Release Notes for version 8.4.20.x

Important Updates: This section of items is intended to feature some of the key updates to the DockMaster Application

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Module Issue/Addition Correction/Change
Accounts Payable Added the ability to print Form 1096 and Form NEC.  
Accounts Payable Added more paytypes to be printed on the Form 1099-MISC  
WorldPay-TriPOS Integration New WorldPay Processing/Gateway to phase out the use of FirstMile and Heritage WorldPay  
JBASE RDBMS New RDBMS language and environment that phases out the use of D3  

Accounts Payable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 5024 Form 1099-Misc - Add the ability to print Rent (Box 1), Other (Box 3), Medical & Health Care Payments - (Box 6), Attorneys - (Box 10) Vendor paytypes for Rent, Other, Medical and Attorney can be printed on the 1099-MISC form.
Task 5025 Form 1099 - Add option to print the 1096 transmittal form The functionality to print Form 1096 for Form 1096-NEC and 1099-Misc has been added.
Bug 6174 Credit on vendor account (from a manual check) does not display on check selection screen ALL credits for vendors will be displayed in the AP Invoices and Debit Memos grid on the Invoice Payment Selection menu item.
Bug 6204 Duplicate unposted invoices are allowed on manual checks and cause negative balance on vendor Invoice numbers created by manual check entries were allowed to be duplicated on different check numbers, (if saved, and not posted), but this caused GL and AP to be out of balance due to a negative amount remaining on the AP. Now, the system will check if an invoice number has already been used on an unposted check.
Bug 6230 Check Remittance does not print for manual checks The user will now be prompted at the end of the manual check printing process for remittance forms that exceed the limit set in the check layout.
Bug 6392 Manual Check Entry - Enter key does not work in the grid Corrected the Invoice Listing grid navigation when pressing the Enter key.
Bug 6439 Customer not able to create a new vendor due to 'Vendor Changed By another user' message. Users are no longer prompted with the 'Address Information Has Changed' message when a new vendor is created. The issue of the message 'Vendor Changed by Another User' is also resolved with this fix.
Bug 6465 Print 1099 forms - Not aligning properly The alignment for the 1099s was adjusted.
Task 6877 Form 1099 - Update IRS Form 1099-Misc for 2020 Per the IRS regulations, Form 1099-Misc has been updated.
Task 6878 Form 1099 - Update 'Print 1099 Forms' screen so users can select 1099-MISC, NEC, INT or DIV The Print 1099 Forms menu item has been updated to allow selection of Form 1099-NEC, MISC, INT and DIV.
Task 6888 Form 1099-NEC - Create form to print the new 1099-NEC Form 1099-NEC created to print non-employee compensation.
Task 7188 Form 1099 - Add option to print 1099-INT and 1099-DIV forms AND print the associated 1096 The functionality to print Form 1099-INT and Form 1099-DIV and their associated Form 1096 has been added to the Accounts Payable module.

Accounts Receivable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5006 Statement - Printing prior months statements includes future invoices When printing statements for all customers, the system will only print invoices within the specified date range. Previously, the system would be including future invoices as well.
Bug 6151 Auto Cash Receipts, ACR, selects Transaction Date, not Due Date On the Auto Cash Receipts form, the names of the first 2 fields have been renamed from Starting Due Date and Ending Due Date to Starting Invoice Date and Ending Invoice Date, respectively.

File Maintenance

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 6411 Customers - Failure Message for stored CC with Expired Date does not display correctly and does not provide reason When attempting to store a credit card on the customer file, the system will validate the expiry date. If the date is expired, the warning message will state that the update failed due to an invalid expiration date.
Bug 6423 Customer Cat Codes - Filter on code causes crash Users can now filter the Customer Category Codes without causing the software to close.
Bug 6442 Vendor change - A51 (Account #) in the API file is not updating when prompted When a vendor name, address or account number is changed in File Maintenance, the system will prompt the user for confirmation to update all open AP invoices for that specific vendor.
Bug 6462 Vendors - Dict YTD.1099.AMT not set up right causes 1099 Report to be wrong In the Vendor file, because the dictionary item YTD.1099.AMT was not set to multi-value, the DM.AP.1099.REPORT report was not selecting the correct rows for the specific values on that field. The dict item has now been set to multi-value, so when a user enters a specific value amount, the expected results are returned.
Task 6476 Vendors - Change the 1099 Payment Types The vendor file has been updated to allow users to select vendor pay types of Attorney, Dividend, Interest, Other, Medical, Rent and Non-Employee compensation.

General Ledger

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5697 Error msg when create a New Company w/ Shared GAAP w/ Inter-company checked When creating a new company record with shared GAAP to utilize inter-company accounting, the program would not present the user with the opportunity to create the new Secondary Transfer account number. With this release, the user will key in the new account number and a message will display affirming the creation of the account.
Bug 5700 GL Inquiry - Balance incorrect in account detail if Start and End date span over 2 different years In Account Detail of GL Inquiry, the balance column in the far right hand column will display the flow from the Beginning Balance and go up or down based on the next row's debits/credits. In certain instances, the data was not being displayed properly.
Bug 5950 Financial Statements not reading orientation Financial statements will print according to the options selected in the print controller.
Bug 6279 Master Heading 'ASSETS' prints with a 0.00 mask. The program no longer prints 0.00 on a Master Heading line on Financial Statements.
Task 6377 Add General Ledger Worksheets menu item back to GL > Administrative A new menu item, titled Print General Ledger Worksheets, has been added to the GL Administrative menu.

Inventory Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 6112 Avail and Avail.Loc dict items in the IM file are dropping off everything after the decimal The dictionary items Avail, Avail.LOC, Avail.LOC 2, Avail.LOC3, Avail.LOC4 and Avail.LOC5 have been changed to print 2 digits after the decimal.
Bug 6227 Running Extended Total remains in field after clearing Inventory Receiver The running extended total amount will now be cleared when a user clears the form.
Bug 6255 No warning if part is deleted during receiving process A message will be issued if a part is deleted during the receiving process, which will prevent the user from continuing.
Bug 6294 Order Entry - Qty on Hand, Qty on Order, etc don't display when Order is recalled if the 'Enable Quick Entry' box is checked In Order Entry, when 'Enable Quick Entry' is checked, the fields on the bottom left of the screen labeled 'Qty on Hand', 'Qty on Order', 'Qty Allocated' and 'Qty Available' will now display properly.
Bug 6359 Inventory Usage (IU) Starting Quantity is being reduced by suspended tickets in POS Corrected an issue where Starting Quantity in the IU file is being reduced by suspended tickets in POS.
Bug 6388 Changing the Type from Order to a Quote doesn't update or remove allocations When an order is changed from type Order to Quote, the inventory allocations will be updated and removed.
Bug 6394 Clearing or Removing Purchase Order parts when Receiving corrupts Purchase Order Previously, parts on a Inventory Receiver could be changed or removed. The program will no longer allow editing of Part Ids that are on a PO.
Bug 6407 Purchasing - Vendor Returns - Column width display issue with list.format In the Vendor Return Maintenance form, pressing F6 displays a listing of vendor returns. When a description was typed into any of the records that was longer than 30 char, the other columns would become smaller and smaller as the Description became larger. This display issue has been corrected in this release.
Bug 6437 Purchasing - Receiving - Inquiry mode - permits user to click Force Close Inventory receiver records that are opened in Inquiry mode (completely received) were still displaying the PO Number menu, containing List, Delete Row, and Force Close. While this menu was non-functional, it was confusing and unnecessary and will be disabled when receiver is read only.
Task 6512 Order Entry - Add warning if the Amount of the new order + Current Balance will put customer over the credit limit A new warning message has been added that will display when posting to AR and the charge will exceed the customer's credit limit.
Bug 6517 Printing Purchase Orders does not add Asterisk to Order Entry for Back Ordered Parts When a purchase order containing special orders or backordered parts is printed, each line containing a SO or BO part will print an asterisk to the left of the order quantity.
Task 6518 Order Entry - Need to be able to copy the POS ID From Inventory > Order Entry, a user now has the ability to copy the POS id from an order.
Bug 6869 Order Entry - The Order and ShipTo/BillTo tabs overlay the column headings when in FULL SCREEN MODE Reported after releasing a hot fix in July, 2020, the issue where the Order and ShipTo/BillTo tabs were overlaying the column headings when in Full Screen mode and the monitor set to Hi Res mode has been fixed.

Layout Designer

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5625 Clicking Save closes form without saving AND Save As problem In Layout Designer, SAVE and SAVE AS were not working as expected. Now, when SAVE is clicked the layout changes are saved and the Layout Designer remains open. In addition, when SAVE AS is clicked, the changes are saved into the new layout and the screen refreshes to the newly named layout.
Bug 6457 Existing Win layouts don't display images when edited. When edited, existing images will display in the designer layout form.

Marina Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5758 Reservations and Generate proposal ignores minimum slip fee The Minimum Price, if designated in slip maintenance, will be the least amount to be billed, regardless of the method and billing code, except if there is an Override Rate in the Customer Boat file.
Bug 5883 Pro-rated bill code for Reservation not rounding properly On Reservations, the logic for rounding pro-rated bill codes has been updated to calculate more precisely.
Bug 6113 Launch calendar appointments for month end disappear after flashing for 1 second Appointments added to the Launch Calendar on the last day of a month no longer disappear from the calendar after advancing to the next month.
Bug 6297 Storage invoice posts with no tax if tax schema is removed after initial bill code entry Prior to this fix, the tax schema selection could be deleted from the Storage Invoice (before posting to AR) which caused an imbalance in the GL sales tax account , but now a warning message will be issued stating that a tax schema is required.
Bug 6433 Reservation Entry - Slip not permitting override of Beam, as it does in the menu item Boat Placement In the Reservation form, users now have the option to override the message if the beam of the vessel is greater than the slip beam.


Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 6107 DB.BP CreateStorageProposals line 279 Variable misspelled. Corrected the spelling of a variable on line 279 in the CreateStorageProposals program.
Bug 6171 Bulk Email using Outlook results in error message Corrected installer to properly register Redemption.dll on both x86 and x64 machines.
Bug 6395 World Pay CC Readers down after 8.4.14 update Verified that all dll versions match in all places, and modified installers to make sure same versions exist in all locations requested.
Task 6474 Yamaha load code - Trap for next hot fix/release Updated to the new Yamaha price layout.

Point of Sale

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5701 The validation for expired stored CC occurs too late in process In POS, the credit card expiry date validation for a customer's stored card has been changed to occur when the clerk selects the payment type; therefore, expired cards will not qualify as valid payment types.
Bug 5878 Wrong clerk ID printing on receipt On POS tickets that are recalled then completed by a clerk who is not the originating clerk, the receipt will display the clerk ID who finalized and completed the sale.
Bug 6131 Suspended POS Refund Ticket Reduces Quantity Available until saved In Point of Sale, when a refunded item ticket was suspended, the Qty Available in Inquiries was being reduced by the quantity refunded. The quantities refunded on suspended POS tickets will no longer affect the Qty Available of the item.
Bug 6135 Customer comments are not displayed on menu items Received on Account or Debit Customer in the Function Section of POS Comments from the Customer file will display when a user selects Received on Account or Debit Customer Account in Point of Sale.
Bug 6140 "Expected Totals" on report does not match "Expected" on End of Day screen The Expected Amount on the Register Check Out report is now being correctly reported when Paid Out and Paid In transactions have been created.
Bug 6234 If Register Batch Out only includes the PayType "Paid Out/in" and "Counted" is left blank, the JT created is missing account number When a POS Batch that includes a Paid Out/In transaction is closed and the Counted field is left blank, all transactions in the journal entry will include a valid account number.
Bug 6261 Tax not calculating on Special Order Deposits When Minimum Deposit is changed from 0% This fix allows the DockMaster user to change the Required Percentage during the entry of the items in a Special Order and the Sales Tax will be re-calculated.
Bug 6281 Billing code date/rate range not working at POS In Point of Sale, Billing codes containing more than one rate for various start and end dates were not returning the appropriate rate to align with the date of the bill code charge.
Bug 6387 POS Returns for Preferred Customers do not contain original Bill To/Ship To information The Bill To/Ship To information on POS Refunds has been corrected to reflect the information entered on the original POS Sales ticket.
Bug 6400 Closing ticket on a different port than where created causes balancing issue A ticket opened on one register and closed on another will no longer be added to the end of day totals on the originating register; it will be included in the totals of the register performing the close process.
Bug 6435 Error Report Listing Fuel Cloud Transactions - Object reference not set to an instance of an object Corrected a system crash that occurred when a user attempted to view unposted Fuel Cloud transactions
Bug 6689 FuelCloud UTC date issue (Client-side) Fuel Cloud transactions being pulled into DM were using a time zone not recognized in DM. Transactions are now populating the correct day when filtered in POS.
Task 6699 FuelCloud integration - Adjustment for UTC time New process that adjusts the date of transactions based on the local time difference from UTC.
Bug 6728 Unable to Void an open refund ticket Users can void open Refund tickets.
Bug 6936 ROA payments on accounts that have open Installment invoices are being applied to the oldest invoice and not to the user-selected invoices Received on Account payments taken through Point of Sale have been corrected to apply the payment based on the order that the open tickets are being selected by the user.

Report Designer

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 6108 Reports - "Ship State" in Customer master (CM) is returning wrong data on report Prior to this release, when the field name 'Ship State' from the Customer file was selected to print on a report, instead of the ship state data, the customer's Category code was erroneously being returned.

Sales Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5820 Prospects maintenance auto-fill not working properly On the Prospect record, the Date in the Next Actions grid has been fixed to auto-populate with the current date when a user presses the Enter key when in the Date field. The Date and the Sales Rep in the Follow Up Information grid has also been fixed to auto-populate when the user presses Enter moving through the fields.
Bug 6128 Location validation for prospects ignores spaces The Location field on the Prospect Information tab in the Prospect record no longer accepts spaces before or after the Location code when the Location is manually typed.
Bug 6129 There is no way to restrict access for editing prospect Follow Up History Security for Follow Up Information on the Follow Up tab in Prospects has been added. Pressing CTNL-F9 will now allow an administrator to secure all fields in the Follow Up Information grid.
Bug 6137 Boat Purchase Order is forcing location change A Location Code is no longer required to inquire on a purchase order in the Sales management module.
Bug 6152 Misspelled word on Dealer Profit screen Corrected a misspelled word on the Dealer Profit tab of the Contract Maintenance. (Titling Fees)
Bug 6223 Update Association button not adding data to the Options Grid The Update Association button on Model Maintenance has been corrected to add the data to the Options Grid.
Bug 6231 Floorplan invoice process allows dates in GL periods that have not been created The Floorplan invoice process will no longer allow Initiation or Due dates in GL periods that have not been created. Instead, if a user enters a date that has not been created in the GL, a message will display alerting the user that the date entered is not in a valid accounting period.
Bug 6262 Purchasing - BMT Options Code with a Space at the end does not add to BPO properly BMT Option Codes, located in the Model record, with a space at the end are no longer allowed. Previously, the space would cause the code to add to the boat purchase order improperly.
Bug 6275 Removing an email address from Prospects requires rebuilding cross reference When an email address is deleted from the Prospect record, the cross reference file for email addresses will be rebuilt. This will prevent the deleted item from being displayed in the cross reference search.
Bug 6277 Loan contract calculations subtract Orig Fee from amount financed - display issue only The display issue of the Amount Financed on a Sales Contract that includes an Origination Fee has been corrected.
Bug 6331 Changing Customer ID on Prospect does not remove PS ID from Original CM file When a Customer ID is changed on a Prospect record, the PS Id, stored in A129 on the customer record, will be removed.
Bug 6403 Maintenance - Inventory - New location not saving When a unit has been assigned to a new location, the information in the grid was not being saved. This issue has been corrected; the new location dates and information are being retained in the grid.
Bug 6413 Printing - Prospect Letters - Error Report Corrected word merge and emailing via Outlook.
Bug 6414 Prospects - New Prospects do not have the Email check box On a new prospect record, the date picker field and the check box will both be visible once the customer record is created.
Bug 6421 Maintenance - Location History tab allows invalid locations for serialized units to be saved. Validation has been added to the New Location field on the Location History tab. Prior to this fix, it was possible for a user to change the location of a serialized unit to an invalid location because there was no validation of the field.
Bug 6424 Sales Functions - Cross Reference Search on BSI and QUO displays Total Charges incorrectly Corrected DICT QUX XREF.FORMAT
Bug 6445 Saving Prospect with your cursor in salesman ID will overwrite the clerk ID in that record There was an issue that would occur when a user added a new record for a Sales Rep other than his own in the Follow Up Information grid of a prospect. The Sales Rep would be overwritten by the clerk adding the row. This has been fixed and the data will retain the specified Sales Rep.
Bug 6452 Reports - Prospect Labels - No icon to perform print function The icon necessary to print Prospect Labels was not visible in Sales Management > Reports > Prospect Reports > Prospect Labels. In this release, the printer icon is present.

Service Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5807 'Last Invoice' - Chargeless operations print when Print Chargeless Operations box unchecked In Service Printing, if Print Chargeless Operations is not checked and Work to Print = Last Invoice, Opcodes with charges amount = $0.00 will not print.
Bug 6038 Able to change Flat Rate Info after opcode has been billed if total opcode charges are $0.00 The system no longer allows changes to the Op Code Flat Rate info (on the Opcode Overrides tab) when the op code charges are $0.00 and the op code is billed.
Bug 6039 Customer Boat Information not saving to work order Manually keyed Customer Boat information, keyed into the work order header as opposed to selecting an existing boat ID, will remain in the form upon saving the work order.
Bug 6110 Op Short Desc in WOO being written improperly Short descriptions will now save properly. Any opcodes with bad short description can be recalled and saved again to correct the issue.
Bug 6124 Op Parts Billed Profit is incorrect if WO billed more than once The Parts Billed Profit for op codes on work orders with more than one billing has been corrected. Previously, the system was reporting only the first billing, ignoring the succeeding billings.
Bug 6142 Location & Comments not saving in Warranty Parts Tracking form If a user types in a Location or Comments into the Warranty Parts Tracking form, then clicks the Save icon, the data will be saved.
Bug 6203 Transfer Charges - Unable to transfer charges if there's a single unbilled charge of the same charge type that has already been billed Previously, users were unable to transfer work order charges if there was only a single unbilled charge of the same charge type that has already been billed, but that has been corrected in this release.
Bug 6217 Service Monitor - Work Order not showing in Service Monitor if boat only has 1 work order and there are no opcodes assigned Work orders with no operations will now populate the screen when a user makes an inquiry from Service Monitor or Boat Unit Maintenance.
Bug 6249 WO billing when GL account not found causes AR to be out of balance with GL Before this correction, the system would allow a work order to be billed even if the parts and/or labor discount GL account was not set up in Department Maintenance or Service Parameters, causing the AR to be out of balance with GL. A message will display stating the system is unable to determine the discount G/L account, but now will not proceed to complete the billing process until the account numbers are entered in Department Maintenance or Service Parameters.
Bug 6303 Estimates - Flat Rate Amount not validating correctly when changed if you don't click Save icon The Total charges amount on an flat rate opcode has been fixed to correctly calculate when extra charges are added.
Bug 6311 Service Schedule - When scheduling from a WO, the scheduler does not 'release' the WO from 'Edit Schedule' until scheduler is closed. When opening the schedule from inside a WO, the intent was for a user to schedule only for that WO. We will now allow a user to schedule other Work Orders when the schedule is opened from inside a specific Work Order. If a new appointment is attempted for another work order, a message will be displayed asking the user "Continue adding to Schedule for WO xxxxxx"? If NO is chosen, the grid will clear out the previously selected work order and a new work order can then be scheduled.
Bug 6347 Security to prevent creating new work orders fails Security has been repaired for users trying to create new work orders when not in the Access Group. Clerks not in the Access Group will not be able to create new work orders.
Bug 6380 DM.WO.LABOR.REPORT does not use correct dict item for Extended price. Because Labor Price doesn't extend dollar amounts for flat rate opcode types on the DM.WO.LABOR.REPORT in Service Management, the dictionary item Ext Labor Amt (DICT WOD EXTENDED.LABOR.AMT) is used instead of Labor Price (DICT WOD LABOR.PRICE) on the Report Main tab and Totals.
Bug 6382 2-digit numbers (hrs,min,sec,mon,day,year) in all time-picker forms do not retain correct number if typed slowly Because in Time Card review, 2-digit numbers (hrs,min,sec,mon,day,year) in all time-picker forms would not retain the correct number if typed slowly. An edit delay has been added to alleviate the issue.
Bug 6383 Service Print - Legacy layouts with logos throw an error when printed. Printing a legacy layout containing a logo for service will no longer issue an error, but will print as expected.
Bug 6384 Service Print - Designer Layouts throw an error when Custom Prompts are not defined. Designer Layouts will no longer issue an error when Custom Prompts are not defined.
Bug 6385 Unable to see opcodes after upgrade to 8.4.14 if display settings set to > 100% After the 8.4.14 upgrade, if display settings were set to > 100%, the Maintenance tab on a work order was not visible, but the display issues have been corrected
Bug 6396 Service Schedule - Error Report - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Fixed cause of Error Report on Service Schedule - Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Bug 6397 Time Card Review - Error Report - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Fixed cause of Error Report on Time Card Review - Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Bug 6398 Operation Maint - Error Report - System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Fixed cause of Error Report on Operation Maintenance - System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException
Bug 6401 Service Printing - Layout Parameters button is visible when designer layout is selected. When a designer layout is selected, the blue Layout Parameters button is no longer displayed
Bug 6402 Printing - Service Printing - Ending Date sometimes grayed out when Starting Date is not ALL Before this fix, when printing a service layout, the Ending Date was not editable if the user clicked into the ending date field prior to entering a starting date. This issue has been resolved.
Bug 6422 Printing - Layout Maintenance - Special Chars in Layout name cause crash Layouts saved with a special character in the name will be saved, but the special char will be replaced by an underscore symbol.
Bug 6444 When a part has a BUY RATIO that equals the customer QTY ORD, the Order Qty on purchase order is doubled when creating from a special order Corrected the order qty when SO order qty is less than or equal to the buy ratio.
Bug 6447 Maintenance Functions - Billing Tab allows Customer Amt to be changed even when Type not = W Previously, the customer Amount to Bill located on the Billing Tab of a work order could be edited. With this release, the Customer Amt field for only those opcodes of Warranty type can be changed.
Task 6473 Add new layout DM_SERVICE_INVOICE_3 to the release. A new designer layout has been added to Service Printing. This layout lists each opcode with the associated labor charges first, then the second section lists the parts for each opcode.
Bug 6475 Service Schedule - Manager radio button displays error Manager 'xxxx' has no technicians assigned even when techs are assigned in the clerk file The function of a manager (clerk ID) being typed into the Manager field then displaying only the technicians assigned to the clerk has been restored.
Bug 6661 Work Orders - Ancillary charges not being charged on flat rate opcodes when using BAoD When using Bill As of Date (BAoD), the Ancillary Charges on opcodes that are set up to use a Flat Rate method are being properly calculated.
Bug 6705 WO Bill as of Date does not recalculate Env/Oth Charges if you clear the bill as of date. The billing process will always clear the 'Bill as of Date' before re-calculating.
Bug 6712 Work Order Locks and Time Card uploads Corrected locking issues.
Bug 6713 Schedule - Yellow color code has two meanings - Should only have 1 meaning Previously, the software would assign the status/color of yellow to any appointment when the requested Complete date is within 5 days. This was confusing to the user because yellow was also used as an alert that the work order was waiting for special parts. Now, the yellow status will be used ONLY when the work order on the appointment is awaiting special order parts.
Task 6721 Add 'Long desc' field to the customization list Because some users want to see more than a short description on a work order displayed on the screen, the field Long Description is now available to select in the Column Chooser and added to the Operations grid. It will be hidden by default, so users who wish to display this new field will have to select it to view the data. The grid settings will be saved if changed, so user will only have to change columns once. A tool tip has also been added to long description column, so that if the long description is too long to be displayed in the grid row, it will pop up in a tool tip.
Bug 6754 1. WOH records are being unlocked when they shouldn't be and 2. Open Time Card message displays in error in Mobile App Corrected locking issue.
Task 6781 Add Estimate Inquiry to Service Inquiries menu A new menu item will now allow users to open Estimates in the Inquiry mode.
Task 6782 Restrict open Work Orders and Estimates forms to 5 or less. In an attempt to limit certain locking issues, the number of open work orders in the Maintenance mode will now be capped at 5. On the attempt to open a 6th work order (in the Maintenance mode), the user will be prompted with an opportunity to view the work order in Inquiry mode, as opposed to Maintenance mode.
Bug 6783 Time Clock and Time Card not checking all open WO Maint forms. This bug fix corrects occurrences of bad labor locks which were occurring because the Time Clock and Time Card program was not verifying all open work orders.
Bug 6868 Ancillary Charges grid is hidden after HF for when scaling set to >100% Rolled back form changes.
Bug 7108 Service Print - Export multiple work orders to PDF causes error. Corrected issue causing error when multiple work orders were exported to PDF.
Bug 7189 Service Schedule - Only allow single user into Service Schedule. Due to issues with data corruption, the Service Schedule is restricted to one user at a time
    Service Schedule - Inquiry (included in Bug 7189) Added new menu item to allow multiple users to view the Service Schedule in an inquiry mode.

System Administration

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 6173 POS Params - Cash Register Tab ->Pay Type Codes -> Default Change does not show list on F6 The F6 function on the Default Change field in the Pay Type Codes section in the Point of Sale configuration has been restored.
Bug 6427 Mail Merge - issues with Word document and Emails and errors Corrected an issue with Opt Out emails
Bug 6432 Mail Merge - Error report when list only contains one item to email Using Mail Merge for one customer no longer produces an error report.