Release Notes for version 8.4.12.x

Important Updates: This section of items is intended to feature some of the key updates to the DockMaster Application

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Module Issue/Addition Correction/Change
Service Management Service Scheduler

Release 8.4.12 reveals a brand new service scheduler.

A link to the Service Schedule has been added to the top of the work order header.

File Maintenance Need option to select custom AP check layouts In Financial Institutions Maintenance, pressing F6 in the A/P Check Format field will now display standard and custom check layouts.
Service Management Add 2 new WIP reports to Service module Added new WIP reports to Service Management: DM.WIP.JT.PARTS and DM.WIP.JT.LABOR. These can be found in the Reports/Listings -> Reports menu item.

Accounts Payable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 4853 PRINT 1099 FORMS, Adjust form and underlying processes to fit 50 character vendor name The vendor name will now print up to 50 characters onto the printed 1099 then wrapping, when necessary, to the next line. The wrap will occur at the end of the last completely printed word, never in the middle of a word.
Task 4854 PRINT 1099 FORM, 1099 type "ALL" need to be removed The option "All" for the type of 1099 to print has been removed from the pull-down selection. At this time, the only type of 1099 available to print is type "M".
Task 4987 PRINT 1099 FORMS, Add State and State ID to the form for printing The A/P 1099 Form has been updated to allow for data entry in the State and State No. for 2 different states. This is box 17 on the 1099.
Task 5031 PRINT 1099 FORMS, Add the ability for users to print the 1099 with Payment information A checkbox "Use Payment Name and Address for 1099" has been added to the billing tab of the vendor file. If this is checked and there is a valid address in the Payment section of the Vendor Address tab, the system will use the Payment Name and Address info for 1099.
Bug 5819 If sublet attached to an invoice, unsaved data on invoice form may be deleted Corrected focus issue which was causing an AP Invoice that had a sublet attached to clear when the user clicked onto another tab before hitting save.
Bug 5831 Auto-post function allows a posted invoice to post again Corrected the issue where a previously posted AP invoice was able to be posted again. The POST icon will not be active if the AP invoice has a posted date.
Bug 5916 City, State, Zip not printing after updating Vendor payment address Corrected an accounts payable check printing issue where the city, state, zip would not print on the check after an address change was made to the vendor file.
Bug 5972 API freight and finance charge being stored with a decimal The freight and finance charge data, in the Accounts Payable table (API), were erroneously being stored in TCL with decimals, when there should have been no decimal. This has been corrected.

Accounts Receivable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5688 Adjustment journal transaction not writing the JT ID to A018 The journal transaction ID for A/R adjustments is now writing to A18 of the AD file.
Bug 5793 Able to delete stored credit card on Cust Inquiry It is now impossible to delete a customer's stored credit card when in the Accounts Receivable -> Inquiries -> Customer Inquiry mode.
Bug 5872 Cash Receipts - Error report when using Elavon CC processing Fixed system crash when authorizing a credit card payment using Elavon as the merchant processor.
Bug 5923 Aging TOTAL report does not display Collection amount in column The Report Totals in the Collections field on the AR Aging report have now been corrected to print the dollar amount on the aging report.
Bug 5948 Misc Charges - Tax Schema Invalid message when "X" out Removed a "Tax Schema Invalid" error message from the A/R Misc Charges form that would occur if a user X'd out of the form.
Bug 5955 Cash basis accounting ignored penny on "Apply credit memo" Cash basis accounting sometimes ignores penny on "Apply credit memo". Corrected in the db.bp creditmemos program.


Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 5959 Addition to API for Boat (BM) file - Bill Code(s) Added the BillCode to all boat retrieve endpoints. If present on the boat record in DockMaster, the billcode data will be returned.
Task 5973 Update FuelCloud with new API Updated DockMaster to utilize FuelCloud's API v.2 changes for the integration.
Task 6001 FuelCloud field name was changed To comply with FuelCloud v2 API, we have changed the name of the field from FuelCloud Location ID to FuelCloud Site ID.
Bug 6090 Inventory/Retrieve throws error when data in the Alternative Part # attrib Fixed an issue that would throw an error on the Inventory/Retrieve endpoint regarding the Alternative Part # attribute.
Bug 6091 Inventory/Retrieve - AltPartNumber not in json return data Added AltPartNumber data to the JSON data being returned by the Inventory/Retrieve endpoint.
Bug 6092 Inventory/Retrieve - Barcode Part # not in json return data The JSON data being returned by the Inventory/Retrieve endpoint will now include the Barcode Part #.

File Maintenance

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5768 Boat search from Customer File brings back corrupt data Corrected the issue where the boat name data being returned on the Boat Maintenance form looked corrupt. This would occur when a user would change the data in a custom prompt in the Misc Info box, then clear the form and then, finally, do another search using the backslash.
Bug 5845 Need option to select custom AP check layouts In Financial Institutions Maintenance, pressing F6 in the A/P Check Format field will now display standard and custom check layouts.
Task 5859 Fix for MyTaskit Email address issue Created fix for phony MyTaskit email addresses that were in EMail attribute 93.
Bug 5869 Allows Bill to Customer to be deleted. A user will no longer be able to delete a customer from Customer Maintenance, if the customer is the Bill To customer on a work order or opcode.
Bug 5871 Vendor email not flowing to other locations The sync program for vendors has been updated so that the email address will be copied to another data account with the same vendor. The field UsePaymentInfoFor1099 has been added to the sync program, as well.
Bug 5949 Tax Code Maintenance Supplemental Table does not clear on F7 Data from attributes 19, 20 and 21 is being removed properly from TXC table when data from the Supplemental Table is deleted.
Bug 6024 Original email is deleted when adding another and making primary The issue of an email being deleted from the customer file when another email is added and then made primary has been rectified.
Bug 6078 Vendor file - Dictionary Item - CI.ST.ZIP Corrected the dictionary item CITY, STATE, ZIP in the Vendor master file so that it prints on one line in the proper format.

General Ledger

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 5644 Bank Recon - No way for a custom layout to be default Support can now set up a custom bank reconciliation layout to load into the form each time, instead of the default layout.
Bug 5910 Able to post JT with an inactive account Attempting to key in a journal transaction using an inactive GL account results in a message stating that the account is inactive and will not allow the user to continue until the account number is changed.
Bug 6079 Export process drops the 10th position of the check id If the Financial Institution is more than 1 char, the 10th digit of the check number would be truncated when exporting the data. Now, the expanded column width on the check id prevents any truncation when doing a GL inquiry export.

Inventory Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5203 Delete a SO part off a PO, then pull into a new PO, when received, it doesn't deliver to the WO Corrected the issue where, if the special order part was deleted off of the purchase order and put onto a new purchase order, the special order part would not deliver to the work order. The status of the special order part will now be properly updated to 'unbilled'.
Bug 5786 Delivery Date on PO not consistent When a user keys in a purchase order default delivery date in the purchase order header, the part numbers in the grid below will auto-update with that date - without adding in Lead Time days.
Bug 5844 Rounding up on Purchase Order, but down on Inventory Receiver Corrected an issue where the extended cost on a purchase order did not match the extended cost on the inventory receiver.
Task 5846 Fuel Cloud - Create Dictionary items for reporting in DockMaster Created dictionary items for FCT (Fuel Cloud Transactions) for reporting.
Bug 5862 PO Entry - Error Report - System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Fixed - Issue where the system would close if the phone or fax number was blank on a purchase order.
Bug 5936 Purchase Order - Copied opcodes with a space at the end do not put part on WO Corrected an issue on the purchase order where the special order part was not being delivered to the work order. This was only occurring when a user would copy and paste an opcode that included a blank space at the end.

Marina Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5600 Cannot create custom report for HLS or HLC files The HLS (launch schedule) file is now available in Report Generator for custom reporting.
Bug 5858 Remove Deferred Schedule link from Storage Invoice form Removed the Deferred Schedule link on the Storage Invoice Maintenance form, as well as the ability to change the account number on the Deferred Schedule grid.
Bug 5963 Storage Proposal Cross Reference Not Building Fixed an issue where a lookup of Storage proposals was not returning any newly entered data.


Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5658 Binocular or Ctrl-F Search not retrieving data Binocular (Ctrl-F Search) function is finally back and is performing as expected.
Bug 5857 Date format in reports does not allow for UK format Corrected cultural date format on the Report Generator to retain the System Date formatting.
Bug 5886 Phone numbers with invalid format cause crash An error is now issued, instead of the system crashing, if the phone number is not a valid phone number format.
Bug 5907 User locks not releasing on restricted users User locks on restricted users were not releasing/clearing so that when an authorized user tried to enter the form, the form was still locked. This has been corrected in 5 areas - GL Journal Transactions, GL Post to GL, GL Post Cash to GL, GL Year End Close and AP Post.
Bug 5912 System Email Client - Sending with invalid email address format causes error report Instead of closing the program, the system will now issue a message if an email is being sent without a valid email address format.
Task 5962 Increase dictionaries from 700 to 999 Expanded data dictionaries from 700 to 999.
Task 5997 Need to send the ZIP with the Card On File charges to WorldPay and Freedompay Made a change to the WorldPay and FreedomPay integration to send the zip code with the card on file charges.
Bug 6080 When updating an email address on CM when the MTI icon exists, the system hangs Removed the MyTaskit icon from the customer maintenance form.

Point of Sale

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 5605 Use The Use Billing Address in CM to print billing address on tickets When printing invoices from Point of Sale, if a customer's record has the option Use Billing Address enabled in the Customer file, the system will use that billing address for printing on the invoice. A city in the billing address info is required.
Bug 5712 Rounding Issue on ticket discount Point of Sale tickets with discounts would sometimes be out of balance by .01 causing the GL posting to terminate. With this release, the ticket discount distribution has been fixed.
Bug 5735 REMOVE PAY TYPE button on a CC refund results in duplicate refund (Freedom Pay) Removed this bug because the problem was in the way the report view was set up.
Bug 5808 Error msg on 'Ticket Info' click when GL module not used If a DockMaster customer who does not use the General Ledger module clicks on the 'Ticket Info' button in POS, an error message would display stating "xx/xx/xxxx is in a closed accounting period". Hitting SAVE or CLOSE would display that same error. Now, the software will not validate the accounting date if GL is not installed, so the error message no longer displays.
Bug 5880 Cannot use Ingenico machine with WorldPay and DockMaster Fixed issue where, if DM and TPOS are both open, system would lock the Ingenico credit card reader so TPOS could not access it.
Bug 5893 Name on left side of POS receipt not correct if no Bill-To name The POS receipt will only print the 'Bill To' data if the 'Bill To' city IS NOT BLANK and the "Use Billing Address" flag is checked.
Bug 5918 Multiple paytypes leaving Unapplied $ does not create credit memo Corrected an accounting issue that occurred when a customer would pay more than the balance of an invoice(s) using multiple pay types. In this scenario. the system now creates a credit memo on the customer's account.
Bug 5919 DM.POS.TICKET.LIST does not list Change given, only Amount Tendered We made a change (pun intended, you will see why if you keep reading) to the DM.POS.TICKET.LIST report so that the amount that prints in the "Amount Tendered" column is now the ACTUAL amount that is paid. In previous releases, the report would print the amount of cash received, as well as the change due back to the customer. Prior to this fix, the report would print the total amount of cash received, not taking into consideration the change given back to the customer.
Bug 5922 Discounted FuelCloud trans on POS displaying wrong SubTotal In point of sale, corrected the extended subtotal of FuelCloud transactions which was displaying wrong when a discount was applied.


Associate FC Fuel Part with DM Fuel Item Added a new field in the Fuel Inventory File called Integration ID. This field is for the product ID in FuelCloud that corresponds to the DockMaster fuel part.


Cannot recall an open refund ticket if point of sale aborts Previously, if Point of Sale was inadvertently closed when an item refund was in process, the ticket would not be available for recall for the user to complete when POS was re-opened. Now, refund tickets are available for recall.
Bug 6074 The Price from FCT is not being pulled into POS (FuelCloud) The sales price of fuel on a FuelCloud transaction had ceased to appear in Point of Sale, and decidedly, the developers fixed this straight away.

Sales Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 5853 Boat Purchase Order - Cost of Options are also added to the unit cost of boat Corrected issue where the cost of options were being added to the unit cost of the boat, thereby doubling the options cost.
Bug 5870 Boat PO not creating correct qty of MSI records Corrected Unit Sales purchase orders so that the correct number of serialized motors being created in the MSI matches the purchase order.
Task 6011 Rename Sales Management menu item from Quick Quote to Quick Finance Quote Renamed the menu item Quick Quote, on the Sales Management module, to Quick Finance Quote.

Service Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Task 4956 Add 2 new WIP reports to Service module Added new WIP reports to Service Management: DM.WIP.JT.PARTS and DM.WIP.JT.LABOR. These can be found in the Reports/Listings -> Reports menu item.
Bug 4988 Time cards not updating properly when labor lines deleted from work orders Corrected an issue with time cards not updating properly when labor entries were deleted from work orders.
Bug 5593 When WO changed from rigging to retail, rigging opcode stays as rigging When a work order type is changed FROM Rigging or Prep TO another type, all opcodes on that work order should also be changed. Any Rigging or Prep operations will be changed to the new work order type and the operations will be recalculated.
Bug 5598 Refunding deposit is not aborted if work order journal transaction is out of balance With this bug fix, the system will not allow a user to process a refund of a deposit on a work order deposit if the work order journal transaction is out of balance.
Bug 5760 'Cannot distribute total labor discount' msg When applying a labor discount on the Billing tab of a work order results in a rounding difference, an error message would display leading the user to think that the discount was not applied. We changed the wording on this message to "Total Labor discount will be adjusted for rounding" if the full discount needs to be adjusted by pennies.
Bug 5777 Service Printing - Status Criteria not filtering The Service printing Status filter of Open, Closed and All will now be applied if you enter a list of work orders into the grid or you enter a Work order list. Previously, the program print whatever was typed into the grid. Note that this filter applies only to work orders. To print only closed or open opcodes, you must click on the Operations tab and use the checkboxes for your selection. In a future release, we plan on adding the functionality in Service printing to choose to use the Status filter on operations or work orders.
Bug 5826 Sales Tax distribution issue on internal WO with non-taxable and taxable items Sales tax expense on internal work orders will now only be expensed to taxable internal opcodes, not the non-taxable opcodes.
Bug 5852 Time Card entries creating negative labor hour entries on work orders if date is not today Negative labor hour entries will no longer be created on a time card if the start date is blank.
Bug 5917 Special Order Status wrong when using Move Detail When clicking on the Move Detail link in a work order and if a special order part has been delivered to the work order, the status of that part would not be updated on the work order transfers grid. With this release, the status of special orders will now be correct on the transfers grid.
Bug 5920 Deleting a time entry through Time Card Review when a different tech is clocked in creates 0 hr time entry Fixed the problem that caused a zero time entry when a technician is clocked into a work order & opcode and someone deletes a time entry for a technician on the same opcode through Time Card Review.
Bug 5921 Slip price calculating incorrectly on work orders when min $ exists on slip Bill codes on work orders for slips that were designated with a minimum price were not calculating correctly. In 8.4.12, the Extension price field on the opcode for slips with a minimum price is now accurate.
Task 5938 Service Scheduler - Create new views A link to the Service Schedule has been added to the top of the work order header. The link to the Service Schedule from the opcode on a work order has been removed.
Bug 5939 Attachments on closed work orders are not accessible While the new functionality in 8.4.10 of attaching documents to work orders was good, it did not allow a user to access the attachments in inquiry mode or if the work order was closed. In this release, we have corrected that deficiency and attachments can be viewed from inquiry mode.
Bug 5996 Scheduler Drag and Drop leaves reference to the item on original day In the Service Scheduler, when dragging and dropping an opcode appointment to a new day, the information in the WST table was not being properly cleared to reflect the change. In 8.4.12, the data in the WST table no longer retains any information from the opcode that was moved.
Bug 6029 Scheduler - Unable to blank out a previously assigned label on scheduler Labels on the Tech assignment within the Service Schedule, once populated with a color, can now be set to blank.
Bug 6030 Scheduler - Unable to quickly assign same tech to two diff opcodes in same screen You are now able to quickly assign the same tech to two different opcodes on the work order screen.
Task 6031 Scheduler - add a "Today" button (or right-click) for quick navigation to the current date When performing a right-click within the Service Schedule, the DockMaster user will now have an option to bounce back (or to) the current day from wherever the user is within the Schedule. This saves time whether in the Day, Week or Timeline view.
Bug 6032 Scheduler - Improve the navigation arrow on the Timeline view The advance/reverse arrow in the Timeline view is now based on the zoom level chosen, whether 1/4-hour increments or full day.
Task 6033 Scheduler - Default view when landing on Timeline should be Day, not 1/4 hrs When moving to the Timeline view in the Service Schedule, the view will no longer default to 1/4-hour increments, but to the full Day. To view the 1/4-hour increments, simply right-click and choose Zoom In. Likewise, to move from the incremental time to a full day, right-click and choose Zoom Out.
Bug 6035 Scheduler - Scroll bar does not work on the week view with the mouse wheel The mouse scroll bar now functions properly on the Service Schedule in the Week view.
Task 6036 Scheduler - Add more info to the fly-out on all views

When hovering over an appointment in the Service Schedule, the following data is now available:

  • Customer number and name
  • Boat number and name
  • Work order and opcode number
  • Opcode description
  • Technician number and name
  • Hours
  • Start date and time
  • End date and time
Task 6037 Scheduler - On Timeline view, grey out the Zoom feature when maxed out The Zoom In and Zoom out will be enabled or disabled based on current visible time scale in timeline view. In other words, if you are zoomed in all the way, the Zoom In option will be greyed out, thereby saving the user one more click.
Bug 6040 Security with F9 on OpCode Overrides raises message even on clicking into the opcode When the Dept field in an opcode is protected, the security message was being raised prematurely, at the time when the clerk clicked on the opcode from the work order. Now, the security message does not appear unless the user clicks within the Departments grid in the opcode.
Bug 6076 Service Printing - WOD attributes 101 - 104 are not available for printing WOD (Work Order Detail) attributes 101 - 104 are now available for printing.

System Administration

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 2624 Utilities - D3 Commands - Attr - When printing or previewing or exporting the output listing the format is hard to read The output listing format has been improved by the following: * Dictionary Item Name length has been increased to display the entire available length without wrapping. * Substitute Heading column has been removed and the Screen Tag added in its place. * Attribute Correlative column has been removed. * Attribute length and Dictionary length as been added.