Release Notes for version 8.4.4.x

Important Updates: This section of items is intended to feature some of the key updates to the DockMaster Application

For information regarding hotfix patch releases, click here.

Module Issue/Addition Correction/Change
All UI Refactor

The UI of DockMaster and TPOS has been refactored to allow customers to display both programs on higher resolution monitors, allowing them to use tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro.

This requires ALL customers to update all workstations to Microsoft .NET 4.7.1

TPOS Hotfix Capability The code for Point of Sale is now patchable, allowing DockMaster to release more timely fixes to any client side programming as needed due to issue criticality.
Preferred Payments Converge System Upgrade To allow for the future use of Bluetooth devices and to address some supportability issues for certain Ingenico devices, the Converge application for customers using Preferred Payments must be upgraded to the new version. Email for the latest version.
Inventory Maintenance New Departments Grid We've added a grid to allow any item's departments to be maintained for each location defined in DockMaster, eliminating the need to add it to each part for each location manually.
TPOS Emailing Receipt Format The emailed receipt format has been corrected when sending directly from point of sale, to mirror the format that is sent from other areas of the DockMaster program. Custom Layouts will need to be adjusted by the DockMaster support team.

Accounts Payable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 4862 Vendor invoice file API attribute 25 has decimal Removed an unnecessary decimal display in the AP vendor invoice file.
Bug 3914/34501 Maintain Invoices: Transaction inquiry not working For invoices paid in full, users will be able to open transaction inquiry properly.
Bug 4032/32264 Transaction Inquiry: Description field always shows as empty When inquiring an AP transaction, the description field will now populate.
Bug 4058/30891 Unposted Invoice Edit List has wrong page number and missing word The Edit List in AP will now correctly display the Grand Total and page numbers. Note: if selecting the option to Include Summary Distribution, two reports will print.
Bug 4796 Check Reprinting: Posted check number is able to be reassigned check number If the JT associated with a check has been posted, the check number cannot be used again.

Accounts Receivable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 4836 Ledger Card: Don’t allow printing for ALL customers. Ledger cards can no longer be printed for all customers in the system, in order to prevent possible performance issues and workstation locking that can occur when printing a large set of information. Going forward, a list must be specified for printing large batches of customer ledger cards.
Bug 4624 Cash Receipts: Authorization code is blank when using Worldpay debit card Corrected an issue with Worldpay where an authorization code was not displaying when reversing a cash receipt through a debit card. The system will now display the values as provided by Worldpay.
Bug 4659 Cash Receipt issues when transferring a storage proposal to invoice Corrected some display issues when applying a cash receipt to a storage proposal.The system was not providing correct wording on the invoice creation message, nor was it correctly displaying the document number after it had been created.
Bug 5037 Cash Receipts: Missing discount GL account on CR Cash Receipt GL Accounts will no longer have a blank value for the discount account if pulling up an existing, unposted cash receipt and saving again.
Bug 5006 Print AR Statement: printing prior months statements includes future invoices When printing statements for all customers, the system will only print invoices within the specified date range.Previously, the system would be including future invoices as well.
Bug 4877 Print AR Statement: Email PDF not calling Outlook when clerk is set up to use Outlook PDFs sent in batch mode will continue to use the DockMaster internal email form, however when emailing an individual statement, if the clerk is set to use Outlook, the system will open MS Outlook for sending the PDF.
Bug 4889 Print AR Statement: When Print Extended Detail is checked, AR statement does not show payment Corrected an issue with printing AR Statements with extended detail where the last payment and balance were not correctly displayed.
Bug 4914 Cash Receipts: Select all does not work when applying AP invoices Corrected an issue that occurred when selecting all AP transactions in Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts, where not all invoices were being correctly pulled into the grid.
Bug 4805 Cash Receipts: Cash receipt cannot be posted when the customer is 99999 Corrected an issue that prevented a cash receipt being processed against customer 99999. The system will require that a cash receipt code be provided.
Bug 4951 Print AR Statement: Printing for all customer shows closed statements when "print Extended detail" is checked Addressed an issue when print extended detail was checked, all invoices were printed, including those that had been previously paid in full.
Bug 4965 Applying Credit Memos: User stuck in the form if applying a future credit memo Corrected an issue where an error message would prevent a customer from exiting miscellaneous charges in accounts receivable.If a future dated credit memo was changed to have an effective date of today, the form was not correctly allowing the user to clear out of the form after displaying an error message.Going forward, users will not be stuck with the error message on the screen, and will be able to proceed with next steps.
Bug 4917 DM.AR.PAST.DUE report shows future installment as past due Created a new dictionary item to address an issue with the DM.AR.PAST.DUE report that was incorrectly showing a future installment as being past due.

File Maintenance

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 4618 Customers, POS/Order Entry: Alternate address requires Company Name, but doesn't notify user when adding When saving an alternate address in POS/Order Entry tab of Customer Maintenance, the company name is required. The system will not allow an address to be entered without a company name present.
Bug 4629 Customers: Part description is empty in parts sold history When viewing the parts sold history for a customer, the descriptions for non-inventory parts, cost codes, bill codes and fuel parts will now display.
Bug 3818/36009 Customer Boats:  Work order inquiry, storage proposal, and serialized inquiry links are active before a boat is saved Boat maintenance forms will now only show the links at the bottom of the form after the record has been saved.
Bug 3819/36010 Customer Boats: Message "Slip ID 'xxx' is defined for location - 2" displays when clicking the storage proposal link Corrected an issue when viewing a storage proposal where an error regarding location might display based on slip assignment. The boat location will now be set upon current slip assignment to prevent this error.
Bug 3920/34304 Customers, Payment Options: Terminal still waiting on card swipe after clicking cancel button on the slide card message When storing a card using FreedomPay, if a user clicks Cancel to stop the transaction, it will now be correctly aborted.
Bug 3970/33287 Customers: The system prompts to save the customer record when nothing has been changed Removed an invalid prompt to save changes to a customer record when no actual changes had been made.
Bug 4780 Customers: Storing ACH charges the customer for $1 When storing check information for ACH with Worldpay, the system will no longer charge $1 for the authorization.The First Mile gateway will handle the charge and void of the $1 transaction.

General Ledger

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 4838 Duplicate Chart of Accounts: Using F6 in Existing Cost Center doesn't work consistently Corrected an issue when duplicating a Chart of Accounts where the F6 list was not displaying anything when the Existing and New Company fields were filled in
Bug 4566 GL Inquiry: System crash when GLA is missing When there is corruption in the GLA detail, the system will now display a friendlier message to contact DM support for help rather than causing a system crash.
Bug 4072/24196 GL Inquiry: Account Detail grid, when spanning years, the display order is off In GL Inquiry, the account detail grid is now set to default sort in ascending order.
Bug 5049 General Ledger: Prevent modification of periods if transactions are posted for that year Users will no longer be able to change the dates for a period if there have been any GL transactions posted for the year that those periods fall in.This has been intentionally blocked to minimize data corruption.If there is a need to modify these dates, please contact DockMaster support for assistance.
Bug 5008 Year End Close and Post Journal Transactions run at the same time corrupt GLS To correct an out of balance accounting issue, users are now locked from posting transactions when end of year closing is running. Also updated routines to wait when encountering a lock rather than to skip and move to the next in an effort to avoid a missed transaction being correctly logged.
Bug 4884 Bank Reconciliation: Statement List Grid has D3 date Corrected the F7 list format in Bank Reconciliation to display the date correctly.

Inventory Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 4950 Inventory Maintenance: Departments Grid Added a departments grid to allow users to maintain the department assignments for each location.When saving the part, if any location has a blank department, the user will be warned, but allowed to continue.
Bug 4846 Inquiries, Part history: YTD sold, On Hand, and On Order numbers in location 2 not match the ones in location 1 The system will correctly set the location when in inquiry mode to display location specific numbers for part history, YTD sold, on hand and on order.
Bug 4861 Inventory Receiving: Type in vendor part without using \ leaves vendor part in part # field. In Inventory Receiving, users will again have the ability to search for a part in the grid without using a backslash character.In the current DockMaster version, the system was assuming that the entry was an actual part number, bypassing a search for the part.
Bug 4874 Physical Inventory, Move Physical to on hand: The current location text is cut off on the top right Corrected a display issue when moving physical to on hand inventory.The location dropdown in the upper right corner will now correctly display.
Bug 4535 Inventory Parts: Quantity on hand shows -0 after 1.5 quantity on hand are sold Quantity on Hand will no longer report a 0 as a -0.
Bug 4582 Order Entry: Adding a new part doesn't add tax schema and department If a part is added to DockMaster when entering a new order in order entry, the department and tax schema will now be correctly pulled into the order.
Bug 4583 Order Entry: Order level department displays unknown department after order is saved The Order-level Department box in Order Entry will no longer display the text "unknown" when a department is not selected.
Bug 4584 Order Entry: No warning when discounting retail price below cost Order Entry will now warn users when the retail price falls below cost due to a discount.This already happens with Point of Sale and Service.
Bug 4610 Inventory Receiving: When changing quantity on receivers, cost isn't always updated Corrected an invalid calculation when a user would over-receive an item, but when warned about the over receiving, would revert back to original quantity. The cost was not recalculating to use the correct quantity for the extension.
Bug 4620 Vendor Load Code Maintenance, Part Information tab: Part information grid not saved properly Fixed issues with the part information grid not being correctly saved in vendor load code maintenance.
Bug 4653 PO Entry: Order Qty shows wrong number when pull back order and special order in Order quantity will be calculated leveraging buy ratios correctly now for both Special Orders and Back Orders.Previously, only Special Orders were taking into account buy ratios, when buy ratios were greater than 1
Bug 4654 PO Entry: Parts in PO entry are case sensitive PO Entry will no longer be case sensitive for part numbers, and will always be upper case.
Bug 4687 Printing Barcode Labels: Zero QOH part labels can be printed by quantity on hand When the quantity on hand is 0, the system will no longer print barcode labels when printing by quantity on hand.
Bug 3806/36083 Inventory Receiving: "None" PO can be force closed The system will no longer allow a force close of a "NONE" PO in Inventory Receiving.
Bug 3820/36012 Inventory Receiving: Pressing Tab loops the focus in the line item When navigating through the grid during receiving, if an item has a 0 quantity, the system will allow keyboard navigation to continue through the fields to create a new line item.
Bug 3860/35364 Inventory Receiving: Confirmation message does not display when receiving a PO that contains items on Special Orders When in Inventory Receiving for a PO with a special order, if a new receiver number is entered after processing the first, users will be correctly prompted with a confirmation message that special order parts have been received.
Bug 3910/34733 PO Entry:  User is able to press "F6 add part" on an existing part in the grid Corrected an issue with the F6 option appearing when right clicking on a part that had already been added to a purchase order.Going forward, the F6 lookup will only be available on a blank line.Current lines will have the ability to delete, assign to a work order, view history and access inventory maintenance as permitted.
Bug 3916/34522 Inventory Receiving: Quantity control error message pops up when the sum of multiple inventory receiving quantity < PO Qty When processing multiple receivers against a single purchase order, the system will correctly validate the quantities being entered for each part on the receiver.
Bug 3929/34037 Inventory Parts, Miscellaneous Information: Image URL field is not working As Designed. The parts Image URL is intended to be listed as a normalized file path, pointing to a specific file on a local workstation or networked server location.
Bug 3944/33999 Order Entry: Taking a cash receipt payment, the amount field cannot be changed to a value less than the invoice amount When taking a cash receipt payment, if the amount at some point was changed to 0 and then to a number equal to or less than the invoice amount, the system was incorrectly displaying an error. This will no longer happen.
Bug 3954/33934 Maintenance Options, Initial Quantity Load: The F6 on Part List showing individual part numbers In the Initial Quantity Load, after selecting Part List (F7), all F6 list options will display the parts list, not a single part.
Bug 3969/33471 Inventory Transfers: Clicking save button again reactivates the transfer, which can be received again Corrected an issue that would cause invalid receiving when transferring parts between locations.If the user had receiving and transfers opened, there were cases where re-saving the transfer after it had been received would cause the receiving quantity to be incorrect.
Bug 3978/33231 Recommended Purchases Report: Redundant record displayed in the report Parts without vendors will no longer appear in the recommended purchases report process.
Bug 3994/32910 PO Entry: The system allows a user to incorrectly save when switching to other forms Removed an unnecessary prompt that would ask the user to save a PO when switching between multiple forms.
Bug 4024/32420 Order Entry: Alt address button not active when recalling the order Corrected an issue where a user was not able to select an alternate address in order entry when recalling an order.
Bug 5026 Vendor Load Code Maintenance, Part Information: Cost break quantity, amount, percent, and shipping height not saved Corrected an issue where the cost break quantity, amount, percent and shipping height could not be saved for a part.
Bug 4991 Inventory Receiving: Creating duplicate OE items with incorrect IDs Corrected an issue where inventory records were incorrectly pointing to old SOR ID's, which should no longer be available in an 8.x data account, resulting in duplicate items with invalid IDs.
Bug 4995 Part Number ID fields allow spaces to be entered Spaces will no longer be allowed in part ids.
Bug 4998 Order Entry: Part cost is not using WAV cost when cost + pricing set to vendor cost in Inventory Parameters When using Cost+Pricing in the Inventory parameter settings, the system was incorrectly using the vendor cost in Order Entry.Going forward, the system will only use WAV cost.
Bug 4926 Inventory Receiving: Receiver cost can be negative When receiving parts, costs can no longer be negative amounts.
Bug 4939 Inventory report with Units/Cost field is actually Bug Ratio Corrected the labeling of the buy ratio dictionary item for the Inventory Master report, to correctly display.It was previously listing as Units/Cost.
Bug 4783 POS Ticket Inquiry: Open POS ticket complete date shows "12-31-1967" When recalling a suspended ticket, DockMaster will no longer attempt to fill in the Ticket Complete date.This was resulting in a date of 12/31/1967 being erroneously included.
Bug 4784 POS Ticket Inquiry: Generating PDF email uses "ship to" customer's email address When generating a PDF email from POS Ticket Inquiry, the system will use the bill to email address by default, like POS does.
Bug 4786 PO Entry: Part cost not changed to superseded part after part is replaced by superseded part The cost of a part will now be correctly maintained when a part on a purchase order is subsequently superseded with a part that has a different cost than the original.
Bug 4793 Inventory Transfers: Part can be transferred and returned at same time when both Inventory transfer and receive inventory transfer forms are open Corrected a situation where a user could delete a part transfer after the part is received by the receiving location.
Bug 4955 Fuel Parts: The quantity sold in Fuel part history shows 1/1000 of the sold amount Corrected an issue with the display of quantity sold in fuel part history.
Bug 5065 Vendor Information: Break cost is not changed to 0.00 after vendor cost is changed to 0.00 The Quantity/Cost break will now correctly be updated when a vendor's cost is changed to zero after a PO is created.
Bug 3971/33288 Reports: DM.OE.LOST.SALES report not working Corrected the DM.OE.LOST.SALES report to leverage the correct files.

Marina Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 4831 Storage Invoice Maintenance: Date auto-fix is not displaying the correct date In Storage Invoice Maintenance, the date will be auto-formatted correctly when entered as a string of numbers.
Bug 4833 Wait List Maintenance: Boat created from wait list shows wrong billing codes Corrected a problem where bill codes were being displayed twice incorrectly in the Wait List.
Bug 4834 Wait List Maintenance: Bill code is customer's category code by default The wait list will now display the correct description of the bill codes from storage and billing parameters.
Bug 4835 Wait List Maintenance: Invalid entry numbers can be entered then the entry number field is disabled Corrected an issue whereby an invalid entry number could be entered into the wait list.
Bug 4842 Storage Invoice Maintenance: User cannot close a deferred schedule which is in a closed accounting period When a storage invoice has already been posted, the system will no longer validate the accounting period date, allowing users to close a deferred schedule correctly.
Bug 4844 Reservation Entry: A reservation cannot be maintained or viewed if arrival was in a now closed period Corrected an issue with maintaining reservations.Users were getting an error message indicating that the arrival date is within a closed accounting period, preventing users from maintaining the form.This issue has been addressed by no longer validating the arrival date if the reservation is checked in already.
Bug 4530 Print Storage Proposals: PDF Layouts with questions fail to print. Modified forms to better handle PDF layouts that contain questions.
Bug 4617 Storage Invoice Maintenance: Attribute 24 (department) not written when creating a storage invoice Corrected an issue where the department was not correctly logged in the database when creating a storage invoice that included a bill code with a department associated with it.
Bug 4646 Storage Invoice Maintenance: "Billing Date is in a closed Accounting period" message shows when close schedule month which is in a closed account period In storage invoice maintenance, if an invoice is already posted, the system will no longer verify the billing date when modifying schedules.
Bug 4699 Billing Functions, Reservation Charges and Storage Proposals: All locations involved when clerk set to no override Correctly disabled the ability to change location when processing storage bills for a clerk that does not have override capabilities.
Bug 4741 Boat Placement/VisualMarina: Boat weight is not compared with slip weight limit when boat is longer than slip The system will now prompt for all issues identified to fit a boat into a slip when using boat placement or VisualMarina.Previously, it would only warn of the first issue and then skip additional problems (weight/length, etc.)
Bug 3824/35828 Reservation Entry: Customer credit limit is 0 when created from reservations by check-in Corrected an issue that was setting a customer credit limit to $0 when the customer record was added through Reservations.The system will now leverage the credit limit defined in Parameters for customers created through this method.
Bug 3848/35574 Storage Proposal Maintenance: Billing code rate not using the override rate Storage Proposals will now correctly use the override rate on a boat when provided.
Bug 4030/32402 Launch Calendar: Appointment does not show in the cells which are not current months When booking a launch in a future month through the Launch Calendar, the system will correctly associate it with the date selected on the calendar.
Bug 4069/26829 Visual Marina: Right Click should bring up reservation, not a blank form. When right clicking on a slip in VisualMarina, the system will open a reservation list for that slip to allow users to access a specific reservation.If a reservation is not selected, the grid will open a blank reservation form.
Bug 4933 Security Deposit Maintenance: New security deposit cannot be saved Resolved an issue whereby security deposits could not be saved.
Bug 4947 Security Deposit Maintenance: JT not created when multiple deposits are forfeited Corrected an issue where journal transactions were not correctly logged when multiple deposits for a customer were forfeited.
Bug 4791 Reservation Entry: Cannot change label for address line 2/3 in Reservation Entry From Address 2 and Address 3 can now be relabeled in the Reservation Entry screen using the Ctrl +F10 option.
Bug 4957 Launch Calendar, Daily Detail: Cannot sort by time The daily detail of the launch calendar can now be sorted by time.


Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 4968 Preferred Payments: Update DockMaster to work with new Converge release For customers using Preferred Payments, there is a required upgrade to the Converge system tray application that must be loaded. To gete the latest Converge version, please email
Task 5011 Monitor Forms: Default search criteria to open when form initially launches When accessing a monitor form, the Selection Criteria page will now default to being shown initially, rather than requiring that the user click the dropdown arrow to start the search.
Task 5012 Monitor Forms: Adjust the grid to anchor to corners of the form Monitor forms will now anchor the returned grid, so that when the DockMaster window is maximized, the grid will resize along with the application.
Task 5013 Monitor Forms: Add find panel to search results Prospect Monitor and Serialized Inventory Query forms will now have a Find filter to allow users to narrow down with returned search results
Task 5018 Change from TeamViewer to GoToAssist The Remote Support link in DockMaster will now correctly direct users to the DockMaster website for support.Going forward, DockMaster will transition away from TeamViewer as a means of remote technical support assistance.
Task 4200 User Interface: Redesign DockMaster Application and Point of Sale to run on high resolution screens The DockMaster and Point of Sale interfaces will now scale to different screen resolutions and Windows display settings.This also allows for users to install DockMaster or POS on other Windows Tablets such as the Surface Pro.
Bug 4843 Payware configuration information not saved for new user When adding a new computer or fresh install of DockMaster to an existing computer that will leverage PAYware for credit card processing, the PAYware configuration information will once again be correctly saved.
Bug 4845 Windows Orientation defaulting to landscape. Corrected an issue where the default printer orientation was set to landscape when it should be in portrait mode.
Bug 4866 Disconnection from Secure Login references MyTaskit Servers Internal: When disconnected from Secure Login, the system was referencing MyTaskit. This has been corrected.
Bug 4881 Email: Generic single target email form have no from field or notification check boxes The From and BCC address fields are available once again when emailing using DockMaster email forms.
Bug 4738 Preferred payments: AVS failing for stored cards Added method for transmitting AVS data and for updating already existing stored tokens when address information was not stored alongside the token when using Preferred Payments credit card processing solutions.
Bug 3846/35562 DockMaster login screen not always appearing on top The DockMaster login screen will be forced to appear above other applications opened on the workstation.
Bug 3862/35430 Trap for release IN.BP INV.REVENUE.RPT Internal
Bug 3908/34640 Worldpay display issue: Stored Visa card shows "Other" for credit card type Stored Visa credit cards for Worldpay customers will no longer display the card type as "other" but will accurately note them as Visa.
Bug 3930/34082 Opening a module with a double click causes system hang Corrected an issue that occurred if a user was double clicking while a form opened; if the mouse cursor was hovering over the edge of the window that opened, the system would appear to hang.
Bug 4085/19325 Message Center: Newly Created Clerks do not have Access to Messages When a clerk's user group is changed, the message records will now be correctly adjusted.
Bug 4948 Email Generator, CC recipient does not receive email Resolved an issue where a carbon copy recipient was not receiving emails.
Bug 4789 Validating Lists in system takes a long time for large lists Modified the logic within the system for parsing through a large list when leveraging lists within DockMaster.
Bug 4803 Report: SP(SubletPO) file's title is LocationCodes The Sublet PO File title in reports will no longer be mislabeled as LocationCodes, but will be changed to Sublet Purchase Orders.
Bug 4804 Report: Duplicated file names in F6 listing Duplicated fields are now filtered out when using an F6 list while managing report selection criteria.
Bug 4952 BR LIST*FORMAT issue Corrected the Bank Reconciliation list format

Point of Sale

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 4776 Point of Sale: Hotfix Capability Point of Sale can now be patched with hotfixes to allow for correction of critical issues without necessitating a full release.
Bug 4573 Reservation and boat sales deposit created with no port number when POS is not installed Corrected an issue where reservation and boat sales deposits were created without a register number causing an issue with batching out. Regardless of having POS installed, DockMaster will now assign the first available port when the clerk logs in to prevent this from happening.
Bug 4621 Register number cannot be changed POS Register numbers can now be changed.
Bug 4748 Stored ACH not working on location 2 when location 1 has an incorrect merchant setup (Worldpay) Corrected some location specific configuration items with the Worldpay utility.
Bug 3227/15541 Email Receipt: The email PDF receipt is not formatted correctly

Corrected all standard layouts and print library to address a formatting issue with print layouts when emailing a receipt from POS.

NOTE: custom layouts will need to be individually fixed.

Bug 3600 Batch inquiry summary shows wrong numbers when there are multiples of the same paytype Corrected the batch summary totals displayed when there is more than one instance of the same paytype in the summary.
Bug 3813/36053 Special orders cannot be delivered when the location code is letters Corrected an issue where an alpha location code was preventing the delivery of a special order.
Bug 3834/35825 Purchase order number lost after refund Purchase Order numbers on a POS ticket will now persist after the ticket has been refunded.
Bug 3845/35669 Special Order deposit unable to be refunded after delivery Modified the special order delivery process to validate if the SO has been closed by delivering or force close, full remaining deposits will be applied when checking out. Any deposit greater than the amount due will be returned as change.
Bug 3865/35321 Ticket tax schema not saved after clicking the save button Corrected an issue when changing the ticket tax schema; the system was validating prior to save, causing the tax schema to not update correctly.The system will now only validate when saving the change.
Bug 3974/33396 Release focus from the Yes/No field on the open cash drawer confirmation box After clicking on the Open Cash Drawer box, the system will now shift away focus from the button so that the space bar does not force the drawer to open again.
Bug 4027/32328 Void button is not grayed out when there is no item on the ticket The void button in point of sale will now be deactivated when there are no items on the ticket.
Bug 5027 Special order deposit amount calculated wrong when delete an item from the SO The system will now recalculate a special order deposit when one of the items is deleted from the order
Bug 4985 Different clerks can open the same ticket when one clerk is viewing the paytype selection screen POS tickets will now be locked upon creation, to prevent a clerk from opening a ticket if it is opened by another clerk in the Paytype selection screen.
Bug 4918 Future installments are recognized as past due, blocking clerks from proceeding with customer transactions Removed future installment payments from the current balance due to resolve an issue with incorrect messaging while trying to process a sale for the customer, potentially preventing the clerk from proceeding.
Bug 4924 Tax amount is not included in the ticket total when delivering a special order with 2 or more parts When delivering a special order with more than two parts, point of sale will now correctly apply the tax schema to the order and calculate taxes appropriately for the prices as listed on the order.
Bug 4925 Supersede part list not popping up when entering part number while creating a special order When creating a special order in POS, the system will now correctly provide the superseded part list to allow the user to choose the correct part.
Bug 4929 Paid invoices listed when list open invoices Closed invoices that have been paid in full will not appear when applying an ROA through POS.
Bug 4930 Adjusting a part's extension to apply a discount results in an incorrect discount calculation Fixed an issue with calculating the discount percentage when the changing of the part's extension price resulted in discounting the price.
Bug 4949 Preferred Payments integration prompting for digital signature for all refunds Corrected an issue for Preferred Payments users where a non-signature credit card device was prompting on the screen for a signature.The system will no longer prompt when a signature cannot be digitally captured.
Bug 4781 Debit customer receipt shows ROA in the title Corrected wording on a Debit Customer Receipt to remove references to ROA, also updated the wording to change "returned" to be "refunded" for consistency.
Bug 4795 ROA: A contract paid by house charge not listed in the ROA invoice listing when the customer has no other open invoices Corrected an issue where closing contracts with the House Charge pay type was not updating the invoice cross reference with a proper contract close date.This caused the house charge invoice not to be listed in the ROA listing through POS.
Bug 4821 ROA:  ticket cannot be finalized when "create ROA CR memos" is unchecked in parameters ROA tickets can now be finalized appropriately, without requiring the Create ROA CR Memos parameter to be checked.
Bug 4962 Wrong tax schema displayed in ticket info after refund Corrected an issue where the original tax schema was not being saved and pulled into a refund ticket during refund.

Sales Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 4871 Prospect: Clicking on "create quote" link in prospect opens contract maintenance When clicking on the Create Quote link on a prospect, the quote maintenance form will now open again, rather than the contract maintenance form.
Bug 4876 Contract Maintenance: Attached motor/trailer is not added to contract when a boat serial number is manually keyed Corrected an issue with contracts where a packaged motor or trailer was not being correctly added to the contract with the packaged boat, when the user manually entered the serial number of the boat.
Bug 4612 Prospects: Customer boat shows wrong Mfg Id (99999) instead of correct vendor number Addressed an issue that occurred when assigning a boat to a prospect under the current boat tab if the model number of the boat being assigned contained a space.The system was incorrectly looking up the model, and would assign a manufacturer ID of 99999 on the record, instead of the actual manufacturer ID.Going forward, the system will do a cross reference search in the event a "direct hit" search does not produce the expected boat.This will ensure that the boat is correctly associated with the prospect.
Bug 4648 Prospects: Prospect list cannot be saved if (price > 10,000) Fixed an issue where a prospect list could not be saved if the price was greater than 10,000
Bug 4672 Inventory Inquiry:  Double clicking does not open inventory maintenance when a clerk has sales overrides When a clerk has location override, is working a location other than their default location and through Inventory Inquiry double clicks a boat, the boat will now open in inventory maintenance instead of Inquiry mode.
Bug 4717 Contract Maintenance: Changing options to standard also changes the cost to zero Standard pricing on options included on a model will no longer be able to be adjusted from the contract, it must be configured in Inventory Maintenance. If the price is marked as STD, the cost will also be STD. For options to be provided, but not billed to the customer, an option price can still be set to 0.
Bug 3812/36052 Contract Maintenance: Wrong tax schema filled in when creating a new contract When creating a new contract, if the user changed the location dropdown in the upper right corner of the form, the system was not adjusting the tax schema to match the new location.Going forward, the form will be reloaded and parameters correctly reset if changing the location code while maintaining a contract.
Bug 3815/36082 Maintenance, Inventory: Rigging work orders created from a unit or contract have the template's start date When creating a rigging work order from a unit or a contract using a template, the system will now use the current date for the work order and any detail added from the template, rather than using the template date.
Bug 3899/34739 Contract Maintenance: Open contact address is not updating from customer address changes When a customer address is changed and that customer is also a prospect on a contract, the updates to that address will update the contract, provided that the contract is open.
Bug 3906/34629 Working.Cost Dictionary item is not including negative amounts in calculations The Working.Cost Dictionary item for the Boat Inventory report calls a program, UNIT.WORKING.COST, but that program did not take into account negative numbers when providing the calculation for the report. This has been resolved, and the dictionary program calculation will now match the calculation from client code.
Bug 3928/34031 Prospects: Action description in the follow up information grid shows *** UNKOWN *** Corrected an issue in prospects where if the next action step started with a space, the system was showing the description as unknown.
Bug 3950/33792 Contract Maintenance: Grid is removed when typing in an invalid model number Corrected an erroneous grid validation when adding an invalid boat model number to a contract whereby the grid was completely removed after clearing the error, rather than the invalid model number being removed.
Bug 3977/33139 Maintenance, Inventory: Boat vendor name not saved on a trailer Addressed an issue with the boat vendor name not being saved correctly for trailer items.
Bug 3986/32939 Prospects: Comments tab, Comment can't be fully deleted When deleting comments on a prospect, the system will no longer list the clerk id and time.
Bug 3992/32885 Maintenance, Models: There is no F6 function to select work order templates Added the F6 list option when maintaining models and looking up motors.
Bug 4001/32793 Prospects, Prospect Info Tab: Phone numbers can be same type Users will not be able to select the same type of phone for different entries on the prospect form.
Bug 4011/32506 Prospects: Primary email not pulled for report Corrected an issue where the primary email address from a prospect was not correctly copied and flagged into the customer file.
Bug 4037/32059 Maintenance , Floor Planning: System no longer allowing duplicate GL Account entries Floor Planning will again allow duplicate GL Account entries, however when entering a duplicate the user will be warned of the duplication.
Bug 4080/22428 Contract Maintenance: Deletion of Packaged Motor from Contract Results in Incorrect Inventory Corrected an issue where if a part of a package was deleted from a contract, the other items in the package were not being deleted as well.Going forward, if a part of the package is deleted, all packaged items are also deleted.
Bug 4185/34738 Sales Functions: Prospect zip code change updates closed contract's zip code DockMaster will now store the country with a contract to prevent changes to a customer record from altering the zip code on a prospect or customer record from impacting a closed contract.
Bug 5034 Models: Invalid Draft value generates an error about incorrect length Corrected the wording when the system was warning of an invalid draft value. The error will reference draft rather than length being incorrect.
Bug 4992 Contract Maintenance: Allow creation of Boat Record before contract is closed. Added a parameter to allow a boat record to be created from a contract prior to the contract close, once all units on the contract have been assigned serial or stock numbers.This will allow customers to create the boat to perform service prior to the contract closing, without the need to duplicate the boat.
Bug 4916 Contract Maintenance: Total charges in F6 listing not formatted with coma and decimal When using an F6 or F7 lookup in Contract Maintenance, the total charges column will now be correctly formatted.
Bug 4931 Disconnected BM and CM records from Contract Closings. Addressed a boat sales contract closing issue, where the boat and customer records were not being correctly tied together.The situation came about when two contracts were opened referencing the same serialized item (one for a trade in and one for selling the trade in). If the contract selling the trade in was closed before the contract containing the unit as a trade in, the system would record the purchase either without a customer tied to the traded in and sold boat, or the boat tied to the customer.
Bug 4941 Profit margin in BSC shows blank in the Sales Profit report The BMT.SALES.PROFIT report will now correctly display the profit margin.In the event there is no result in the record, the system was inserting a contract ID as well.This has also been corrected.
Bug 4794 Contract Maintenance: Customer name does not display when entering a customer with no prospect The system will now display the customer name in both Prospect Name and Customer Name when creating a prospect from an existing customer on a contract.
Bug 3825/35829 Report, Engine hours not displaying numbers after decimal Corrected an issue whereby engine hours were not being displayed correctly on reports in Sales Management.If engine hours have a value following the decimal, the full hours will now display.

Service Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 5010 Service Monitor: Work Order Status Default The Service Monitor selection criteria window will default the work order status to open.
Bug 4830 Service Printing: Allow Printing of all OPEN work orders Added an option to allow users to print all open work orders and to print by invoice number when working in Service Printing.
Bug 4837 Work Orders: Service printing uses the wrong default layout when clicking the print button When printing a work order, the layout used will be the layout defined in service parameters
Bug 4839 Work Orders: Duplicated special order number displayed in the special order update message if there are more than 1 special order updated When adding parts to an opcode that will ultimately generate a special order, the message box that displays to confirm the special order creation will no longer repeat the special order number multiple times.
Bug 4934 Service Printing: User is able to print all Work Orders To prevent a user from accidentally printing all work orders, if a work order number or list has been specified and then removed, the system will not allow the user to print.
Bug 4847 Maintain Detail Charges: Do not allow if work order is open in maintenance Corrected an issue that would happen when one user had a work order opened in Work Order Maintenance while another user had the same work order opened via Maintain Detail Charges.The system was allowing the first user to re-save the work order, effectively reversing changes made by the second user, such as maintaining parts and labor changes.
Bug 4848 Work Order Maintenance Functions: Unapplied deposit number not changing after unchecking the opcode being billed When auto apply is enabled for deposits on work orders, the available deposit numbers will be correctly recalculated as different opcodes are checked or unchecked to be billed.
Bug 4864 Service Monitor: It takes long too show F6 listing Modified the way that DockMaster returns a customer list when searching in Service Monitor.Results should display much faster going forward
Bug 4865 Work Orders: Some parts are missing after saving a work order when the parts have same department in the part kit Corrected an issue where a work order could lose parts if the parts are part of a kit, and have alternating department assignments.
Bug 4872 Service Printing: User cannot enter email address on the fly if the WO customer not have email address When using MS Outlook for emails, if selecting the option for emailing a PDF from service printing, the customer is no longer required to have an email address on file. A New Message window will open without an address so that the user can add one.
Bug 4567 Reports, Deposit Reconciliation: As of date is using the current date Updated the Deposit Reconciliation report to leverage the deposit date for the AS.OF.DATE dictionary item.
Bug 4568 Work Orders: A part's extension is 0.00 after transferring the part from a flat rate opcode to a retail opcode When recalculate prices are set in service parameters, non-inventory and cost code items will have their extensions recalculated when moving from a flat rate to a non-flat rate opcode.
Bug 4569 Work Orders, Sublets: User cannot modify the closed accounting period sublet's cost Validation of closed accounting period has been removed from the sublet tab of the work order, which will prevent users from receiving errors regarding closed accounting periods when maintaining sublets.
Bug 4639 Work Orders: Part on work order is not replaced by superseded part Corrected an issue where 2 parts with a zero quantity were added to a work order, created a special order and later superseded.The work order and special order will now correctly reflect the superseded part.
Bug 4647 Work Orders: Opcode cannot be closed if the technician has open time card Corrected an issue where a technician logging time against two operations on a single work order, clocking out of one while leaving the other open was preventing the billing of the closed operation.
Bug 4658 Work Order Inquiry: Incorrectly validating data When in inquiry mode, DockMaster will no longer attempt to validate the sublet PO accounting date.This was causing an error to display if the date fell into a closed period.
Bug 4690 Service Printing: Work Order is printing in landscape Corrected an issue where printing PDF in service was using the same orientation of a previously printed report, resulting in a portrait format printing in landscape.
Bug 4691 Work Order: Special order is not cleared after special order is delivered Resolved an issue when delivering a special order to a work order where a manual delivery of the order was not effectively clearing out the work order header to identify the order as delivered.Manual delivery will now act similarly to auto delivery, clearing the OrderedParts attribute correctly in the Work Order Header.
Bug 4697 Work Order Inquiry: Work Order type can be changed and engines can be deleted In Work Order Inquiry, the work order type can no longer be changed, and engines cannot be deleted while in this mode.
Bug 4711 Time Card Review Inquiries: Clicking on comment icon is not showing comment Corrected the work order inquiry mode to display comments when clicking on the comment icon.
Bug 4723 Historical Work Orders: Tax in charges summary shows 0.00 when there is tax on the Work Order When inquiring historical work orders, sales tax detail will now be visible.
Bug 4728 Work Orders: Entering a number+% in discounts under billing does not work Users can now indicate a percentage discount during work order billing by entering a number and the percent sign (i.e., 10%).
Bug 637/2014 Work Order Charges: Columns sorting left to right Updated the columns in the Charges section to allow sorting to work properly.
Bug 3639 Work Order Templates: Message pops up when click on closed account period part Corrected an issue in Work Order Templates and Estimates where the system was erroneously checking the status of an accounting period when the pulled date of a part was falling in a closed accounting period.Going forward, estimates and templates will not validate the state of the accounting period, however Work Orders will continue to do so.
Bug 3808/36102 Work Orders: Special order price not using parameter's price level when "override customer price column" is checked When Override Customer Price Column was enabled in service parameters, the system was not applying the work order price level correctly to special orders.This has been corrected and the override will push through to the special order.
Bug 3826/35831 Reports, Parts Usage: Parts Date should be defaulted in Sort/Totals In the Parts Usage report, the parts date will be defaulted in the sort/totals, in order to filter out unnecessary data.
Bug 3842/35662 Work Orders: Billing a warranty opcode does not generate warranty claim when the warranty customer is the same as the bill to customer When using the bill as of date, the amount to bill vendor column of the billing grid will now be properly updated.
Bug 3905/34596 Work Orders: The A/R account button is not active when creating a new work order The A/R Button in the Work Order screen will now be active when appropriate.
Bug 4016/32429 Work Orders: Prevent customer boat information from being edited after any billing Removed the ability to change a boat length or the length overall on a work order after billing has occurred.
Bug 4091/19316 Work Orders: Specifically Selected Zero Warranty Tax Amounts are not Printing on Work Orders Corrected an issue when printing a warranty work order where tax for an unbilled retail operation would not print.
Bug 4983 Work Orders: Customer invoice not printing when using bill as of date When a Work Order is billed as of date, and the line item charges are not in chronological date order, invoice entries were not showing on customer statements correctly.
Bug 4990 Work Orders: Environment/other charges calculated by total WO bill amount but not the opcode amount on/before bill as of date When an operation is NOT flat rated and the Bill As Of Date is used for billing, environmental and other charges will now be calculated based on the As of Date totals, instead of the total billable amount of the work order.
Bug 4994 Work Orders: Don’t allow work order updates to overwrite billed data. Prevented an issue where a billed work order was overwritten due to another user having it opened during billing and saving after billing.The system will now check and notify the user that they cannot save the changes due to the work order being billed.
Bug 4928 Work Orders: Message pops up when empty WO maintenance and transfer charges forms are both open Removed an incorrect error message that would appear when opening a Work Order and the Transfer Charges screen at the same time.
Bug 4782 Work Orders: Wrong unapplied deposits amount shows when there is an unbilled opcode When using auto-apply deposits for work orders, the system has a new option to display the current amount of deposits being applied during work order billing.
Bug 4954 Work Order Billing: Work order close date not accepting a date entry of xx/xx/xx or xx.xx.xx Corrected the length of the date close field.Due to shortness of characters, users were unable to type in a full date.
Bug 4771 Work Order Transfers: Transfer Detail From Work order should allow the To Work order to be typed in if its the same. Corrected an issue that was preventing transfers between different opcodes on the same work order from happening.Now the system will allow the from and to work order to be the same when performing a transfer.

System Administration

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 4575 WOH ESTIMATE.ID Dictionary Item points to wrong attribute Corrected
Bug 4701 Work Order Purges: Message shows "'SP.LISTMOD$1' sublet purchase order recorded deleted" When purging and archiving work orders, the system will now correctly display the number of sublet purchase order records deleted.
Bug 4708 Estimate Purges: Wrong message shows when purge estimate When purging and archiving work order estimates, the system will now correctly display the number of records deleted.
Bug 3877/35238 UserGroup Maintenance, Processes Tab: Name "Edit/Reopen Contracts" is not accurate Updated the UserGroup Maintenance description for "Edit/Reopen Contracts" to be more descriptive.
Bug 3894/34827 Utilities, Custom Prompts: Saved prompts not showing in the grid until user clicks on the grid When configuring custom prompts in System Administration, the form text and format type will now display without requiring the user to left-click in the grid.
Bug 3917/34242 Utilities, Forms Printing: File name not changing after layout changed When configuring forms printing, the system will ask the user if they want to clear the items grid when changing the layout to a different file.
Bug 3918/34248 Utilities, Forms Printing: Pressing F6 not showing prospect list when the layout is for prospect When selecting a prospect PDF or LOF layout in forms printing, the prospect list will open when the user presses F6.
Bug 4049/31890 Reports, Specific Values Tab: when Field is selected in Sub-Title the text is not blanked out When a field is selected, the text should now blank out, and allow the user to enter new text to reset the field.
Bug 5053 Importing Files: Don’t ask for a parameter if none exist The system will no longer require a "dummy" parameter to be added when uploading files
Bug 4820 Location Maintenance: Location number does not increment by 1 when creating new location code When creating a new location the location number will now increase correctly.
Bug 4963 Utilities, Custom Prompts: Pressing TAB clears text in grid cells Corrected an issue when navigating through the custom prompts grid where the TAB and ENTER key were not working the same way.
Bug 4993 Location Code Maintenance: Location code is case sensitive Location codes will now all be upper case for alpha values.