Release Notes for version 8.4.6.x

Important Updates: This section of items is intended to feature some of the key updates to the DockMaster Application

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Module Issue/Addition Correction/Change
Hosted Systems Locking Issues We have modified the system in a way that we hope will address and correct a number of our hosted customers' locking issues.
All Date Formatting The system will now use the date format on the users' Windows configuration, rather than enforcing a MM/DD/YYYY format for all forms.
Inventory Management Order Entry Quick Entry Option Added a new option in the Order Entry form called "Enable Quick Entry". This option will disable the function key (F6, F10, etc) lookups when adding items to the grid and will force the cursor to jump between item numbers and quantities, in an attempt to allow speedier data entry. This option will be saved for any user that enables it, so that the next time they log into DockMaster, it is enabled.

Accounts Payable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5105 Check Voiding: After check voiding an API record is not created Corrected an issue that occurred when voiding a check where an API record for a voided debit memo and one for a new debit memo were being created with the Check Void Date for the accounting date, rather than the dates on the original debit memo.
Bug 5137 Check Processing: A manual check entry can be created for inactive vendor If a vendor is set to inactive, users will not be permitted to create and post manual checks for that vendor.
Bug 5142 Check Reprinting: cannot reprint a check with posted JT The system will allow the reprinting of a check, even if the Journal Transaction for that check has been posted, but the check must print using the same information that it was issued with.
Bug 5202 Manual Check Entry: Blank API record created after change the vendor on a unposted check When changing the vendor on an unposted check, the system will no longer create an API record. This was causing inaccurate reporting for an out of balance between the AP and GL modules.
Bug 5213 Check Processing is slow when posting checks Made a change to how manual check processing would populate invoices from an F6 list to speed up the process

Accounts Receivable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change


Cash Receipts/Worldpay: Authorization code is blank when use Worldpay debit card Corrected an issue with Worldpay where an authorization code was not displaying when reversing a cash receipt through a debit card. The system will now display the values as provided by Worldpay.
Bug 4790 Statement Logo missing in emailing AR statements when the number of customers is greater than 50 Corrected an issue that would happen when printing AR Statements in quantities greater than 50, whereby the logo would stop printing. The export process will export the streamed copy before saving to avoid conflicts with exporting the local copy of the statement.
Bug 5116 Cash Receipts: Cash receipt with reference number containing a backslash cannot be printed If a reference number entered in cash receipts contains a backslash character, it will be converted into an underscore.
Bug 5126 Cash Receipts: Cash receipts not working for Ingenico iCMP device Corrected an issue with the ICMP device when used with Preferred Payments where it was prompting for a signature during Cash Receipt processing.
Bug 5144 Cash Receipts: Credit card info fields are still active when system parameters have credit card processor set to none Disabled the credit card fields that display in cash receipts when the system is not using any credit card integration options.
Bug 5168 Cash Receipts/Worldpay, Message "Amount too small" displays when reversing cash receipt without First Mile Corrected an issue with standalone credits when using Worldpay without First Mile gateway services enabled.
Bug 5175 Cash Receipts: Only first deposit is refunded when reversing a cash receipt to a reference with multiple deposits When refunding a cash receipt with multiple deposits, all deposits will be correctly refunded. Previously, only the first deposit was being refunded.
Bug 5176 Customer Balance Inquiry: Pressing 'F9 invoice detail' displays all customer invoices when the customer in question has no invoices on file When in AR Inquiries reviewing a customer balance, pressing F9 will no longer display invoices for other customers when a customer actually has no invoices on file.
Bug 5312 Worldpay ACR Batch Ignoring last charge When processing an ACR batch, there were situations that caused the final charge listed in the batch to be ignored for Worldpay customers. This has been corrected and all charges will be appropriately processed.

File Maintenance

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 4661 Billing Codes: Wong message "installment percentages must be equal 100" shows when saving form Corrected an issue where DockMaster would incorrectly identify that installments were not adding up to 100 when saving annual or seasonal billing codes, when they actually did add up to 100.
Task 4976 Customers: Add a field to track Preferred Paytype to customer form An informational Preferred Paytype box has been added to the Customers record in File Maintenance, under the Order Entry tab. This will allow a preferred paytype to be displayed in Order Entry for customer orders.
Bug 5135 Customer Boats: Selection Criteria window popping up in Service Monitor when access through Customer Boat When opening the Service Monitor view from Customer Boats, the system will not default to showing the Selection Criteria window as expanded.
Bug 5123 Customers: Email address is not saved as primary when there is only 1 email and primary checkbox is unchecked When a customer has only one email address on file, it will be flagged as the primary email address.
Bug 5311 Vendors: Allow Duplicate GL Account Numbers Duplicate GL accounts will again be allowed on Vendor records in File Maintenance.

General Ledger

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5132 Reports, Trial Balance: Cannot run for an inactive account The Trial Balance report can now be run for inactive GL Accounts.
Bug 5158 Post Cash to G/L: Sorting by amount does not work When clicking Post Cash to G/L, the Amount column header will now correctly sort the data.
Bug 5330 GL Inquiry doesn't always show GL account details Corrected an issue that occurred when the GL Inquiry screen would not show GL Account Detail at all times.

Inventory Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 4978 Order Entry: Add Preferred paytype display to OE screen Added a display in Order Entry to show a customer's preferred pay type as entered in the Customer File on the POS/Order Entry tab.
Task 5000 Order Entry: Add item attributes to the Column Chooser in the grid Added the ability for users to display different price line values to the grid in Order Entry by using the column chooser function of the grid. When this display is changed, it will be saved for the user for future use of the Order Entry form.
Task 5003 Add the ability to print labels during receiving Enabled the option to select the number of labels to be printed during receiving, allowing users again to print barcode labels.
Bug 5058 Inventory Receiving: Unable to easily add a new part during receiving When receiving a part that does not currently exist through Inventory Receiving, DockMaster will correctly allow that part to be added to inventory without error.
Bug 5102 Inventory Receiving: Receiving a special order is not looking at a work order's override customer price column When receiving a special order, the system will correctly look at the Work Order Override customer price column to use the appropriate pricing on the part.
Bug 5129 PO Entry: User is able to delete a line item after PO has been partially received Once a purchase order has been partially received, lines can no longer be deleted from the PO.
Bug 5161 New Department Grid showing blank values With the new inventory parts grid, if a data account has a gap in locations due to locations being previously deleted, the system will no longer show empty grid entries representing those deleted location values.
Bug 5174 Printing Inventory Shelf Labels: Scanning part number fails when part's barcode number is different than the part number Corrected an issue that occurred when scanning a part that has a barcode number different than the part number, and DockMaster would not correctly recognize the part.
Bug 5182 PO Entry: Quantity in back order is reporting as order entry quantity Corrected an issue where a PO would report item quantities on backorder as having the quantity that exists on an order in Order Entry, rather than the actual back ordered quantity.
Bug 5190 Inventory Parts: Main location department not auto filled from parameters when creating new part With the new department grid in Inventory, the system will correctly pull the default location from Inventory Parameters for location one.
Bug 5197 Fuel Part history: The quantity purchased in Fuel part history shows 1000 times of the sold amount Corrected a display issue where fuel history was being reported at 1000 times the actual value.
Bug 5358 Order Entry: Item grid responding slowly when entering parts in quickly Added a new option in the Order Entry form called "Enable Quick Entry". This option will disable the function key (F6, F10, etc) lookups when adding items to the grid and will force the cursor to jump between item numbers and quantities, in an attempt to allow speedier data entry. This option will be saved for any user that enables it, so that the next time they log into DockMaster, it is enabled.

Marina Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 4900 Visual Marina: Allow slip booking when using the available slips view When viewing the Visual Marina map using the available slips view, users will now be able to book a slip without having to change views.
Task 5005 Storage Invoice Maintenance: Allow a $ 0 invoice to be created

Added the ability to create a 0 value storage invoice. To allow printing appropriate credits, the system will generate a 0 value AT record.

In upcoming versions of DockMaster, we will be expanding this logic to other modules as well.

Bug 5128 Reservation Entry: Stored card on file cannot used in reservation deposit When using a stored card for a reservation deposit, the system will no longer identify that the pay type cannot be found.
Bug 5162 Reservations, Process Daily Charges: Clicking yes on message from change effective date clears the date When processing daily charges in Reservation Charges, changing the effective date to anything other than the current date will no longer clear the date, but will retain the entered date.
Bug 5169 Reservation Entry: Call the stored card for a customer with none, ACH shows in the stored profile listing When no stored card exists on a customer, and a new deposit is being created for a reservation, the system will no longer incorrectly display ACH as an option in the F7 listing for paytypes.
Bug 5173 Print Meter Bills: System crash when print for ALL in print meter bills Corrected an issue where the system would crash if attempting to print meter bills for all.
Bug 5177 Visual Marina: UI scaling impacts items available on map Visual Marina will again display the zoom and legend items when being viewed with different scaling settings in Windows.
Bug 5192 Launch Calendar: "Reminder: none" displayed in the hover window Removed the text "reminder: none" from the appointment flyout in the Launch Management Calendar
Bug 5196 Reservation Entry: Charges generated in a closed accounting period when check out Charges will no longer post to a closed accounting period upon checkout of a reservation. The system will identify the oldest open date and will post to that date, notifying the user.


Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5044 UI issues with 175% scaling configuration Corrected an issue with the new DockMaster UI scaling where some forms did not display a scroll bar when a user's settings were set to a 175% scale value.
Bug 5069 Worldpay:  The sales amount from previous transaction displays Corrected an issue where WorldPay customers would see the previous sale's amount displaying on the credit card terminal screen.
Bug 5070 Worldpay, Debit Customer Account: Using stored card in debit customer needs swipe Cannot Reproduce
Bug 5134 The buttons "More data" and "Retrieve All Data" visible when they are not functional The More Data and Retrieve All Data buttons on listings will no longer cause a system crash.
Bug 5143 System Email client - Clicking send with no From address causes crash. When using the DockMaster email forms instead of Microsoft Outlook, DockMaster would crash if there was no from email address provided in any email form. This has been corrected.
Task 5179 Modify date formatting to use system date DockMaster will now read date formatting from a user's workstation, allowing the use of various different date formats such as YYYY/MM/DD or DD/MM/YYYY.
Bug 5216 Error report tool is displaying an error when sending. Corrected an issue with error reporting where a customer might see two different error messages appearing and emailing when the system crashed.
Bug 5220 Cleanup User Group maintenance Form Security groupings. The Message Center has been moved into System Administration, to be more in line with intended functionality. Other categorization improvements have been made to the grouping of items in User Group Maintenance.

Point of Sale

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5068 C+0 customer is logging ItemCost incorrectly When item cost is updated on a POS ticket, the WAV cost will be correctly stored in the database
Bug 5086 Delivering an SO uses incorrect price not SO Price Corrected an issue when finalizing a special order in Point of Sale. The price line used through Service to create the order was not correctly carrying over to the ticket in POS, forcing the user to manually update the ticket pricing.
Bug 5146 Register number can be saved as zero When defining a register number in point of sale, the system will properly validate that number and disallow users from setting an invalid value.
Bug 5147 Add Statement Description window not popping up when it is enabled When enabled in POS parameters, the Add Statement Description prompt will correctly display when users are creating refunds to a house account in point of sale.
Bug 5155 UI Scaling skews buttons if scaling is set to a non-100 based number Corrected a UI scaling issue for point of sale that was causing buttons and display options to be skewed if a user was using any scaling other than 100%, 200% or 300% on their screen. TPOS will now correctly show when using other scaling options.
Bug 5156 Special order printing only has one detail page and no invoice showing deposit amount Point of Sale will correctly print a special order deposit receipt when a customer is not paying with a credit card.
Bug 5178 Related info in ATTR 101, 124 & 125 not cleared in IM file when part removed from POS ticket When deleting a part from a previously suspended ticket, the system will appropriately clear that part's allocation to the ticket.
Bug 5184 Discount displays wrong when using part department discount When using department discounts, the system will reflect the appropriate discount amount in point of sale.
Bug 5189 End of day: User can batch out in a closed accounting period The system will not allow batching out during end of day when the accounting period has been closed.

Sales Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5111 Printing Stock Cards: Stock card not printing using PDF layout and BSI list Fixed an issue with PDF merging when using a list for printing stock cards.
Bug 5138 Contract Maintenance: Comment text automatically highlighted when open comments tab When opening the comments tab of a contract, the text of the comments will not default as being selected, to minimize users from accidentally typing over previous comments.
Bug 5150 Contract Maintenance: F&I commissions are displaying on the Dealer Profit form with the wrong decimal position Corrected the decimal position in the Dealer Profit Tab of a contract to correctly reflect the F&I commission amounts.
Bug 5151 Draft Entry: Clicking APPLY button for new draft entry fails When creating a contract with financing, the draft entry can now be correctly saved and will display in the grid as expected.
Bug 5152 Draft Entry: Message blocks user from entering draft Corrected an issue where the system was incorrectly prompting for an ROA paytype when accepting draft payments for boat sales. ROA paytypes cannot be defined, so the system should not have been prompting users to enter them.
Bug 5159 Contract Maintenance: Total charges cross reference listing not formatted with comma and decimal right When using the cross reference search option to look up a contract, the total charges column will correctly format the charges with appropriate placement of commas and decimal points.
Bug 5201 Contract Maintenance: View Deposits does not provide consistent dollar amounts In Contract Maintenance, when viewing deposits, if the amount is a whole number, it will be formatted as a currency value with appropriate decimals and 0's.
Bug 5204 Prospects: System crash when closing the prospect form Corrected a system crash that would occur when closing the prospect form after adding a trade in boat.

Service Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 5023 Reports: Update DM.WO.LABOR.REPORT Updated the DM.WO.LABOR.Report to default to having the values of Labor Date >= First and Labor Date <= Last on the Specific Values tab.
Bug 5092 Work Orders: Changing location under billing tab causes issues with G/L distribution Corrected a G/L Distribution issue that would occur when changing the location of a work order while processing billing. Going forward, the G/L charges should correctly balance in this scenario.
Bug 5093 Creating WO from Estimate does not save WTH Id When creating a work order from an estimate, the estimate ID will correctly store in the Work Order Header record.
Bug 5097 Scheduler: Crash report after rebuilding schedule Updated DockMaster scheduler application to address some .NET errors when using the program.
Bug 5100 Work Orders: Tax is wrong when using program floridasalestaxroutine in tax schema When using the Florida Sales Tax Routine in a tax schema, the system will correctly calculate the tax amounts for individual taxable charges on a work order correctly.
Bug 5101 Work Orders:  Internal work order's tax added to debit account When calculating tax on an internal work order, the system will no longer apply the total tax to the last internal GL account. Instead, the system will divide the tax amount based on the weight of the billable opcode as it relates to the total amount billed, and will divide the tax amount based on that weight.
Bug 5103 Work Orders, Parts tab: Price level 2 of the parts displayed in the F6 listing when there is no settings for using price level 2 When doing an F6 list on the parts tab in an opcode, the system will use the Price level 1 in the event there are no price overrides defined in Service Parameters
Bug 5136 Service Monitor: Service Monitor Status defaults to 'Open' The Service Monitor selection criteria will again default to ALL as the work order status instead of open.
Bug 5154 Scheduler: Error Report Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Corrected an issue with the DockMaster scheduler that was causing error reports to occur.
Task 5171 Suspended Time: Change Suspended time to post from LIFO to FIFO When posting time to an operation from the Suspended Time module, the system will save that time in first in, first out order, rather than last in, first out order.
Bug 5193 Work Orders: Billing warranty WO generates 2 invoices when BillToCustomer and WarrantyCustomer are the same Corrected an issue where 2 invoices were incorrectly generated, one for tax and another for the full amount, when the bill to customer and the warranty customer were the same customer number.
Bug 5194 Work Orders: AR out of balance when using bill as of date and discount at same time Corrected logic when using a discount and the bill as of date. If service parameters were not set to use labor detail discounts and parts detail discounts, the wrong accounting was being applied for any discounts given to parts or labor if the user was using the Bill As Of Date. Going forward, if those parameters are unchecked, the system will use the total on the billing screen for parts and labor discounts.
Bug 5208 Work Orders, Billing tab: Customer Amount changes to zero when using bill as of date Corrected an issue where the system would show the customer amount as 0 when using the bill as of date after entering the date.
Bug 5211 Work Orders: Rounding issue when create time entry Corrected a rounding issue when logging time in decimal.
Bug 5226 Work Orders: Cost extension in profit shows 4 hours instead of 3 logged. Corrected an issue with the calculation of total operation cost that was causing an incorrect profit percentage on vacation/holiday time as well as reporting an inflated count of hours logged.

System Administration

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5157 UI Scaling causes issues when viewing UserGroup Maintenance Corrected an issue where User Group Maintenance was not displaying correctly when the computer was set to 125% scaling in Windows.
Bug 5191 Forms Printing: Forms printing drops logo part way through printing Corrected an issue with forms printing where the logo would be dropped halfway through the print job, regardless of the number of documents/pages being printed. The issue was caused with a mismatch in page measurements causing the improper drawing of images on the page.