Release Notes for version 8.4.0.x

Important Updates: This section of items is intended to feature some of the key updates to the DockMaster Application

Module Issue Correction/Change


Important! If you are running Point of Sale on Windows 7 AND using one of the ELO supported monitors for touch capability, you must use the ELO Single Touch Driver version 5.8.0. CLICK HERE to download this driver. Contact for detail.

ALL Rebranded to DockMaster We have rebranded the system to use the DockMaster name and logo once again. Installation directories on workstations will also be updated to use DockMaster Software folder paths
Point of Sale Issues have been reported with slowness for processing, locked processes and the program becoming non-responsive We have rewritten some of the back end processes to cache certain data upon initial login to POS and to minimize unnecessary locks wherever possible, especially during the finalization of a sales ticket. These overall changes to the processing should improve the end user experience.
Time Card and Labor Entries Issues have been reported when a technician's hours cross over the midnight hour to log overnight time, and the system not correctly reflecting appropriate hours. To correct the issue going forward, time entries will now automatically split at the midnight hour to create two separate entries. For example, if a user clocks in at 9 pm, and clocks out at 4 am, their time will create an entry to track from 9:00:00 pm to 11:59:59 pm, and a second entry from 12:00:00 am to 4:00:00 am. For a user that accidentally forgets to clock out at the end of the day, their time card should be modified to delete the second entry (the one that started at midnight) and then to secondarily edit the original entry that started on the first day.

Accounts Payable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 33464 Invoicing - Maintain Invoices: Inaccurate error messaging displayed When entering negative invoices (credits), an incorrect error message referencing the number of payments was presenting, rather than identifying that the debits don't equal credits. The error message going forward will be corrected.

Accounts Receivable

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 34058 Cash Receipts: Incorrectly using Inventory location when a clerk is not set to override Corrected an issue where cash receipts was not correctly using a clerk's configuration settings to prevent a location override.
Bug 34080 Charges - Create Finance Charges: Finance charges can be created when customer has negative balance Corrected an issue where credit installments being created were causing the system to incorrectly calculate finance charges on zero balances.
Bug 33987 Invoice/Statement - Print A/R Statements: Customers receive AR statement when Open Item A/R and send statement are unchecked Corrected an issue where customer AR statements were being incorrectly generated if they have an open balance. If the customer is flagged not to receive a statement, it will no longer print.
Bug 35026 Auto Cash Receipts: Incorrect authorization code for Worldpay processing Updated auto cash receipts to reflect the correct authorization code when using Worldpay credit card proceessing.

Inventory Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 33289 Inventory Parts Maintenance: Recommend purchases not working for the parts that have safety stock > 999 Corrected an issue with Inventory Parts data being stored in the database. When a value for Recommended Level, Safety Stock, Multiple Order Quantity, Minimum Order Quantity and Maximum Order Quantity fields exceeded 999, data was incorrectly stored with a comma in it (One Thousand units would be stored as "1,000"), causing various reports to incorrectly calculate results. This was most visible in Recommended Purchases. Commas will no longer be stored in the back end when saving amounts greater than 999.
Bug 33458 Inventory Parts: The first Inventory part number reverted to the original part number after save, and all other vendor part number are cleared after save Corrected an issue in Inventory Maintenance where vendor part numbers would not be maintained correctly when the vendor part number differed from the main part number and multiple vendors were added for a single part. For example, if a part of 00123 existed in DockMaster, and the first vendor's part number was ABC, and the second vendor's part number was DEF, upon save, the first vendor's part would be changed to 00123 and the second vendor's part would become blank. Going forward, vendor part numbers will maintain as expected.
Bug 33784 Order Entry: Printed and posted orders still open when they should be showing as closed Corrected a problem with Order Entry payments being posted. After an order has been posted (with or without full payment) to Accounts Receivable, the order remained open and the buttons allowing invoicing and posting were not greyed out. Going forward, after an order is posted, the post and generate invoice buttons will be deactivated. Any unpaid balance against the order will correctly show in Accounts Receivable for any additional payment as needed.
Bug 33991 Purchasing - Inventory Receiving: F8 inventory maintenance works in a empty row When receiving inventory without a PO associated, if F8 (open Inventory Maintenance) was pressed against a blank row, Inventory Maintenance would bring up the first part in the parts grid on the receiving tab. Corrected this issue by only allowing a blank row to do an F6 search (to find a part for receiving). F8 Inventory Maintenance lookups will be available for any qualified part added into the grid.
Bug 32686 Purchasing - PO Entry: When adding a new vendor part from PO, vendor part number does not save on the vendor record Corrected a problem that existed when placing a Purchase Order for an item and using the F9-Inventory Maintenance menu option from the PO grid for adding the new part. The part number was not being saved under the vendor tab, making the part number unprintable. This correction will save the part number to both the vendor part number and to the manufacturer part number when either is blank during this method of creating a new part.
Bug 33341 Purchasing - PO Entry: Unable to mark a single item as closed Corrected an issue where a PO was not allowing a single item to be closed.
Bug 34796 Purchasing - Inventory Receiving: Add F8 Inventory Maintenance option during receiving Added an F8 menu option to open Inventory Maintenance from Inventory Receiving to manage parts information during the receiving process.
Bug 34800 Purchasing - Vendor Returns: Save button allows returns form to be reopened Added a reopen button to the Vendor Returns process to allow better control over user's ability to save vs. reopen a return.
Bug 34872 Purchasing - PO Entry: Allow an order quantity to be overridden when a multiple quantity is defined for the part Added back the ability for a user to override the order quantity when a multiple order quantity on a part is defined, and the purchase order is being placed for a quantity outside of that multiple. Going forward, users will be prompted with a warning, but allowed to proceed.

Marina Maintenance

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 32094 Billing Functions - Process Storage Bills: Error message shows up when process storage bills Processing storage bills will no longer present a message and stop processing for Monthly Billing Codes with an error indicating that charges couldn't be created on a certain date for a certain company, resulting in an invalid GL Account Period. Monthly bill codes were incorrectly being treated like an installment.
Bug 33706 Billing Functions - Process Storage Bills: The first installment is wrong in the invoice Corrected an imbalance between actual installments and proposed installments for processing storage bills. When the value of installments is not equal across all installments (one payment is lower than the others), that installment will now be recorded as the final installment due for the overall bill.
Enhancement 30391 Visual Marina - Boat Placement/Place Selected Boat: Display warning for Beam and draft Added a warning message in Visual Marina to alert users when trying to assign a boat to a slip and the length, width and/or draft of the boat exceeds the allowance for the selected slip.
Enhancement 33042 Visual Marina: Display weight and error message when weight exceeds allowance In Visual Marina, added a warning message to the user to alert them when they attempt to assign a boat to a slip and the boat's weight exceeds the allowance on file for the slip.


Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Enhancement 33906 Add scheduler rebuild to the cross reference rebuild Added a routine to allow scheduler entries to be rebuilt to assist with support functions of the existing scheduler build.
Enhancement 33329 Change MyTaskit to DockMaster in all forms The MyTaskit Pro Operations Module has been rebranded to reflect DockMaster. This change has been made in accordance with ValSoft Corporation ( Rebranding will change the logo, installation pathing, copyright information and help documentation to align with the DockMaster brand.
Enhancement 32539 Ingenico Display: Do not display items on device (Worldpay) When using Worldpay with an Ingenico device, items will no longer display on the device. The display for items does not scroll, nor does it remove items when they are removed from an active sale, causing customer confusion when making a purchase at Point of Sale.
Enhancement 34203 Include a default POSR report Added a standard Point of Sale Register report to DockMaster to report on the Register Number, Machine Name and User ID in use.

Point of Sale

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 32989 Recall Ticket: Leading or trailing spaces on search criteria return no results Found an issue where any leading or trailing spaces entered in point of sale while recalling a ticket by ticket id were causing the ticket to not be found in the search routine. Going forward, the system will automatically remove any leading/trailing spaces entered into the ticket id field when searching to provide accurate results.
Bug 34590 System Hangs and System Slowness To resolve several reported issues related to slow performance and system hangs when using Point of Sale, we have rearchitected several of the POS processes in the back end. The intent is to minimize system locks when they are not necessary, which will positively impact end user experience when interacting with Point of Sale. Wherever possible, efforts were taken to speed up processes and to reduce back-end processing time for standard ticket functions. The finalization process for finishing a sale in POS has been significantly improved by handling different subroutines of the process at different points.
Bug 33235 When creating an order in OE, Purchase Order is removed when viewing in TPOS Corrected an issue where a ticket created in Order Entry would not carry over the Purchase Order to Point of Sale. Going forward, the PO Number entered during Order Entry will be visible on the Point of Sale ticket.
Bug 33566 WorldPay/First Mile: Swipe card required when refund by using stored card Fixed a swipe request that was occurring when using stored profile to refund a sale through POS.
Bug 33598 WorldPay: Sale using Stored Profile fails without error message. Corrected an issue that occurred when a sale transaction processed through Worldpay failed, the POS application was not correctly providing an error message to indicate the failure (such as a declined card) to the end user.
Bug 33992 DockMaster using applications at the same time causing multiple locks When using Point of Sale, performing other transactions within DockMaster could cause contention within the database, resulting in the system appearing to hang. To alleviate this issue, we have developed better locking management and will display a message to the end user to identify when Point of Sale is in the middle of a transaction that requires certain locks to occur. The intent is to alert the user to times when a singular process is running that must finish before other processes can begin.

Sales Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 33681 Maintenance - Inventory: Model Maintenance error report Corrected a system error when more than two model maintenance forms are open. This was sometimes causing a system crash for DockMaster.
Bug 33348 Prospect Functions - Prospects - Current Boat tab: Boat model number cannot be selected with F6 listing Corrected an issue that was preventing a proper F6 lookup when using F6 to identify a model number for a specific manufacturer's item type.
Bug 34474 Purchasing - Purchase Orders: Non-model Option cost from PO doubled Corrected an issue in Boat Sales when adding non-model options to a purchase order, the cost of the non-model option was being incorrectly applied to the unit cost and the option cost.

Service Management

Type ID Issue Correction/Change
Bug 34414 Changing Bill To customer on an opcode is reversed when time card entry is entered Corrected an issue that happened when a bill to customer entry on an opcode was changed from its original, and a time card entry against that opcode was entered, the bill to customer would incorrectly revert to the original address. Going forward, the bill to customer associated to an operation will not be changed with a time card entry log if it exists on that opcode.
Bug 33593 Warning message keeps popping up when opcode is length over all and there is no overall length for the boat Going forward, whenever a per-foot rate is entered and a boat does not have the necessary dimensions entered, the per-foot changes back to N/A and the per-foot rate is removed after an error message is displayed.
Bug 35336 Time Card and Labor Entries Modified all time card entry methods to better handle overnight entries. Going forward, when a user has a start time on one day and an end time on another day, two entries will be logged, with the first time entry ending at 11:59:59 PM and the second starting at 12:00:00 AM.