Release Notes for version 8.4.2.x

Important Updates: This section of items is intended to feature some of the key updates to the DockMaster Application

Module Issue/Addition Correction/Change
All Payment Processing Options You now have a number of options to accept credit card payments through DockMaster and Point of Sale, leveraging Worldpay, Preferred Payments and FreedomPay for EMV enabled credit card processing.
All Modifications to database indexes, searches and item locks for improved performance

Several back-end improvements have been included in this release to address performance related issues. This includes: 

  • Additional indexing in the system to improve overall performance
  • F6 Search Listing improvements, to return results at over 200 times the speed of prior searching
  • Automated handling of locked items for hosted DockMaster customer systems, minimizing the need to have support unlock items
Marina Management Added the ability to prorate annual bill codes for storage contracts, and an improved view of the storage contract screen
  • The number of deferred months for an annual prorate will be determined by the number of months defined in the start and stop dates
  • Added new functionality to allow users to prorate an annual bill code for storage and maintenance contracts. This feature will work similarly to monthly prorate schedules, but will divide the amount due based on the starting and ending dates specified in the Bill by Daily/Prorate Dates.
  • Added a button to pull the Boat Contract Dates from the Boat record to populate the Bill by Daily/Prorate Dates automatically.
  • Added an option to use the full billable amount on the bill code and prorate that amount across the Prorate Dates specified. For example, if the customer's start date is October 20 and end date is December 31, and the full amount of the annual bill code is $12,000, the deferral schedule will calculate $4,000 due in October, November and December.
  • The Deferred Schedule will now display on the same screen as the contract. Previously, it was accessible as a pop-up window that could be accessed through a Deferred Schedule link at the bottom of the form.
All Added support to make all individual email links clickable There is a new clerk-level parameter for using Microsoft Outlook. Clicking an email address in any form can optionally open a new email using MS Outlook, or will use the DockMaster native email account, giving users the ability to send directly from a mail client
Point of Sale Main Grid Modifications The Point of Sale grid has been improved to allow users to re-order the columns in the display, and will persist from one session to the next.
All Hotfix Capability DockMaster can now push out approved changes to the system, to allow critical system bugs that impact a large number of accounts to be updated quickly, rather than requiring a new system release.

Accounts Payable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change

3730 (34499)

Maintain Invoices; Error message shows when Merch/Service field equal to zero The system will now allow an invoice in accounts payable to have a finance charge equal to or greater than the amount in the Merch/Service amount box. This change was made to accommodate the instances where vendors may be sending in separate invoices for a monthly finance charge that is not connected to a regular invoice, but as a separate invoice.
Bug 3737 (32150) A/P Inquiry; EIN/SSN needs an option to show/hide Added show/hide option for the EIN/SSN box in AP Inquiry.

Accounts Receivable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 4537 Balance Forward Statements - No Balance to Print Corrected a condition that would occur with Balance Forward Statement printing. Whether using a list or a single customer, there were some conditions where the resulting statement would be greater than 32 kB in size. This would cause the system to fail and present an error indicating that there were no items to print.
Bug 4543 Cash Receipts: When using FreedomPay and entering in a cash receipt, the fields for credit card entry are editable For FreedomPay integrations, the cash receipts form would incorrectly allow the manual entry of credit card data. The fields have been made inactive to force a dip, swipe or manual entry on the credit card device instead.
Bug 3646 (35956) Print A/R Statement: Printing for ALL shows "Customer has no balance" when one AT file has no customer ID Corrected an issue that occurred when charges in Marina Management were posted without a customer ID, the system would not print all of the Accounts Receivable Transactions, and would display an error message.
Bug 3747 (34750) Apply Credit Memos: Credit memo should not be applied to an invoice when effective date < invoice date Changed the accounts receivable process to validate the effective date prompt, to avoid an invoice with a date after the effective date having a credit memo/adjustment applied to it incorrectly. The system will prevent the effective date from ever being less than the invoice date.
Bug 3809 (36103) Cash Receipts: Cash receipt can be created with a 0 amount when a batch contains multiple customers To prevent incorrect journal transaction entries from being created, the system will prevent a zero amount cash receipt from being created. The Cash Receipt amount must be greater than or less than zero.
Bug 3817 (36008) Cash Receipts: All Work Order Header data moves down 2 attributes in the database after refunding a work order deposit Corrected an issue that occurred when reversing a deposit for a retail work order through cash receipts. The reversal would alter the data on the work order, making the details of the work order appear invalid and skewed through the application.
Bug 4686 Cash Receipts: System crashes when selecting print/post cash receipt Resolved an issue that would occur when printing or posting cash receipts would result in a system crash

File Maintenance

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Enhancement 4599 Add a hover tool tip to the MyTaskit Pro button on customers and boats Added an Update hover box over the MyTaskit button on the Customers and Boats screen to clarify the button's purpose for those customers integrated with MyTaskit Pro.
Bug 3735 (31979) Billing Codes: Prorate is not check-able when cycle is set to Monthly Corrected a display issue where the option for prorating a monthly bill code was not active when creating a new monthly bill code.

General Ledger

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 3728 (34315) Financial Statements: Some pages are blank when printing in portrait Addressed an issue when printing financial statements from the General Ledger whereby blank pages would occasionally print if the orientation being printed was portrait.

Inventory Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 4548 Inventory Parts: Duplicated vendor cannot be added to a part Functionality that had previously allowed a part to have a vendor duplicated has been added back into the system.
Bug 3833 (35823) Inventory Receiving: Part number is not populated correctly when using cross reference select When doing receiving without a purchase order, if the user tried changing to a different part number by doing a cross reference search (\xxx), the system would enter it into the parts grid with the backslash in front, which would not allow any of the receiving data such as quantity on hand, receiver number, etc. to be applied to the part. The system will now update the grid appropriately when doing a cross reference search over an existing line item during receiving.
Bug 3847 (35566) Order Entry: The amount in OE payment is not automatically populated When accepting payment for an order entry, the amount field will now automatically populate with the invoice amount from the grid. There was an issue for some users when clicking away from the amount field when it was blank that occurred due to the system auto-filling the field with 0.00.
Bug 3588 (34355) Special Orders: Special order can be closed before item delivery to work order A Special Order cannot be closed if a part has been received but not delivered. The system will prevent this from happening, and will provide notification to the user: "The following Parts have been received but not delivered: XXXX. Please deliver parts before closing this Special Order"
Bug 3697 (34595) Purchasing, PO Entry: PO report shows blank amount for each cost/extension cost when each cost/extension cost are zeros Corrected an issue that would display a blank value on a purchase order report when both cost and extension for a part were entered as 0.00. The report will now reflect 0.00 for each cost and extension amount as appropriate.
Bug 3701 (34521) Inventory Receiving:  Inventory receiving PO quantity changes to ten time smaller than the original PO quantity Could not reproduce
Bug 3732 (34057)

Inventory Receiving: DM.IN.RECEIVING.REPORT does not adjust orientation when generated from receiving

Applied report printing defaults for reports that are printed from areas of the application outside of their specific Report Generator area.
Bug 3741 (33989) Order Entry: Printing closed order reactivates CLOSE ORDER button (display issue) Corrected a display issue where printing a closed order in Order Entry would reactivate the Close Order button.
Bug 3757 (35431) Inventory Receiving: remove option to print QOH barcode labels when printing from inventory receiving During inventory receiving, the system was incorrectly displaying a prompt for printing barcode labels for quantities other than those being actively received. This prompt has been removed during receiving so that the only labels that can be generated are for those items being received. To print labels in other quantities, users should use the Print Inventory Barcode Labels within Inventory Management.
Bug 4656 Inventory Transfers: Bar code scanner not working Corrected an issue where the barcode scanner was not appropriately working for inventory transfers and when printing barcode labels.

Layout Designer

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Enhancement 3719 (35432) Include the creation date dictionary item for the reservation (RS) file Added the Creation Date dictionary item from the Reservations file to be exposed in Layout Designer.
Enhancement 4625 Layout Designer Improvements

Additional functionality has been added to the Layout Designer:

  • Two save options, Save and Save As to allow a user to save the current layout as a different name rather than overwriting the previously saved version.
  • The Open File dialog and Save dialog boxes will now leverage a grid view with a find panel to make it easier to find a layout.
  • The Node -> Resize option will be disabled by default.

Marina Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Enhancement 4680 Add prorate option for annual bill code type used on Storage invoices

Modified Storage and Billing Invoices to include a new option for prorating to include several improvements

  • The number of deferred months for an annual prorate will be determined by the number of months defined in the start and stop dates.
  • Added new functionality to allow users to prorate an annual bill code for storage and maintenance contracts. This feature will work similarly to monthly prorate schedules, but will divide the amount due based on the starting and ending dates specified in the Bill by Daily/Prorate Dates.
  • Added a button to pull the Boat Contract Dates from the Boat record to populate the Bill by Daily/Prorate Dates automatically.
  • Added an option to use the full billable amount on the bill code and prorate that amount across the Prorate Dates specified. For example, if the customer's start date is October 20 and end date is December 31, and the full amount of the annual bill code is $12,000, the deferral schedule will calculate $4,000 due in October, November and December.
  • The Deferred Schedule will now display on the same screen as the contract. Previously, it was accessible as a pop-up window that could be accessed through a Deferred Schedule link at the bottom of the form.
Enhancement 3558 (33042) Visual Marina: Display weight and error message when weight exceeds allowance In Visual Marina, added a warning message to the user to alert them when they attempt to assign a boat to a slip and the boat's weight exceeds the allowance on file for the slip.
Bug 3740 (33571) Rent Roll: Display deferred amounts in reporting for Rent Roll Modified the logic for the Rent Roll report to account for deferred schedules to look at the Billing Charge Schedule (BCS) when appropriate rather than looking only at the Boat Charge file. This allows deferred schedule entries to show up correctly in months as revenue rather than being excluded.
Bug 4660 Storage Invoices: Deferred schedule is wrong when deleting one of the billing code In Storage Invoice Maintenance, if a user deleted a bill code, the system would not correctly define the deferred schedule. This was causing the deferral schedule to be incorrectly calculated. Going forward, the system will appropriately calculate and recalculate deferral schedules.
Bug 4684 Storage Invoices: Tax Schema does not default when pulling up existing invoice. Corrected an issue with storage invoices where the tax schema was not correctly defaulting when adding a bill code that does not contain a default tax schema. The system should determine the tax schema in these scenarios based on the customer record or the location of the invoice.


Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Enhancement 4704 Remote connectivity options Added the capability for users to log in leveraging a server or network device that enables connections to multiple client systems to connect to a LAN network without using a modem or a network interface.
Enhancement 3705 (34210) Ability to leverage mailto: links to open MS Outlook for emails Added a new flag for each clerk configuration under System Administration/Security/Clerk Maintenance to enable a user to "Use Outlook for Email". Having this option enabled will force the system to open a new MS Outlook message whenever clicking on an email address in DockMaster. Without this option checked, the user will be prompted with standard DockMaster email forms and leverage the SMTP settings defined in system parameters.
Bug 4541 Print Controller: Remove lookup of default form queue. Made a change to prevent the system from retrieving the default FQ form registry setting for customers that had been on older versions of DockMaster that supported this option. The option is no longer maintainable, and was causing issues in setting defaults within the print controller window.
Bug 3727 (34628) When running the report ServiceOpenWorkOrder, custom dictionary item is incorrectly calculating

Corrected an invalid calculation when running the report ServiceOpenWorkOrder custom dictionary item.

Dictionary items:

Bug 3756 (35319) Worldpay: System crash when pressing install button on first mile Corrected a system crash issue that would occur when attempting to load an update to the First Mile application.
Bug 4671 Forms Printing - No F6 listing for ID in grid when layout is for BM files Addressed an issue where the F6 menu did not list IDs when selecting a layout for the BM file in System Administration/Utilities/Forms Printing.
Enhancement 4531 DevExpress Spreadsheet Control for Save As dialog When running a Rent Roll report, the Spreadsheet control will allow users to select Save As, giving them an option to save the report as a CSV file for importing into any program, in addition to Microsoft Excel and Text file options.
Bug 4611 Worldpay: Storing a card to customer by swipe not working because of old First Mile version Corrected an issue where the First Mile application used in cash receipt was not the same as the one used in customer maintenance. This was causing issues when trying to store a card on file.
Bug 4685 Enhance System Listing Speed

Removed server-side formatting for data lists to significantly improve performance when doing an F6 lookup. The system will now provide two buttons at the bottom of the search grid results to allow the user to "Load More" or "Load All" returned results. The addition of this feature makes it easier to list out all records returned in an F6 search for customers, boats, parts, work orders, etc.

Internal benchmark results identified an original search that took approximately 60 seconds being reduced to 7 seconds to return the same amount of data.

Bug 4677 Backdate transaction should not be allowed when the accounting period is closed Added additional validation in the system to prevent users from back-dating transactions to enter them into closed financial periods, including Transient Reservations, Security Deposits, POS Tickets, Inventory Receipts, Meter Readings and Deferred Revenue from storage contracts.

Point of Sale

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Enhancement 3966 (33419) Allow item grid changes persist after closing and logging out On the main point of sale screen, the item grid will now save changes to the grid from one session to the next. Users will be able to re-size their view to extend fields or to re-order (through drag and drop) the different items that display and their settings will be saved for their next session.
Enhancement 4553 Prompt user during EOD for over/short entry confirmation When posting point of sale values during end of day processes, if the clerk is over or short for any paytype represented, they will be prompted to confirm the over/short amount before posting takes place, as a final check to validate. This will not happen when the clerk is using secure checkout.
Enhancement 3704 (32888) Increase PO Number field length Increased the PO Number field in POS to be 25 characters.
Bug 4532 System crashed when paying with stored ACH for Worldpay Resolved an issue where the system would crash when processing an ACH payment through Worldpay for point of sale transactions.
Bug 4539 Runtime errors when posting batches Corrected an issue where runtime errors were being generated in the WriteRecord action listed in TCL. A new program called during the batch process called br.bp TPOS_DeleteSalesQueues was not correctly setting the lock variable.
Bug 4544 Tickets getting written with type VOID and with status F (Need to finalize) When using point of sale, if the screen locks because of the "Register Lock Timeout" users will no longer be able to log back into a different location. They can change the user only, and when logging back in, the system will no longer ask to save or void the open transaction. The user will be forced to handle the open transaction manually. If the user manually clicks the LOCK REGISTER button or locks the register through functions then they can change clerk and locations and it will ask to save or void if a ticket was pulled up as it always did.
Bug 3863 (35441) Truncated credit card information on default "hard coded" credit card receipt Repositioned the location for the default credit card layout to print the credit card number (last 4 digits) to adjust for margins on the page. Previously, the default layout would sometimes cut off the number when printing.
Bug 3722 (33399) Fuel cost rounding for customers with billing price of C+0 defined Corrected an issue in Point of Sale where the cost for fuel items was not correctly being read for a customer record that was set to Cost + pricing when the system was configured to use weighted average value (WAV) cost models.
Bug 3723 (33796) Received on account amount is wrong on end of day report Modified the end of day report for Received on Account (ROA) payments to split out debit accounts to properly reflect total for the day.
Bug 3726 (34594) Bill to customer's address is displaying the shipping address In Point of Sale, when viewing the customer address information on a ticket, the Bill To address fields will now leverage the same logic that work order maintenance uses; the bill to address will appear, if the city field is populated.
Bug 3729 (34316) Paying slip by credit card not printing customer copy When printing a tip receipt, the system will now print two copies.
Bug 3731 (34036) No POSR 900 to check out Added the 900 port to the POSR file.
Bug 3739 (35028) The item price was not changed for "cost plus" customer when creating a new refund When refunding a POS ticket to a customer with cost plus pricing, the cost was not being correctly adjusted for the discountable amount. The refund policy will now match the default transaction policy when changing a customer.
Bug 3745 (35634) Barcode Scanning not triggering new ticket Corrected a configuration file path to fix an issue with scanning a part with a barcode scanner. The system was not adding the item to a ticket nor opening parts search correctly.
Bug 3750 (35452) Rounding issue for parts price with 3 digits after point When overriding the extension amount for an item in point of sale, the system will calculate the dollars first and then the percentage, to avoid a possible over/short that could be a result of rounding.
Bug 3752 (35843) Printing multiple documents in different orientations doesn't maintain orientation When printing multiple layouts from point of sale, if there is a different orientation for each layout, the system was printing all layouts using the orientation configured for the first layout. Going forward, all layouts will print with the correct orientation defined for that layouts
Bug 4627 Hard Coded default layouts printing issues. Corrected the payment information on the 8.5 x 11 full invoice layouts, as it was printing too far to the right and some of the data was being cut off. Additionally, added verbiage preceded with an asterisk (*) to indicate a default layout. This was done to identify the layout as being the default, in the event there is an error with printing the custom layout. This should allow support to easily identify issues when specifically related to a custom layout.
Bug 4633 Special Orders not retaining changed tax schema Corrected an issue that would occur if a Special Order was created in point of sale, and the tax schema was changed, upon delivery the tax schema was not maintained to reflect the change. Going forward, the tax schema will remain as entered, through delivery of the Special Order.
Bug 4634 Multiple Special Orders on the same deposit not printing detail sheets for all Special Orders Corrected an issue that would occur when multiple Special Orders were created with a single deposit (parts coming from different vendors). The system was only printing detail sheets for the first order, and not for each order. Going forward, the system will print a detail sheet for each order placed.
Bug 3823 (36002) Batching out zero extension ticket not generating JTs The point of sale ticket finalize process will require a paytype to be selected, even when the ticket total is zero. This will force the transaction to follow through the same process as non-zero sales, creating the correct journal transactions as required.
Bug 3827 (35854) Pressing ENTER button not jumping to card holder, address, and zip fields in credit card manual entry Corrected the flow of the cursor through manual card entry forms in point of sale, to follow a logical path for data entry.
Bug 4679 Negative extension displays when change price to zero for a 100% discount customer In Point of Sale, if a customer record was listed with a 100% discount, and the unit price on the item was set to zero, the extension would display as a negative number when finalizing the ticket, impacting the ticket total. Going forward, this scenario will provide a zero amount for the ticket total.
Bug 4186 (36117) Ticket's status is still open after clicking complete button All POS ticket types will set the status to FINALIZE at the very top of the DoFinalize subroutine. This will enable users to easily pull the ticket back up and Finalize it without support intervention. Before, if a error occurred or a loss of connection happened, ticket would remain in an Open status and DockMaster support would have be enlisted to clean the tickets up. This change affects ALL ticket types: Invoice, Refund, Special Order, Special Order Refund, ROA, Debit Customer. An enhancement has also been made to allow printing of tickets that are in the finalize status. Before printing logic was skipped if you were completing a "need to finalize" ticket. With these changes, an additional 10 second timer on the print controller window has also been added. Ticket Completion does not actually occur until the CLOSE button is pressed on the print controller window, making it possible for a user to inadvertently cause a non-completed ticket to be created. The 10 second timer will allow the ticket to complete automatically rather than requiring user input. This should aid with areas impacted by intermittent internet or power issues that cause tickets to remain erroneously open.
Bug 4623 New customer's billing address is same to shipping address Corrected an issue with customer data in point of sale. When a customer has a different billing and shipping address, both will correctly display. Previously, the ship to address was showing for both.
Enhancement 4181 (1175) Add support for multi-currency Added the ability to support multi currency sales within point of sale. When checking out, the expected foreign currency amounts can be entered, and will be converted using the conversion rate in DockMaster during the over/short accounting entry when posting.
Bug 3822 (35957) Received on Account applying the wrong amount upon payment when there are multiple invoices When there are two invoices open for a customer with the same amount due, DockMaster was not correctly applying the payment amount to the invoices selected. Going forward, the amounts applied will be marked against the appropriate invoices.

Sales Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 3888 (34879) Prospects: Quotes and Contract links using wrong location. Corrected an issue for prospects where quotes and contract links were appearing to use the location of the prospect, rather than the default unit sales location for the clerk performing the action. Going forward, the system will use this configured default, or prompt the clerk (security permitting) to select a different location when creating a quote or contract.
Bug 3895 (34828) Models, Custom Info Tab: Boat Model Maintenance custom prompt not showing until save Corrected an issue where custom prompts where not correctly loading and displaying when creating a new boat model.
Bug 3896 (34847) Inventory: Type "Other" registration number field only has 5 characters space Extended the registration number field to accept 30 characters for ally inventory types (Boat, Motor, Trailer and Other). Previously, the Other inventory type would only allow 5 characters.
Bug 3897 (34854) Inventory: Model ID field is validating empty model ID as invalid Corrected an issue that would occur when adding a unit to inventory, if the user entered a Model ID and then deleted it, the system would continually validate the blank value and present an error message, forcing the user to end task on DockMaster.
Bug 3734 (31501) Prospects, Current Boat Tab: Empty boat displayed in the grid after "delete" by TAB key Corrected an issue that would leave an empty boat on a prospect record if the boat record was not fully included and attached to the record.
Bug 3746 (35647) Update Inventory Price/Cost: Update prices not work for All or On Hand When updating inventory price/cost in Sales Management, the all and on hand checkboxes cannot be checked if cost or option costs are being updated.
Bug 3748 (34882) Inventory Receiving: Fuel part's receiver cost changed to 10 times smaller when receiver qty is changed Identified and corrected an issue where the receiver cost for fuel items was using the wrong value for calculations.
Bug 4081 (22442) Contract Maintenance: Dealer Profit Tab Added Accessory Cost to Prep Rigging Cost Instead of Billed Cost from Rigging WO Prep and Rigging work orders will now be correctly reflected in a contract's Dealer Profit summary when the work order is billed. Previously, the prep/rigging field on the contract did not include the billed work order amount.

Service Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Enhancement 3777 (34736) Log Estimate/Template/Work Order number when used to create a new Work Order To aid in tracking work orders created from templates, estimates or from another work order, a new attribute has been added to the database - TemplateType. Values in this field will be W (work order), E (estimate), or T (template). This will work in conjunction with the WTHID attribute, which will be the ID of the template type used to create the work order.
Bug 4533 Time Cards: The operation's "bill to" customer is missing after adding the opcode through time cards Corrected an issue whereby adding a new operation through time cards would result in the customer's bill to address not being added to the operation. It will now default to the bill to address associated to the work order overall upon saving the new operation.
Bug 4547 TCS records not being created for suspended time entries Corrected an issue where a checked in record was inadvertently being deleted when processing posted suspended time cards. The system would crash when a user had previously clocked into an operation in time clock without checking out, and then logged in the next day and clicked "Check Out & Continue", entered a new work order and operation and saved, if they tried clocking out later in the day, after suspended entries had been posted.
Bug 4549 Time Clock: Tech that has open time card but no TCS entry. Prevented the system from allowing a user to clock out in time clock when the time entry has been deleted. This impacts users configured to use suspended time entries.
Bug 3892 (34884) Grid becomes blank when the engine hours are blank Corrected an issue where the validation of the Engine Hours field on a work order would incorrectly validate blank data.
Bug 3751 (36055) Work Order Billing: GL Distribution Division by Zero Illegal Corrected an issue where a division by zero could happen if a flat rated opcode had a total net of 0 hours, when using percent labor allocation.
Bug 3755 (35630 ) Time Cards: System crash when clicking in the group after grouping by hours Removed the ability to group entries by hours in Time Cards, to prevent a system crash
Bug 4641 System crashes when transfer Work Order charges Corrected an issue with the system where it would crash when transferring unbilled parts to another opcode.
Bug 4655 Parts price line calculating price by updated WAV part cost With inventory parameters set to use cost + pricing with weighted average, if an opcode had an override price logged on it, the system would recalculate the price based on the system WAV, rather than the original price of the part at the time it was added to the opcode. Going forward, for recalculating the price, the system will leverage the price recorded when the part was initially added to the operation.
Bug 4662 Part transfer failed because a user has an opcode open and clicked save after transfer Corrected an issue that allowed transfers to be performed to a work order when it was opened in a maintenance form by another user. If the transfer was started from the Work Order Detail form, the From Work Order was allowed to be opened in the maintenance form, which was causing data corruption.
Bug 4577 Transfer Charges display issue Resized the transfer charges form in work order maintenance to eliminate the horizontal scroll bar.
Bug 4698 Cost extension not updated when technician changed on labor Corrected an issue where the calculated extension for labor was not properly recalculating on an operation when the technician was changed to another technician with a different burden rate.
Bug 3333 Internal, warranty, and retail opcodes in rigging Work Order incorrectly raises exceed estimated cost log-in challenge Corrected an issue with rigging type work orders where a warning would not correctly display when the total billable cost exceeds the estimated cost for non-super users.
Bug 4734 Transferring a part from one work order to another did not always remove the part from the source work order Corrected an issue where sometimes transferring a part from work order A to work order B would result in the part staying on both work orders. Going forward, the transferred part will be correctly removed from the original work order.
Bug 4681 Time Cards reporting negative value when the date is not "Today" Corrected the time in decimal format when entering days before or after "today" in Time Cards. This was causing the card to report a negative number of hours worked.

System Administration

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Enhancement 4036 (32058) Configuration, Inventory: Add parameter to allow override of minimum quantity If a part has a minimum order quantity defined, and a user is placing an order for an amount less than the minimum, the system will no longer fully prevent that. In this scenario going forward, the user will be warned that the part has a "Minimum Order Quantity of X, OK to continue?", to allow them to proceed with the order.
Bug 4536 Dictionary Maintenance: System crashes when F6 on file name field Corrected an issue that would cause a system crash when using the F6 lookup in Dictionary Maintenance.