendor records in File Maintenance.
Bug 5331 Vendors: Vendors can be deleted when it has an audit trail Vendors can no longer be deleted if there is any audit trail detail (such as invoices or purchase orders) in the system for that vendor.
Bug 5342 Customers: Canceling swiping card message on DM will not reset FreedomPay terminal When using FreedomPay, if a transaction needs to be canceled, it will need to be canceled directly on the credit card device. DockMaster will no longer provide a cancel button on the screen, as FreedomPay requires any cancellations in a transaction to be triggered on the physical device.
Bug 5394 Customers: New customers have a part sold history when creating a WO for this customer with nothing correct When clicking on the Parts Sold History link for a new customer with no history, the system will now display a message that there are no items present. Previously, the link would display parts history for other customers incorrectly.

General Ledger

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5233 Trial Balance: Page bottom margin is too large Fixed the page length for the Trial Balance printout to have an appropriately sized bottom margin.
Bug 5330 G/L Inquiry: Clicking on a month only shows a one line GL account detail Corrected an issue that occurred when the GL Inquiry screen would not show GL Account Detail at all times.
Bug 5502 Journal Transaction Inquiry: Print button in the JT inquiry does not print in same order to the grid In the JT Transaction Inquiry screen, there is now an option when right clicking in the grid to print, which will print the report in the sorted/filtered view that displays on the screen. Any other method of printing this report will print all data without consideration for sorting.

Inventory Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 5003 Inventory Receiving: add options for printing labels for received goods Enabled the option to select the number of labels to be printed during receiving, allowing users again to print barcode labels.
Bug 5065 Vendor Information tab: Break cost is not changed to 0.00 after vendor cost is changed to 0.00 The Quantity/Cost break will now correctly be updated when a vendor's cost is changed to zero after a PO is created.
Task 5079 Inventory Receiving: add clerk to receiver Clerk ID will now be listed with receiving records to allow users to view the clerk that processed the inventory as it was received. This will also be reportable in the List Inventory receipts report.
Bug 5102 Inventory Receiving: Receiving a special order looking at WO's override customer price column When receiving a special order, the system will correctly look at the Work Order Override customer price column to use the appropriate pricing on the part.
Bug 5140 Inventory Transfer: Transfer looks at QoH but not quantity available to determine if the part is able to be transferred Corrected inventory transfers to use the quantity available on file, rather than quantity on hand to determine if a part can be transferred.
Bug 5190 Inventory Parts: Main location department is not auto filled when you create a new part and depart department is set in IM inventory With the new department grid in Inventory, the system will correctly pull the default location from Inventory Parameters for the current location.
Bug 5205 PO Entry: PO cannot be closed if opcode is (contains SO) deleted from WO Purchase orders that contain items on a work order's special order can now be closed after the opcode on the work order has been deleted and the work order saved.
Bug 5206 PO Entry: Pulling up SOs with same part, it will only display one line item When there are multiple special orders on a single purchase order, the order quantity will be correctly consolidated to reflect the total amount ordered for each of the special orders, and each special order will be correctly listed on the PO, separated by a comma.
Bug 5231 PO Entry: "ask if save" message is not popping up when you click the clear button without saving In PO Entry, if a user adds an item and clears the form without saving, DockMaster will correctly prompt the user to save the changes, instead of allowing the form to clear.
Bug 5278 Order Entry: After scanning a part on the line >= 2, the focus will go back to the previous line When scanning multiple parts to enter them onto an order in Order Entry, the system was not correctly navigating to the next blank line for each item added when there were two or more parts on the order. The system will correctly jump to the next blank line.
Bug 5287 Purchasing: Force Closing a Purchase Order writes the closed date in attr 20 of received/undelivered Special Orders Force closing a purchase order will no longer impact previously received but undelivered special orders.
Bug 5300 Inventory Parts: Department missing message pops up every time when you maintain the part if the non-current location is missing Updated the new parts grid in Inventory Maintenance to warn users when creating a new part, if no department has been added to the part for the current location. This should alleviate the issue whereby all parts editing would warn when department codes were not entered for all available locations.
Bug 5333 Miscellaneous Information tab: Label issue - Block Update from Load is not displaying 'Load' The checkbox on the Miscellaneous Information tab in Inventory Parts Maintenance for "Block Update From" has been relabeled to "Block Update From Load" to correctly reflect its purpose.
Bug 5343 Fuel: The quantity sold in Fuel part history shows 1000 times of the sold amount Corrected an issue where fuel parts' last sales and YTD quantity amounts were not correctly being displayed in the fuel inquiry screen for those sales that were processed from point of sale.
Bug 5353 Inventory Parts: Department is not saved when the location has same location description as the first one Corrected an issue with saving the department code on a part whereby the system would not save if different locations shared the exact same name.
Bug 5358 Order Entry: Item grid is slow repaint when entering parts in quickly Added a new option in the Order Entry form called "Enable Quick Entry". This option will disable the function key (F6, F10, etc) lookups when adding items to the grid and will force the cursor to jump between item numbers and quantities, in an attempt to allow speedier data entry. This option will be saved for any user that enables it, so that the next time they log into DockMaster, it is enabled.
Bug 5376 Inventory Parts: Part department can not saved Corrected an issue with saving the department code on a part whereby the system would not save if different locations shared the exact same name.
Bug 5381 Enter Physical Inventory: After you enter through the part list, "F7 part number" displays in the right click dropdown Corrected the F7 context menu for toggling between part number and part list when entering physical inventory to display the correct menu option.
Bug 5402 Fuel: YTD Sold amount is incorrect Corrected an issue where fuel parts' last sales and YTD quantity amounts were not correctly being displayed in the fuel inquiry screen for those sales that were processed from point of sale.
Bug 5477 Work Orders: Infinite loop "Special order creation" message shows when two parts are each other's core part DockMaster will no longer allow two different core parts to reference one another.
Bug 5505 Inventory Receiving: Inventory receiver updates the buy ratio when it is changed in part maintenance The buy ratio will not be updated on an open inventory receiver when changed on the vendor tab.

Layout Designer

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5133 LD, CC ROA layout DM_TPOS_ROA_CC_RECEIPT_40 and _FULL merchant copy do not print paytype info Updated all credit card layouts to include paytype information for both merchant and customer copies. Additionally, for FreedomPay, corrected the issue where multiple signature lines would sometimes print on the receipt.
Bug 5329 "List price you pay" not showing for layouts DM_TPOS_INVDET_40 and DM_TPOS_INVOICE_40 when the paid price < list price Corrected point of sale receipt layouts to correctly display the list price versus price paid on each item when parameters are set to print list price and the customer is configured to pay a price line different than the one defined as the list price.

Marina Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 4678 If there is deferred revenue that has not been posted, the system should not allow the period to be closed. When closing accounting periods, the system will now check to see if there are any unposted transactions that would cause issues should they be posted after the accounting period has been closed. Going forward, the user will receive an error indicating that the period cannot be closed due to open transactions. Users will need to ensure those items are closed before progressing further.
Task 5005 Storage Incoive Maint:t-L :Allow a 0 invoice to be created Added the ability to create a 0 value storage invoice. To allow printing appropriate credits, the system will generate a 0 value AT record.
Task 5081 Reservation Entry: Link ticket number for deposit to POS Inquiry From a reservation, the Deposit/Refund tab will now allow users to double click on an entry, and open the POS ticket created for a deposit in POS Inquiry. From there, the POS ticket and invoice can be printed if needed.
Task 5083 Visual Marina: Add Customer Name/Company Name to hover display in map When hovering over a slip in VisualMarina, the Customer Name will be included in the information that appears for the boat in the slip.
Bug 5115 Process Storage Bills: Negative rate billing code amount is zero after processing storage bills When processing storage bills, a negative rate bill code will reflect the negative amount correctly, instead of self-adjusting to 0.
Bug 5163 Reservation Entry: Customer cannot check out in a closed accounting period if all the days' charges are already generated When deleting a bill code and checking out a reservation where all charges have been generated in a previously closed period, the system will no longer incorrectly warn the user that the reservation has been updated by another user.
Bug 5241 Reservation Entry: Checked in time will always follow the computer system time When viewing a checked-in reservation, the system will not display the computer time, but will display the actual reservation check in time.
Bug 5244 Reservation Entry: "Arrival date is in a closed accounting period" message is displayed once when you click the print ledger button for a checked out reservation Corrected an invalid message that would warn users that the arrival date fell within a closed accounting period when attempting to print the ledger for a reservation.
Bug 5256 Reservation Entry: Cannot refund a partial reservation deposit by stored card When doing a partial refund for a reservation department against a stored card, the system was incorrectly prompting for the card to be swiped. The system will correctly use stored information for processing the refund.
Bug 5318 Launch Calendar: Calendar printed in the original order after sorted by time When printing from the grid view in Launch Calendar, the printout will be in the order displayed on the screen rather than the default display order. If a user modifies the sorting of the data, this will print in that modified sorting.
Bug 5350 Security Deposit Maintenance: Second time partial refund create JT for wrong deposit when there are multiple deposit for same reference Corrected an issue that would cause refunds to multiple security deposits to be incorrectly applied to different types. For example, if three deposits were created in a cash receipt batch - boat, key and wait list, and initially a partial refund was applied to all three types, then secondarily an additional refund and partial forfeiture was applied in a second round, the amounts being refunded were not tied to the correct deposit. Going forward, partial refunds and forfeitures will be applied correctly to the appropriate deposit amount.
Bug 5363 Daily Charges: Fails if customer does not have GL installed. When the DockMaster GL module is not being used (turned off) and there are no periods defined for the dates being managed in reservations, the system will no longer block charges from being created for the necessary dates.
Bug 5373 Enter Meter Readings: When logging grienadings for electric, water, and other at same time, the water and other's rate will be using electric's rate When entering in meter readings for multiple meter types at the same time, each meter type will use the correct amount defined in parameters for that type. Previously, the system was incorrectly using the electric meter rate.
Bug 5391 VisualMarina: Marina legend is not showing when you print With the UI changes to DockMaster, the system was inadvertently not displaying the marina legend in the Visual Marina map when printing it. This issue has been corrected, and printed versions of the map will now display the legend at the bottom.
Bug 5407 Launch Calendar:- Clicking on a day in the calendar to schedule launch does not put focus on that date When right clicking in the header bar of a day on the Launch Calendar (in month view), the system will now correctly get focus on that date, so that any new appointment made through the calendar will populate the intended date on the appointment form.
Bug 5467 Reservation Entry: Generate charges Screen, Total charges field at the bottom of the "generation charges" windows is missing Total Charges will be displayed at the bottom of the Reservation Entry screen, as they had previously displayed in 6.x versions of DockMaster.


Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 5275 Preferred Payments: Update Converge saved address with the address+Zip truncated to 30 characters When storing data in the Converge Gateway for Preferred Payments customers, the system will truncate the address and zip to allow the data to abide by rules set forth with storing in Converge. Previously if the address exceeded 25 characters it would be rejected by Converge.
Bug 5351 Dates cannot be entered using the current day (without the month) Updated the date entry modification to allow users to again enter the date using a single digit (the day). The system will again assume the current month and year. For example, if the current month is May, entering a "16" will make DockMaster assume May 16, 2018.
Bug 5370 Dates not leveraging Canadian Regional Settings Corrected an issue for Canadian customers where the date would not leverage the local formatting settings correctly, and was incorrectly interpreting dates. For example, when Windows showed MM/DD/YYYY as the date format, and the customer entered in 5.1 (for May 1, 2018), DockMaster was incorrectly interpreting it as 1.5 (January 1, 2018).
Bug 5418 Woo WarrantyNTendorDOameAME is using the Vendor File versus the Customer File Updated the dictionary item, WOO WARRANTY.VENDOR.NAME to use the Customer File vendor name, which is in line with the other warranty vendor data.
Task 5432 Bulk Email - Use Outlook to send emails. Added a new BETA option in the bulk mailer, allowing customers to use MS Outlook and mail merge for sending bulk emails. This option is listed in BETA mode, as it is unknown the impact to performance within MS Outlook when bulk emailing large numbers of customers.

Point of Sale

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 3964 During refunds display listing of pay types The Void Original button has been renamed to Original Pay Types, and will allow the user to list the pay types from the original ticket when processing a ticket refund through Point of Sale. The user will be able to refund to the original pay types. If the ticket is being fully refunded, the original amounts will be shown. For partial refunds, no amounts will be shown. Any refunds to credit card types will be processed in line with any integrated credit card solution connected with DockMaster as appropriate.
Task 4807 Change the background color of the Ticket Total field To make the ticket total field on the Finish/Pay screen more apparent, its color has been changed.
Task 4811 Add button to quickly change theTax Schema for an item To make it easier to change an item's tax schema, there is now a button on the right side of the Point of Sale screen that will gain focus to an items' tax schema entry, allowing the user to then press F6 to select a different tax schema in a more streamlined fashion. This function is not available when refunding tickets.
Task 4977 Add Preferred Paytype display to Finish/Pay screen Now in the Finish/Pay screen, the preferred pay type stored on a customer's record in File Maintenance will display.
Task 5224 Add ability to accept tips when using Preferred Payments When using Preferred Payments credit card integration, tips can now be accepted.
Bug 5286 IU and IH updates are always for location 1. Corrected inventory usage and history records that were incorrectly using location 1 even when parts were sold from other locations.
Bug 5299 POS Ticket discount goes to the wrong GL account Point of sale will now correctly use the parts department discount account for the distributed ticket discount when the department on the part is different than the default POS GL account configured in parameters.
Bug 5326 Ticket discount is not saved or printed in the report Point of Sale ticket discounts will be correctly saved and printed in daily item sales reports as expected.
Bug 5349 When quantity reduced to a quantity that will not qualify for a qty break discount, the discount is not removed For items with a quantity break to apply a discount, if the break quantity is first reached, but then reduced to be below the break point, Point of Sale will correctly remove the discount that had previously been applied within the transaction.
Bug 5355 Register Checkout validating GL Periods when GL is not used The system will no longer verify accounting period dates when DockMaster is configured to not use the DockMaster GL.
Task 5375 Exclude credit card paytypes from the register checkout To eliminate the need for a customer to print two copies of every credit card receipt, the system will no longer require clerks to enter the amounts received for integrated credit card paytypes during the end of day process in point of sale.
Bug 5392 Quantity break does not work when using scanner Corrected the quantity break discounts when using a scanner to scan multiple instances of the same part. The quantity break was not correctly applying the discount to the price extension.
Bug 5405 JT is not created when post batch if there is the only one finalized SO with 100% deposit When a delivered special order is the only transaction posted in a batch of point of sale tickets, the end of day processes will now correctly create JT entries for the batch when closed.
Bug 5409 Fuel: Last sales quantity and YTD quantity used shows 1000 times of the sold amount Corrected an issue where fuel parts' last sales and YTD quantity amounts were not correctly being displayed in the fuel inquiry screen for those sales that were processed from point of sale.
Bug 5417 SO delivery due amount is different from the original SO due amount When a special order is placed and parameters are set to require a 100% deposit, and a customer receives a standard 10% discount on prices, the system was incorrectly calculating the deposit and the amount due. This would lead to the delivery pricing being lower than the deposit amount, so when the deposit was applied to the order, the order was not closed out. Going forward, the calculation has been normalized so that the ticket can be fully closed as necessary after the deposit is applied for payment.

Sales Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5264 Prospects: Prospect cannot saved because of a wrong message Corrected a validation issue in prospects that would present an error message when working through the phone number group, and would prevent users from being able to save prospect information
Bug 5268 Sales Functions - Draft Entry: Draft refund not saved after clear form with save When saving a refund on a draft entry in Sales Management, the system will correctly save the information when a user clicks yes to a message asking if they want to save.
Bug 5308 Inventory: Custom Information is not saved if you enter Model Maintenance from a serialized unit by pressing F7 Corrected some issues with loading and saving custom prompt values for serialized units in Sales Management, Model Maintenance. Going forward, the prompts will correctly display and allow for the saving of data associated with them.
Bug 5316 Prospect Monitor: Printing not showing filtered/sorted data Printing from the Prospect Monitor grid will now only print filtered results, when the view on the screen is changed from default. Previously, it was printing all data returned without consideration for filters applied in the user interface.
Bug 5327 Boat Sales: After refund deposit on contract, the balance due amount not correct on the report The Balance Due on the boat sales report will correctly consider a deposit that has been refunded.
Bug 5328 Contract Maintenance: Deposit applied and unapplied amount is wrong after contract closed Corrected a display issue where a deposit amount applied and the amount unapplied to a contract were being reported incorrectly. For example, previously a 1,000.00 deposit would display as applied amount: 0.01, and unapplied amount as 999.99. The amount will now display appropriately on a contract.
Bug 5348 Current Boat(s) tab: When using Mtf ID 99999, Mfg name and model description fields not editable; entering all numbers in model number will be cleared When adding a boat to a prospect record, when using the default 99999 manufacturer ID, the manufacturer name and model description fields will be editable within the grid.
Bug 5398 Trade In tab, Boat chosen from "F6 list from prospect" not display in the grid until click in the grid Corrected an issue when adding a second trade in item to a contract, whereby only the first trade in unit selected would correctly display in the grid.
Bug 5399 Trade Ins tab, Boat information section is missing for trailers Corrected the position of the trade in information for a trailer item when displaying on a contract.
Bug 5422 Contract Maintenance: Refunding the second deposit through cash receipts makes the first deposit refunded Fixed an issue with multiple deposits against a contract. When secondary deposits were refunded, the system was incorrectly refunding the first deposit, reporting an inaccurate amount as the total refunded and applied deposits.
Bug 5430 Inventory Receipts: Standard options not printing in the contract print when the BSI created from boat PO Corrected an issue where standard options were not printing, because the price and cost extensions for the option were not stored in the database. Going forward, for those standard options, a 0 price will be saved to allow the items to be printed out correctly on a contract.
Bug 5433 Contract Maintenance: Customer boat info is wrong when created from contract which has 2 BSI Corrected an issue where a customer boat record would be created from a contract upon the contract closure. If there are two inventoried boats on the contract, the details for each unit will be separately sent to the customer boat file and independently maintained. Previously, the attributes of the second boat (registration, hull color, stock number) would end up overwriting the details on the first customer boat.
Bug 5437 Contract Maintenance - Generate rigging request not linking Work Order to Contract Corrected an issue when generating a rigging request that did not link the work order to an open contract, which caused issues with accruals if the contract is closed before the work order is billed.
Bug 5452 Unit Inventory - Last Modified Date/Time/Port not being updated. Modified several different internal processes to ensure that any time a serialized unit was modified through normal activity in DockMaster, the Last Modified Date of the unit would be appropriately updated. This impacts customers that use third party integration programs that rely on the change date to trigger notifications and updates.

Service Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5114 Time Cards: Two time entries become three after department is changed When entering hours only in decimal format in Time Cards, corrected an issue where changing the department for multiple entries on the same operation would result in a new entry being listed with the details from one of the original entries. This has been corrected.
Bug 5207 Work Orders: Part line item is duplicated after change in clerk's part department When a part on a work order and special order/purchase order has a partial (P) or closed (C) status, changing the department for the technician associated to pulling the part will not update the department on the work order. In the event that the part is in an open (O) status, it will update the department.
Bug 5210 Service Printing: Consolidate like parts are not working when you bill the part by different billing date Corrected the consolidate like parts routine so that it will follow what is selected in the Work to Print drop down and effectively consolidates parts, even if the parts are billed on different dates.
Bug 5222 Work Orders: WO Part price is using the WAV cost when cost+ pricing is the vendor cost Corrected an issue where work order part pricing was incorrectly using WAV cost when vendor cost+ pricing was specified.
Bug 5228 Work Orders: Opcode is deleted when save the WO as a template when "create from chargeless operations" is checked When saving a work order as a template, the system will no longer delete opcodes with a zero charge (as opposed to NO chage), if the "create from chargeless operations" is checked.
Bug 5229 Time Cards: Tab order is incorrect in Time Card when you Enter Hours only and Time in Decimal are not set Corrected the tab order and focus on the Time Card screen to flow correctly when entering information.
Bug 5230 Time Cards: Clicking the dot button on keyboard is not changing hours to minutes when entering time When entering hours in time cards, users will be able to use the decimal to move to the minutes section of the time picker. For example, entering in 12.30 will display as 12:30. This is the case when the system is not using time in decimal or enter hours only methods.
Bug 5235 Work Orders: Automatic price recalculation in different scenario are not consistent Addressed an inconsistency in the automatic price recalculation routine when charges are transferred between operations and work orders. In the event the charge was being transferred from an operation with a price column of 1, the system was not recalculating at all.
Bug 5237 Work Orders: when you click ENTER in the date the pulled field in Enter Technician window, the mouse cursor goes to the UNDO button instead of the SAVE button Fixed the tab order when pressing enter in the date pulled field in the Enter Technician window. The cursor will correctly move through the form - previously it was incorrectly moving to the undo button.
Bug 5243 Work Orders: System crashes when you add a labor to a WO which has part kits Corrected an issue that would cause DockMaster to crash when adding labor to an operation that had a part kit item on it, when saving the labor entry.
Bug 5303 Work Orders: Printing WO uses the WO invoice layout outside of the billing tab When printing a work order from any tab other than the billing tab, the work order request layout will be the default layout used, instead of the work order invoice layout.
Bug 5309 Service Monitor: when entering customer boat ID to search WO, the same ID's inventory boat WO is also displayed When using the Service Monitor function, and searching for a boat by the Boat ID in Customer Boats, the system will no longer display the rigging and prep work orders that may be associated with a serialized boat (from Sales Management), and will limit the results set just to the work orders associated with the requested customer boat.
Bug 5336 Work Orders: When the windows UI is set to 125%, if you click on one opcode then click on another opcode will exchange their order To prevent operation codes from being accidentally re-ordering, when the opcode grid on a work order first gets focus from the user, it will not allow a drag and drop function to occur.
Task 5338 Billing Tab - allow grid changes to persist for users The billing tab grid on a work order can now have columns resized and rearranged. Any changes made to this grid will save for each clerk ID, to persist with the next login session.
Bug 5354 Work Orders: Time clock created duplicate time entry with 0 hour Time Clock incorrectly created a zero hour entry in work order labor, time card and in time card review due to a fix to another issue. The result would be two entries - one with a zero hour and the other with the actual time logged, causing confusion and incorrect reporting. This has been addressed and only one entry will be created with the appropriate logged hours associated with it.
Bug 5356 Service Printing: DM crashes when sending email with no To address The system will no longer stop responding if attempting to email a customer record with no email address on file. Additionally, corrected a typo within the error message that would appear when attempting to send an email without a subject.
Task 5361 Service Printing - Last Billed option for multiple billings on a single date doesn't print correctly Added a new option in Service Printing to allow a user to use "Last Invoice" when printing, to choose the most recent retail invoice for the work order being printed. Previously, the Last Billed option would be used, however if there were multiple billing actions in the same day, it would not correctly print financial information appropriately. To print the most recent invoice, users should now use the Last Invoice option if they are unaware of a specific invoice number to print.
Bug 5393 Work Orders: Billed charges tax rate are showing wrong decimal under the charges summary Corrected the tax rate that displays when reviewing a work order's charges summary tab, under the sales tax button. When selecting a billing date in the lower right corner of the tax detail window, the tax percentage rate will display correctly.
Bug 5400 WO - Retrieve is taking a long time for Closed Work Orders. Result of the changes to bug 9803 changed 02/02/16 Modified the routine that retrieves work orders in an attempt to speed up the process for opening a large closed work order. The system was spending unnecessary time looping through charges searching for unbilled activity prior to displaying the work order, even though it was closed and this was an unnecessary step.
Bug 5406 Service Monitor: Multiple issues in service monitor Corrected several issues within the Service Monitor Selection Criteria form that would cause subsequent searches to fail when changing search criteria.
Bug 5431 Service Schedule: DM crashes when clicking on the blank opcode detail line item Corrected an issue that would cause DockMaster to crash when the user would click on a blank opcode detail line item in the service scheduler.
Bug 5436 Templates: DM crashes when using “created from” function with the old template which has no WEH and WOH Corrected an instance where the system would crash when creating an estimate from a template that does not have a WEH or WOH record.
Bug 5456 Time Cards: When opcode field is protected, DM not responding after close the login prompt Corrected the cursor focus when an opcode field is password protected in Time Cards, to allow the user to continue using the rest of the form without force-closing DockMaster.
Bug 5469 WO - Service Printing using Work to Print = Date and a newer DM.SERVICE# layout causes vnav Corrected an issue when printing work orders with newer layouts and when setting Work To Print = Date, using the billing date. Older layouts printed, but newer service layouts did not and would cause a runtime error.
Bug 5480 Work Orders: Other Charges are calculated wrong when using bill as of date Corrected the calculation of Other and Environmental charges when billing as of date with flat rated operations.
Bug 5485 WO - Opcode Expanded Description is trimming space and causing words to merge together When using Extended Descriptions on Opcodes, modified the system to account for the 79 characters and store the data correctly to prevent merging two words together.
Bug 5579 Work Orders: New opcodes created through WO transfer is treated as billed opcode After billing a work order, when a new part is added and then transferred to a different work order, DockMaster was incorrectly treating this new part as if it had been billed. Going forward, the transfer will correctly remove any billing related data to allow the newly transferred operation to be correctly managed on the new work order.

System Administration

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5172 Location Maintenance: cannot rename a location The rename function in Location Maintenance has been rewritten and will now work.
Bug 5246 Customer boat custom prompt cross reference disappeared after rebuilding the cross reference Corrected an issue where rebuilding a cross reference of the boat file would remove any cross references that had been added in custom prompts on a customer boat.
Bug 5305 Mail Merge - Does Not Work Corrected an issue where merging to an HTML template did not work. This is part of a larger update that will allow Mail Merge to work with newer versions of Microsoft Word.
Bug 5366 Locations: Blocks the ability to create two locations with the same name The system will no longer allow users to create two locations with the same name, as this causes issues in other areas of the application. If a location is to no longer be used, the name of that location can be changed, and an alternate location renamed as needed.
Bug 5390 Purges: Purging work order estimate shows an error message When using the purge estimate routine and using the copy to archive option, the system will no longer display an error message.
Bug 5443 Inventory: Save prompt displays when closing the form with no changes The Inventory Parameters screen will no longer prompt the user to save changes when no changes have been made.